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In this guide, we discuss the best crypto exchanges in the United Kingdom. We have tested and evaluated 133 cryptocurrency exchanges in 8 different categories. We analyzed all aspects of their offering, including platform availability, apps, trading costs, assets, liquidity, deposit & withdrawal, customer support, and security. 

Crypto trading platforms with the best scoring are below. 

Top 6 Crypto Exchanges In The UK

  1. Binance – Well-established cryptocurrency trading platform with large trading volumes and liquidity.
  2. eToro – Best social trading broker.
  3. Bitstamp – Low trading fees.
  4. Excellent portfolio and trading app.
  5. Gemini In-house hot wallet, access to different coins.
  6. CEX IO – Great assets coverage and crypto margin trading.

Best Crypto Exchanges In The UK – List

ExchangeOverall ScoreGeneral infoFees (Maker/Taker)Spot Volume (BTC)
#1Binance4.3Best Crypto Exchange UK0.1% /0.1%$806,899,070
#2eToro4.9Best Social Trading Broker1%/1%$2,739,612
#3Bitstamp2.3Low trading fees0.01%/0.10%$1,046,752
#4Crypto.com4.3Excellent portfolio and trading app1.8%/2.75%$68,571
#5Gemini4.5In-house hot wallet, access to different coins0.01%/0.00%$808,571
#5CEX IO4.6Most asset classes0.01%/0.16%$923,723

This section below breaks down the best crypto trading platforms in the UK, beginning with the best-rated – Binance.

01. Binance: Best Overall UK Crypto Exchange Platform 


Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the United Kingdom. It is a top choice for advanced crypto enthusiasts who want access to a good coin selection. High-volume traders receive many benefits, including a lower fee structure and professional order types. 

Binance offers different premium services, including OTC trading and staking rewards. Traders receive up to 10% bonuses for holding different coins over time. Binance has a versatile portfolio with access to both popular and less popular altcoins. 

02. eToro: Best Crypto Exchange With Social Trading Tools 


eToro is the best social trading broker with access to exchange services. It has an excellent offering for traders at all levels. eToro provides access to crypto trading. This broker has proprietary e-wallet storage. 

This broker has intuitive platforms with advanced social trading tools. It supports 40+ digital coins and offers fast execution and APIs. eToro is a secure provider with sophisticated research tools. 

03. Bitstamp: Best Platform With Low Trading Fees 


Bitstamp is a popular Bitcoin exchange with competitive trading fees. Their fees range from 0.14% to 0.40% based on the coin you choose. The minimum trade with Bitstamp is $20. 

Bitstamp has a straightforward trading platform with advanced features and order types. It offers a secure mobile app on iOS and Android devices. Bitstamp has an average coin selection with access to popular asset classes. 

04. Best Crypto Exchange App is a leading crypto exchange with one of the best cryptocurrency trading apps. It offers many services, including staking and investing. has its own credit card and e-wallet. 

Their app is easy to use and offers access to a comprehensive portfolio. has 250 different cryptocurrencies. It offers rewards for holding specific coins. We recommend it for traders at all levels who want to crypto trade on the go. 

05. Gemini: Best Exchange With An In-House Hot Wallet 


Gemini is an industry-leading exchange with impressive safety measures. It offers an excellent online trading experience for intermediate and advanced traders. Gemini protects users’ funds with an in-house hot wallet. 

This exchange has a valuable crypto portfolio with 100+ coins. It has high trading fees and its platforms are intuitive. Gemini offers access to different payment methods and advanced Bitcoin exchange services.

06. CEX IO: Best Crypto Exchange With Staking Rewards 


CEX IO is a well-established exchange popular for its coin selection. It provides access to collateral loans and premium trading features. CEX IO has a useful crypto portfolio with 93 assets. Trading fees with this exchange are high. Deposits have a 1.99% fee. 

CEX IO has an intuitive cross-platform with advanced tools. It offers staking rewards and a reliable app to buy and sell cryptos. 

How To Pick A Cryptocurrency Exchange? 

The main aspects to take into account when picking a cryptocurrency exchange include costs, apps, platforms, assets, customer service, deposits & withdrawals, and security. 

Fees: Avoid crypto exchanges in the UK with expensive fee structures, overnight fees, and hidden costs. 

Trading Platforms: Search for intuitive, simple to use, and fast executing trading platforms. 

Mobile Trading: A mobile app contributes to a good trading experience. It needs to offer the same tools and services as its web versions. 

Deposit & Withdrawal: Select an exchange with access to your preferred payment methods with low or no fees. 

Assets: Search for the best coverage of asset classes. UK crypto exchanges not offering popular altcoins should be avoided. 

Customer Support: New crypto enthusiasts need to search for a platform with responsive customer support available in their language. 

Liquidity: Platforms with high liquidity and trading volumes come with the guarantee that you will be able to sell your coins. 

Security: It is best to prioritize exchanges with top-tier licenses, penetration tests, and proof of funds. We recommend you choose an exchange with a history clean from hacks. 

Regulation Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges In The UK

The regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges in the UK is under the supervision of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It oversees all financial transactions, including cryptocurrency trading. The FCA has set clear rules to cover KYC, AML, and CFT guidelines for crypto assets. Crypto exchanges need to register with the FCA and follow strict rules. 

Is Cryptocurrency Trading Legal In The UK?

Cryptocurrency trading is legal in the UK. Crypto coins are not legal tender, and taxes are levied depending on activities. The FCA banned the trading of crypto derivatives, and there is no clear UK tax legislation for crypto coins. 

How To Start Trading With – Binance

Binance is a leading global exchange with professional platforms and a secure crypto app. It provides access to rewards and bonuses depending on the coin you hold in your account. The steps you need to take to trade cryptos with Binance are below: 

Step 1: Go to the Binance official website 

Access the Binance main website under this link here –

Step 2: Click on the “Register” button 

Click on the “Register” button and select a method to open a new account. Binance offers email, phone number, Apple ID, or Google Account sign-ups. 

Step 3: Verify your account 

Binance will request you verify your account. You’ll have to submit a copy of your official ID and personal data. 

Step 4: Buy and sell crypto coins 

You don’t have to buy the whole cryptocurrency to own it. You can begin by buying, holding, or selling fractions of an asset. 


We recommend Binance as the best exchange for crypto traders in the United Kingdom. It offers premium services for traders at all levels, a secure mobile app, and a transparent fee structure. eToro comes in second because of its powerful exchange services and social trading tools.  


What Is A Centralized Exchange?  

A Centralized exchange refers to a provider with access to a proprietary platform for cryptocurrency trading. Centralized exchanges are trustworthy and follow strict rules. The best crypto exchanges request verification under the Know Your Customer rule. 

What Is A Decentralized Exchange? 

A decentralized exchange (DEX) represents a provider with crypto exchange services that doesn’t have a central control point. It works as a server, and it keeps a perfect copy of the entire exchange on different computers. DEXs function based on an “automated market maker protocol.” These exchanges depend on liquidity pools offered by users and are inherently risky. DEXs don’t use a central trading desk. 

Do You Have To Pay A Tax On Crypto Trades In The UK? 

There is no specific tax for cryptocurrency trading in the UK. However, cryptocurrency traders are subject to either capital gains or income taxes. The tax you’ll have to pay depends on the specific transactions you’re making. 

Is Crypto Regulated In The UK? 

Cryptocurrencies are regulated in the UK in the same way as other digital assets. The FCA has clear rules and regulations for cryptocurrency trading. 

Is Trading Cryptos Through Derivatives Illegal In The UK? 

According to the FCA, trading cryptos through derivatives like CFDs and spread bets is illegal. 


All trading involves risk. More than 80% of investors lose in spread bet and CFD trading. As these complex instruments allow for the use of leverage, there is a high risk of losing more money than you have deposited. Before attempting to participate in spread bets and CFDs, consider how well you understand them and if you can afford to lose your money.


eToro is a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and cryptoassets, as well as trading CFDs. Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Cryptoassets are volatile instruments which can fluctuate widely in a very short timeframe and therefore are not appropriate for all investors. Other than via CFDs, trading cryptoassets is unregulated and therefore is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework.

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