How You Can Growth-Hack Early Engagement For Your Drop Ship Business

E-commerce is a multi-billion industry with a very rapid growth pace. Since the online sales value is expected to grow at a steady annual rate of 6%, many entrepreneurs think about getting a piece of this pie. Many of them choose to start a drop shipping business, in order to outsource logistics operations. For those who are new to this area of activity, drop shipping involves a third party (usually the manufacturer) shipping the goods directly to consumers, on behalf of the retailer they’ve purchased these goods from. This enables retailers to keep their overheads low while offering their clients a wider choice of products. This model was invented by Adrian Morrsion in his best selling course called eCom Success Academy. This year Adrian is updating the course with new features and insights. You can get more information on their official website here: or read the detailed review by GFK.

Despite the promising growth of the e-commerce industry, and the benefits of drop shipping, the market is extremely competitive. This article will detail three strategies that can help entrepreneurs improve customer engagement and retention by using some clever hacks.

Over-Deliver To Make Early Customers Recommend You To Their Peers

Whenever customers experience either good or bad services, they tend to share their stories on their favorite social media channels. Studies showed that 87% of customers who have been impressed with a certain service shared their experience on social media.

Drop shipping is an effective method to build a business without the need for huge investments or complex logistics infrastructure. Nonetheless, entrepreneurs still need to display a very clear shipping procedure, in order for their clients to understand how and when they are going to receive the goods they order. Business owners who ignore this detail miss the chance to have their eCommerce store praised in social media.

However, the simple fact that an order is delivered on time isn’t going to exceed the expectations of the client. After all, everybody expects to have their goods shipped on time. In order to determine your customers feel overwhelmed, you should find out and implement some effective ways to exceed their expectations.

Consider sending your customers an email message containing a satisfaction survey. If you get a low score, email these people directly and ask them how you can improve their experience. Another cool and effective idea is to send these clients a small giveaway as a “thank you” note and a way to trigger repeat purchase. You may also want to design product packaging in a way that makes clients feel special. You can negotiate with your drop shipping partners to use your custom packaging branding and design.

By taking a closer look at Amazon, Apple and Kiehl, you can see that all of them have implemented some of the above tips in order to determine their clients to become loyal to their brand and to generate additional business by referring them to their friends.

Run Multivariate Tests On Your Best Performing Pages

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce retailer in the world. Their net revenue has reached almost $136 billion last year alone. Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, believes that tests and experiments are the surefire way to improve efficiency and customer experience. Amazon conducts regular multivariate tests across their website, with the purpose of improving conversion rates. Better conversion rates reflect into higher sales volumes.


If you already have a good number of website visitors, you should consider setting up some A/B tests, in order to improve the conversion rates of your best performing pages. This might help you improve customer retention and satisfaction more effectively than investing in attracting more traffic.

Just imagine the following situation. A website that gets 2,000 visitors per day and converts only 1 percent to paying customers should either obtain a conversion rate of 2% or get to 4,000 visitors a day in order to double their number of customers per day. By using a split testing software tool such as Optimizely and VWO, you can double your sales volume without needing to attract a lot of additional traffic to your website.

Nurture Your Contacts By Developing Behavior Based Email Workflows

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing activities, particularly for eCommerce businesses. According to Constant Contact, every $1 investment in email marketing returns an average of $38. This is something no other marketing channel can offer.

Entrepreneurs running a drop shipping business should use email workflows to engage their customers. This means you need to customize your messages, so that each client in your database receives messages that depend on the actions they do over time. If, for instance, someone adds products to the shopping cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, you can use a behavior based email workflow to send this contact a reminder to complete the purchase.

Similarly, if a contact hasn’t interacted with your website for a specific period of time, you could send an email offering a small discount or another perk that should entice this user into re-engaging with your brand.

There are many marketing automation tools that support behavior based workflows. You’ll need time to develop effective workflows, but once you have them, they are going to help you improve the performance of your business.