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What Is Inside The New iPhone 7?

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Business 24-7 Reviews the New iPhone 7 – Check out What is Inside!

In the UAE, the iPhone 6 is far and away the most popular mobile phone and smartphone in the region. According to the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the iPhone 6 actually takes up a whopping 4.48% of the overall mobile phone market share, nearly doubling the second most popular model, the Nokia 108 at 2.92%, and the second most popular smartphone model, it’s older cousin the iPhone 5S (2.39%).

What does all of this mean for the UAE smartphone market?

With rumors of the new iPhone 7 possibly hitting the UAE market sometime around September 16th, it’s more than certain that the UAE’s love for Apple smartphones will continue. Here’s what you need to know about the new iPhone 7 and what it means for your older iPhone 6 models and accessories.

One of the first changes in the market due to the iPhone 7 release date rumors is the cost of the most recent iPhone release, the iPhone 6S.

Previously, buying a 16GB iPhone 6S online would have cost approximately Dh1,999, but since the rumors of the 7’s release date, online offers for as low as Dh1,899 have been spotted. It’s assumed this price drop is a reaction to new iPhones soon to hit the open market, however, it may also be an effect of slowing sales for Apple.

The global drop in iPhone sales is estimated to be around 15% quarter-to-quarter. NASDAQ listed Apple stock (AAPL) reflects the downturn in iPhone and other Apple product demand hovering around the $108USD mark showing a year-over-year loss of several dollars per share, even after bouncing back from a horrendous late April nosedive.

The rumors of the new iPhone release though have both investors and consumers interested in Apple again.

One of the biggest rumored changes to the new handset is the lack of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. That means any wired headphone or earbud upgrades current iPhone users have made could go to waste, or they will need to run through adapters that connect via the iPhone’s Lighting connector, if they switch to the newer model.

Other changes to the new handset include a pressure sensitive home button designed to mimic the feel of a laptop’s trackpad as well as a dual lens camera, which might seem like overkill as the iPhone 6 and 6S cameras’ are already fantastic.

The improved camera, which seems to be a focal point of every iPhone upgrade, is allegedly designed to capture more detailed photos than its predecessors. It’s also supposedly better in low-light conditions.

The real test for how popular the new device will be for UAE residents will come when the soon expected pre-order begins. Weak pre-orders both regionally and worldwide could force Apple’s hand with current pricing models, especially if existing iPhone users do more than hold on to their 6 or 6S and jump ship to a competitor device like the waterproof Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Regardless of how hot the iPhone 7 is one thing is for certain. In the UAE the smartphone wars are alive and well.