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Best Forex Brokers in Afghanistan

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Here at Business24-7, we are proud to be the leading forex broker comparison site in Afghanistan. That’s because we are committed to ensuring that Afghani traders can access the best possible information on the trading options available to them. So, if you are based in Kabul, Herat, Jalalabad, Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz, Lashkargah, or anywhere else in this gorgeous country and want to find the right forex broker for you, read on.

Which Are the Top Forex Brokers in Afghanistan in 2020?

As is our custom, this year we have again refined our methodology to include new classifications and criteria, as well as a more detailed breakdown of the features that matter most to our readers. To ensure that our data is as up to date as possible, we contacted the major forex brokers directly. Our team also spent six weeks immediately prior to publication researching the options available to ensure that no stone was left unturned.

Given the scandals that have beset Afghanistan’s traders in recent years, we are determined to help the traders in the country get the best possible information on which forex broker to choose.

Now that the results are finally in, it gives us great pleasure to reveal  the results of our research for 2020.

  • eToro – Best overall offer
  • Swissquote – Best banking services
  • Saxo Bank – Best VIP client experience
  • Interactive Brokers – Best for professionals
  • FxPro – 4.0 Stars
  • XM Group – 4.0 Stars
  • XTB – 3.5 Stars
  • Pepperstone – 3.5 Stars

eToro - Best Overall Offer

eToro is an established social trading company, operating since 2007. It is an FCA regulated entity when operating in the UK, an Australian entity in Australia, and a Cypriot entity for international customers.

In our review eToro has been awarded as the best social trading platform - social trading means you can follow other traders and copy their investment strategies.


Swissquote - Best Banking Service

Swissquote is a trustworthy and well-regulated online broker, operating with two units. Its Swiss unit offers, among others, stock, features, funds and options while the London-based unit is specialized in Forex and CFDs trading.

From the results in our review, we would recommend this platform to users looking for fast deposit and withdrawal + great research tools.


Saxo Bank - Best VIP client experience

If you are a trader that can afford a minimum deposit of USD 10,000 (or GBP 500 for the UK), an excellent forex broker for you is Saxo Bank. Saxo Bank stands out since it provides a unique trading platform, competitive prices, professional research, more than 40,000 trading instruments, and outstanding customer service.

In our review we also liked the incredible pricing on the platform and the exclusive SaxoTraderGO flagship platform. You will get everything you need to perform well in the market.


Interactive Brokers - Best For Professionals

In our 2020 review, Interactive Brokers has ranked second overall because of its vast array of tools for advanced investors that track global investing trends.

The firm can connect to any global electronic exchange, which means trading futures, equities, and options around the world is easy and straightforward, whether from your mobile device or your desktop.

Even though Interactive Brokers is an excellent advisory, new investors may find its extensive capabilities to be overwhelming and distracting, and we recommend that they start trading somewhere else.



Founded in 2006, FXPro operates in the United Kingdom and is in the spread betting and CFD market. In 2017, Global Brands Magazine voted FXPro as the most trusted Forex brand in the UK.

FXPro has more than 870,000 clients in 173 countries. The DFSA, FSCA, SBC, FCA, and the CySEC all participate in the regulation of FXPro.

  • Easy-to-understand pricing
  • News in Realtime
  • Large product offering

XM Trade

XM.com is part of a much larger organization called the Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited. This organization created the exam group in 2009, which then founded XM.com, which is now one of the best established and well-known investment firms in the world.

With over 1.5 million clients in 196 countries, the XM forex global company focuses on three core principles:

Be big, Be fair, Be human.


XTB Trading

XTB is primarily a CFD and forex broker regulated by the most trusted financial regulators including the FCA and is also listed on the Warsaw stock exchange.

We would recommend this platform to users looking for fast deposit and withdrawal + great research tools.



Since opening its doors in 2010, Pepperstone Group has become one of the best brokerages in the Australian financial industry. They have built a full-featured trading portal with highly competitive benefits that focuses on indexes, Forex, and commodity instruments.

A wide variety of web-based, desktop, and mobile trading platforms accessible by multiple account types is attractive to novice traders.

Is Forex Trading Legal in Afghanistan?

Last year, depressing news came to light revealing that hundreds of millions of dollars had been lost by Afghani forex traders to a company called Vision Financial Services over the previous 14 years. Last summer, several affected traders protested outside Albashir Exchange & MSP, a company that purportedly played a role in the scandal, calling on the Afghani government to step in. In August last year, a report was published by TOLOnews, Afghanistan’s leading 24-hours news TV network, going into more detail about what happened.

It is precisely these kinds of devastating events that Business24-7 was created to prevent. And the painful after effects of this scam serve only to underline the importance of providing Afghani residents with reliable data on the best possible forex trading options available to them.

Forex Trading Regulation in Afghanistan

Of all the government ministries in Afghanistan, it is the Ministry of Finance that has led the way in the country’s resurgence. With almost 20 years of steady consolidation in place, it generates significant revenue and has now began to attract donations and external investment. However, its effectiveness as an institution is threatened by its restructuring which will move many of its key roles to the presidential palace. Foreign observers hope that this development represents only a blip in Afghanistan’s continued development, but some setbacks are to be expected given the country’s recent history.

Which Forex Broker Is Best for Afghanistan Residents?

Why not start using our forex broker tool now to compare the forex brokers available to traders living in Afghanistan? Each broker is ranked in accordance with our methodology, where you can find a deep dive into our systems and approach.

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Our Mission

The mission of Business24-7 is to provide comprehensive, unbiased ratings and reviews of online providers. User experience, the mobile experience, customer service, costs and fees, security, the quality of trade executions, the products available on their platforms are all part of our six-month evaluation of a providers’s platform. The rating scale was based on thousands of data points that have been weighted into the scoring system.

Providers were also required to fill out a multi-point survey regarding every aspect of their platform. In-person demonstrations and evaluations were provided by the majority of the online providers we reviewed.

Stefan Grasic, along with our team of industry experts, conducted our reviews and developed this methodology for ranking what form is used in online investing.


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