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America’s Most Trusted Name in Small Business Information

Dear Entrepreneur,

Believe it or not, America’s most successful entrepreneurs didn’t achieve their success by luck alone.

A little luck always helps. But most successful businesses are built by entrepreneurs who are determined to hit pay-dirt and who have tapped into the right resources and solutions to help them succeed.

How about you? Do you want your business to be a big success?

If so, the first thing you need to know is that tons of help is available, if you know where to look. And BizBest creator Daniel Kehrer will show you precisely who and what these resources are, what they offer and how to contact them. Dan is one of the world’s foremost experts on small business resources. You may know him as Editor-in-Chief of magazines such as Emerging Business and Independent Business, which have reached millions of business owners. Or as author of books such as Doing Business Boldly: The Art of Taking Intelligent Risks (Times Books/Random House) published in four languages worldwide); or as author of the nationally syndicated newspaper column BizBest.

The “BizBest100” resources — many absolutely FREE — are helping millions of entrepreneurs like you build successful businesses of all kinds and achieve billions in sales.

In The 100 Best Resources for Small Business, you’ll uncover the key connections for starting, managing and operating your business, plus the resources that are vital for sales and marketing, the Internet, small business technology, financing your business, communications, troubleshooting and special resources for minorities, women business owners and veterans.

With this book you will learn about things like:

• A free source of face-to-face or e-mail business counseling that has hundreds of experts ready to help you nationwide
• Free, locally-based business training and networking programs that let you work on your own business while you learn
• The best Web site for business startup advice
• How to find reliable advice on buying a franchise business
• How to locate a business incubator in your area
• The one ”must join” small business organization in America
• The best “no excuses” computer support for ALL types of hardware and business software
• The absolute best places for payroll and shipping services, office supplies, direct mail solutions and Web sites.
• How to learn about all the latest technology for small business, and the best places to buy
• Top solutions for super-charging your marketing, sales and customer service efforts
• The most admired small business bank and most active small business lender
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Over the last 15 years, Dan Kehrer has provided millions of small business owners and entrepreneurs with vital advice and information on how to start, operate and grow a successful business. He’s been named a Small Business Advocate of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration and is a small business owner himself. Look at business 247 for more info

Through it all, he’s learned that most successful entrepreneurs are not superhuman. In fact, often their businesses aren’t even the best in their category. When then do their businesses thrive while so many others flounder and die?

The answer is simply that most successful entrepreneurs know they can’t do it all themselves. They learned early on the value in tapping OPB and OPM — Other People’s Brains and Other People’s Money! They have a mindset open to outside solutions that is different than 99 percent of everyone else who ever things about starting a business of their own.