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Latest Emirate News About Supporting Terrorism

latest-emirate-news-backgroundEmirate News: Calls have been renewed from the UAE to Qatar to put an end to supporting extremism and terrorism, the focus is on diplomacy being the sole way out of the current crisis.

At the center of the current crisis that we see in Gulf is the support given by Qatar in support of extremism and terrorism. For the purpose of stability, the only solution is a change of course. As mentioned by the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Mohammad Gargash in a recent tweet.

In another tweet Gargash pointed to diplomacy as the way to move forward and that the process will come to an end only if the Emirates stop supporting the finance of terrorism and extremism.

The matter of the list of extremists and terrorists who receive support from the Emirates is a significant allegation which need to be looked into. The tweet noted that many of these are sanctioned entities of the UN and US.

At the same time, Bahrain put stress on the necessity for Emirates to commit to correcting their policy and to acct in a transparent way in the effort to counter terrorism.
The US President Donald Trump’s warning to Emirates was welcomed by the EAU, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt. The warning expressed a need to stop the funding of terrorism at a considerable level. In a statement from the UAE ambassador, Yousuf Al Otaiba to Donald Trump it was noted that the next step would be for Emirates to make an acknowledgement of these concerns and to make a commitment to examining the regional policies in place. Further discussions will have this as their basis.

The Emirate news quoted a Saudi official source in noting that it is not a choice to fight terrorism and extremism, rather is is a commitment and requires swift action to end all funding to terrorism regardless of the source of the funding, this being in line with how the recent and historic Arb-Islamic-American summit turned out.

Discussions to solve the crisis were called for by Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister. In discussions between the Minister and Qatar’s Foreign Minister, he mentioned that it is their policy not to interfere in internal affairs of other countries and their relations. However, when relations between their partners deteriorate this does not make them happy with the latest emirate news.