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Entrepreneurs battle it out for Hydra reality show

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If you want evidence of how the property industry has become central to the lifestyle as well as the economy of the modern world, then you should make sure you watch The Hydra Executives, a new reality TV show to come from Abu Dhabi.

Eight British and eight American entrepreneurs, based in a ‘boot camp’ in the emirate since late February, are fighting it out for a $1 million (Dh3.67m) prize to fund their own property development business plan in the Middle East. In recent years we’ve become accustomed to seeing fly-on-the-wall views of people trying to win survival contests, pass driving tests, live with other individuals for three months at a time, and even drive racing cars. This one is different – they have to come up with plans for commercial and residential property.
“We’re expecting to educate as well as entertain the general public on the highly exciting world of property development” says Hydra’s CEO Dr Sulaiman Al Fahim.
Good for him – we live in homes, we work in offices, we invest in property and rely on it to help us enjoy a healthy old age. Now it’s time we celebrated the importance of property in that most 21st century of ways, through a reality TV programme.
The Hydra Executives goes on air in the UAE in September and will run for 15 weeks, before being shown on TV channels across Europe and North America this summer.

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(Graham Norwood is property correspondent of The Observer.)