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UAE 247 Business News – Why Your Business Should Work 24/7?

Globalization has changed many things in the world, but perhaps most of all it has changed the way in which business is conducted. Food, produce, and goods are transported all over the globe, and competition is fierce. With the advent of the internet, a business needs to be capable of taking orders 24-7. The easiest way to do so is by using

Imagine if you could only place an order on Shopify between the hours of 9 to 5 Monday to Friday. The whole idea is laughable, but there are still significant numbers of companies who operate under that structure mostly using the Shopify trading platform. They may concede to working half a day on Saturday, but their customer service teams and their call centers are closed outside “regular business hours.”

The reality is that to survive all businesses are going to have to evolve and switch their operational hours or risk being left behind not just in the UAE. As the millennial generation in the Emirates become the dominant force, their expectations and demands are significantly different from that of the baby boomers.

Millennials have grown up with the internet, with 24/7 online shopping on Shopify, late night pizza deliveries, and instant gratification. If they see or read about a new game for their smartphone, they have become accustomed to visiting the app store, purchasing it and downloading it, all within 30 seconds of first becoming aware of the game.

A recent Emirates business 24-7 survey (2016) conducted by Lithium Technologies threw up some startling statistics. Seventy-five percent of people interviewed in the UAE have an expectation that their online inquiry will be dealt with on the same day, with about half expecting a response within one hour. Two years previously, when the same survey was completed, only thirty percent expected a response within the hour, the demand for change is growing rapidly.

This puts significant strain and financial burdens on local shops in the Emirate, Dubai, and UAE itself who are forced to remain open for longer hours, seven days of the week. More staff are required to cover the extended hours, and there will be other increased expenses, and that just applies to the local aspect of the business.

Depending on the nature of your business, the problems become magnified due to globalization. If a company wants to operate outside of the UAE , they need to ensure they are open for business during the business hours of the countries where they are trying to serve ( business 24/7 model)

Although this is certainly a challenge, the good news is that the advent of technology can provide many of the solutions on the Shopify trading platform. Online customer service teams, business 247 applications, and systems can be designed to run more efficiently and service more than one customer at a time.


Make Good Use Of Outsourcing When Introducing a Business 24 Model

An internal IT department can be an unnecessary expense for a small to medium sized business 24. Furthermore, if and when your website crashes at 2 am GMT, the likelihood of any of your staff being available to get things fixed is minimal. A great solution to this is to outsource your online operations to a Emirates based business company who specialize in IT support. The majority of these businesses provide a 24/7 service at a fraction of the cost of your own IT department.

Another option to covering a wider range of hours is to speak to your staff, both customer service and IT staff, and ascertain if any of them would prefer to work outside of regular office hours. When it comes to childcare and other issues, there is a large percentage of the working population who simply do not, or cannot work the typical 9 – 5 business day. The more hours you can cover internally with your staff means a reduction in the cost of outsourcing your support services. When this is done properly, it presents a win-win opportunity for all parties, so it is worthwhile investigating all the possibilities.

Another idea that may well be worth considering is the idea of flexible working. Is there a need for your workers to be present in the office? With the advent of superfast broadband and corporate telephone systems that provide the opportunity to take a work phone number anywhere, there could be scope for employees to work from home, providing an on-call service. This not only enables the employer to benefit from the business 24 model  but may be appealing to employees who would prefer the flexibility of working from home.


Set Up Your eCommerce Store To Work On Autopilot

Setting up your eCommerce store to enable a 24 7 service may take a lot of planning and organization, but the potential rewards and opportunities to grow the business can also be significant. Customers have shown a willingness to pay a premium for the added convenience, and businesses can also benefit from impulse buys. When a consumer decides they want to purchase a specific product, they are much more inclined to buy from the site that can get their purchase to them quicker. That is why sites such as Amazon and Shopify are now beginning to offer delivery within 2 hours to their prime customers. The dilemma for eCommerce business owners is more about when they extend their working hours rather than if; because doing nothing is not really an option. We highly recommend eCommerce business owners who want to extend their business to work 247 to read the latest eCom success Academy Review by Adrian Morrison