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Mining is the core element of cryptocurrency trading. Miners manage the network by processing and checking all transactions, and they receive a part of transaction fees. The top cryptocurrencies are mined in vast warehouses filled with cutting-edge mining technology. 

The Bitcoin blockchain contains protocols that make Bitcoin mining more difficult at specific intervals. Once of those intervals, called bitcoin halving, occurred in 2020.  

A nationwide ban on cryptocurrency services and mining occurred in China in 2021. This ban forces Bitcoin warehouses out of China, which is why it may be the perfect time to get a mining rig running. Smaller mining operations have less competition, making it more profitable in the short term. 

This article discusses the best cryptocurrency mining opportunities. 

Best Cryptocurrency Mining Opportunities In Overview: 

01. Staking Ethereum on Coinbase 

Coinbase is a top choice for staking Ethereum in 2021. It offers an Ethereum 2.0 (Eth2) staking pool for its users to earn up to 5% APR. Coinbase moves the Ether to the Eth2 testnet and stakes it in a validator node to check transactions and earn fees. The downside of staking on Eth2 is that once your Ether is on the testnet, you aren’t allowed to send it back to the mainnet until the two networks are merged. Keep in mind that Coinbase Eth2 is available only for U.S. customers. 

02. Ethereum GPU Mining 

Ethereum GPU mining is one of the best and profitable ways to mine cryptocurrency. You’ll need a basic computer with a motherboard, CPU, power supply, RAM, a hard drive, and one or more GPUs. It is best to use a mining profitability calculator to check that your hardware won’t lose you money from high electricity bills. After you set up your system, you should choose a mining pool like Ethermine or Kryptex. 

03. Kryptex Mining Pool 

Kryptex is a user-friendly and reliable way to start mining with your computer. Users sign up for an account on their main website and start mining with the Kryptex program. This program runs a benchmark test on your computer to select the best mining algorithm for your hardware. Keep in mind that payouts from Kryptex are always in Bitcoin. 

04. Bitcoin ASIC Mining 

ASIC mining is even simpler than setting up a GPU miner. ASIC miners are expensive and require constant updates depending on the new technology available. Mining with high electricity costs due to ASIC miners might lead to financial loss. Read our in-depth reviews to discover more about Bitcoin ASIC mining and the most profitable approach. 

Proof-of-Work vs. Proof-of-Stake Cryptocurrencies 

Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) are the most popular consensus mechanisms cryptocurrencies use to check additions to the network. PoW blockchains require expensive hardware to compete with the computational power of every other miner on the network. PoS mechanisms check transactions and single states of the network by searching for validator notes. 

Miners on PoS blockchains stake a specific amount of crypto and run validator servers to receive their cut of transactions. Overall, PoS is more decentralized than PoW because a network’s participant power is limited by the amount of crypto they stake. PoW miners have to build up computational power to mine more blocks. 

ASIC Mining vs. GPU Mining 

Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and graphics processing unit (GPU) rigs are the main types of hardware used to mine PoW cryptocurrencies. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular crypto coins that use the PoW mechanisms. 

ASIC miners are devices that mine one specific cryptocurrency. These devices are built exclusively for crypto mining and use some of the best technology. However, GPU mining is the better option to mine cryptocurrency for small miners without access to underpriced electricity. CPUs mine almost any type of PoW crypto, unlike ASIC miners, which can only mine the crypto they are designed for. 

Final Word 

Staking Ethereum on Coinbase, Ethereum GPU Mining, Kryptex Mining Pool, and Bitcoin ASIC Mining are the best cryptocurrency mining opportunities in 2021. All have strengths and weaknesses depending on your experience and needs. We recommend you research mining strategies and requirements before choosing a mining mechanism. 


Should You Start Crypto Mining in 2021? 

Market data shows that mining Bitcoin and Ethereum has become less profitable as more miners join the network. Joining a mining pool is simple and may be worth your time. We recommend you research crypto mining before investing in cryptocurrency.

Are There Any Crypto Mining Alternatives?

Mining isn’t the only strategy to passively earn cryptocurrency. For example, BlockFi and Celsius offer interest-bearing crypto accounts with higher rates than savings accounts. Read our in-depth reviews to learn more about interest rates and cryptocurrency.

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