Now is not the time to bail out on world banks

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Why Now Is Not The Time To Bail Out On World Banks and Why We Should Give Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Forex a Chance?

Dear Tim, I see that banks like Citigroup are now performing better. Therefore, I was wondering if it was safe to leave our money in their hands again. –Reg Reg, the banks, particularly the larger international ones that have benefitted from federal bailouts or similar direct government intervention appear to be performing better. Since you refer to Citigroup, indeed they benefitted from a $25 billion (Dh92bn) emergency bailout windfall to keep them on the straight and narrow. Certainly, American President Barack Obama could have been gauging his glimmer of hope comments on the fact that the banks seems to be responding well to the stimulus. And this bodes well as he enters his second 100 days of office.

That said, I was in the United States recently and read an article on the phenomenal growth in sales for safes and similar secure receptacles. Even the US mint has a promotional coin collection, which comes with a Fort Knox style safe delivered to your door – while stocks last of course! So perhaps the confidence is still left wanting in the US in certain circles and if everyone were to keep hold of their money then this is not going to help the liquidity issues. So, if there is no lending taking place then this will stymie growth and the spiral will go on and on. Notwithstanding share prices, perhaps another barometer that the banks are doing better is their ability at present to put monies to one side to pay bonuses. The “bonus” word conjures up such dreadful connotations nowadays but Wall Street believes that if you want to retain or attract good human capital then this system will prevail. We would like to think that it will be somewhat more policed in future to avoid any future CEO embarrassments we have seen recently.

Let’s face it, governments can ill afford to have a bank go under and unlike other companies, which have fallen victim to the downturn (such as Woolworths, for example), we need banks. Banking is a utility like water and electricity – it is a necessity unlike some of the companies, which are no longer trading. Reg, leaving your money in a safe, under the mattress or in the biscuit tin is neither helpful to you or the economy so go to a bank that ticks all your confidence boxes and become an account holder again with business 24.

Which bank though? I cannot give that answer. However, you might want to consider various domiciles for your accounts and the investor protection legislation that prevails. The investor protection or rather deposit protection schemes vary greatly and by spreading your monies you can mitigate your risk if you really feel that nervous; typically the wealthy do just that. Be wary of account providers that offer the highest rates of interest particularly if there is no minimum term requirement. Keep to names you know and in traditional banking centres that can hopefully alleviate you of your banking jitters.

How Cryptocurrencies and Forex Investments are Changing the World of Banking?

The world of banking and their development has reached out their potential it seems as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple are taking the upper hand not just in the UAE. Cryptocurrencies are relying on the blockchain technology which is about to change the industry. Most of the people are already talking about the internet of money because blockchain makes transactions easier, more secure, faster and what’s most importantly cheaper. It seems that the world of banking don’t want to give away their control over money and they are constantly fighting against blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We have recently published an overview of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018 and a separate article about the most promising blockchain technologies which we believe will change the industry dramatically.

How Could Gold Coverage Save The Banks?

One of the options that has appeared lately is gold coverage that could save the banks from losing too much of their profits. If the governments could adopt a document saying that banks need to save some % of their investment in gold that would make the banking system more reliable and stable at the same time. The banks could make online investment in gold at the latest gold pricings. The latest gold prices can be found here

What About Forex Trading – How Could It Help Saving Banks

Forex trading is highly risky and till now banks stayed out of this business because there was a batter chance of loosing money than earning it. Nowadays forex trading has become safer and more predictable as there were lot of tools developed for trading with forex and this enabled lot of people to join the market. Because of that forex has become one of the options bank could use to get out of the crisis and push up their money liquidity.

The next problem that comes to mind is which forex trading platform or which online trading platform should you use as there are several of them online and not all of them have the same values and trading features. We have just recently published a publication reviewing the best platform in the industry based on several trading factors we think are most important: IQ Option overview, eToro overview, Olymptrade overview and Plus500 trading platform indepth review. This are not all of the platforms available online, but this platforms are the most reliable, the most safe and the most used platforms for years. They also have a long standing tradition and all have good standing financial backgrounds which makes them the most safe options. Before you invest any money you should also check some other reviews which are published online to make this choice a safe bet.


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