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Moon stone International Investment S.A. – Ivan Bednjicki

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In the past few years, effective use of resources and a low carbon society have become the focus in global discussions and a trend of transition can be seen to circular economy.

Circular economy will have great impact in years to come, both from environmental as well as economic point of view. Transitioning to circular economy is not just a vision, but a necessity.

Global demand for natural resources in the 20th century is steadily rising:

  • world population is up 4x
  • production has gone up 40x
  • fossil fuel use gone up by 16x
  • water use up by 9x

Predictions are, that the same trend will continue and world population is expected to reach 9,6 billion by the year 2050.

It is no secret that the linear economic model cannot stand the test of time, as it is solely based on resource usage and production of short “life-span” products.

In the European Union alone, a total of approximately 2500 million tons of waste is produced, majority of which still ends up in waste landfills or waste burning facilities, which has major implications on the environment and loss of valuable resources.

Most of the European countries is still not effective with the use of their resources, which puts them in a very uncertain position. A shift away from the traditional “build, buy, bury” model to circular economy will allow these countries to stay competitive on the long-run.

Moon Stone International Investment S.A. – Circular Economy as an opportunity

At Moon Stone International Investment S.A. they quickly realized the potential of proper waste management and reusing resources. They believe that this is a new industry with lots of potential for those who will see the opportunity. The company is focused on handling large masses of waste, coming from:

  • mining
  • construction
  • industry
  • energy production
  • debris from water


Acad. Ivan Bednjicki from Moonstone International:

ivan bednjički moonstone international


We have developed a business model for efficient management of resources – based on circular economy as a new model for effective resource management.



You can jump over to MSII.LU – Moon Stone International Investment S.A. and learn more about the company and how they have set out to change the old way of waste management with a new and sustainable economic model.

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