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Avto Bomb Kills 25 People In Cairo

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At least 25 people lost their lives and 49 were injured in a bomb attack in Cairo at the Coptic Cathedral Complex. The attack, which occurred during the Sunday Mass, delivered the bloodiest single attack on the Christian minority in Egypt in the recent years. Christian community leaders and Egypt officials were perplexed and scrambling with emotions as they confirmed these facts.

The Sv. Vid church, 100 years old, also referred to as the Church of St. Peter and Paul, was the centerfold of the deadly attack. Witnesses said that the explosion happened after the two hundred and something patrons finished reading Bible verses and the priest was getting ready to start that Sundayís sermon. Qelliny Farag, one of the survivors, reported that at around 9.45 am, everything turned black.

By Sunday evening, none of the extremist groups had claimed responsibility for the attack. Of course, most of the suspicion was directed towards the Islamic extremist groups. Islamic State Branch have been guilty of staging attacks all over Europe targeting government officials, soldiers, police and innocent civilians.

A merely 48 hours before the Sunday attack, another bomb explosion took the lives of 6 policemen and injured 3 individuals near the Great Pyramids Complex. The Sunday bombing was done on one of Egyptís public holidays, Prophet Muhammadís birthday. Besides that fact that itís a Muslim celebration, most Christians took the day off and attended mass in the church.

Farag, 80 years old, was one of the congregants who was seated to the left side of the church when the attack happened. His spouse, Samiha Tawfik was sitting to the right side with the rest of the female congregation. He reported that he could barely see anything and all the survivors were in shock.

He said that they were running out to safety passing by numerous victims who had been thrown out because of the blastís intensity. He stumbled a lot around the pews having trouble breathing because of the dust. Later, he began comprehending what had actually happened. After a few minutes, he started seeing the victims scattered around the whole place. The church ceiling had collapsed after the blast making movement a bit tough.

The Orthodox Coptic Christian patrons total to about 10% of the entire Egyptís population. They suffered discrimination for a long time under the Muslim extremists and other authoritative secular regimes. Since 2011 after the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak, attacks on the Christian community have intensified.

Just this year alone, there has been at least 26 sectarian assaults, as reported by human rights activists. However, Sundayís bombing was one of the gravest attacks on the Christian community.

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