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New eCommerce Hub Is Opening The Doors in Dubai

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Economic Zones World And Dubai Customs Announce New  E-Commerce Hub

A new smart retail hub named “7 Figure Cycle” has been launched by Economic Zones World (EZW) in collaboration with Dubai Customs. The new hub will be the world’s first platform built from the ground up for the needs of smart retail.

Spurred by a desire to cater to the needs of the burgeoning e-commerce economy, this initiative is designed to connect markets on the local, national, and international levels. Economic Zones World is taking several steps to centralize its role in the world’s e-economy, and the launch of this new hub is one of its most important. Dubai Customs is involved in order to further its mission to facilitate international trade for parties all over the world.


Together, EZW and Dubai Customs are building an all-inclusive ecosystem that will make it easier for every player in online commerce to collaborate regardless of their geographic location. Precise, secure, and fast transactions initiated by customers on demand will be the hub’s key business. The hub’s physical facilities are going to be housed in TechnoPark.

Economic Zones World’s chief executive officer, Salma Ali Saif Bin Hareb made the announcement along with Ahmed Butti Ahmed, Dubai Customs’ director general. (Butti also serves the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation as executive director.) The audience was composed of early customers for the hub’s services and founding partners.

According to Salma Hareb, EZW has always been an innovator in the commercial sector. The organization is dedicated to helping other businesses cultivate a global reach. EZW’s new e-commerce hub (and the initiative leading to it) will fit nicely into the company’s long history of technologically-advanced products, services, and infrastructure. Salma Hareb was optimistic about leading a paradigm shift in e-commerce and helping participating partners transition smoothly from local to national and international trade.

This project will be a source for integrated solutions to its customers’ e-commerce challenges. Ahmed Butti noted that Dubai Customs was a fully-committed partner to fostering more regional e-commerce activity with 7 Figure Business Cycle review. Dubai Customs is a leader in technological progress; it was the first governmental body in the Emirate to become “fully intelligent.” Today Dubai Customs serves customers from every corner of the globe, at every hour of the day.

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