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What Are The Best Apps for SME’s in 2018

The Top Apps for SMEs and What to Consider When Choosing Them

Small and medium-sized enterprise businesses are always looking for ways to distinguish themselves and stay ahead of the curve. Establishing an online presence is crucial for this, as many businesses nowadays live and die according to revenue from online sales. Anything that can boost your online facilities is key and, as such, below we’re going to discuss some of the best applications for your SME, why it’s so important for you to be using them and what to pay attention to when choosing them.

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First and foremost, ensuring safe online access for both your employees and users visiting your sites is integral. Security breaches can cause significant financial damage and can badly harm your business’ reputation with users – and both can be crippling in the long term. To prevent malicious attacks on your sites you need to be running a Web Application Firewall. Such an application intercepts and analyzes connections to your online services. This prevents improper actions and connections that could lead to SQL injection attacks and Direct Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, common industry issues that are aimed at damaging websites and their users.

The best way to check which security applications are best for you is to get involved yourself. If you learn which attacks your business is most at risk of (for example, if you’re providing online streaming services, DDoS attacks are a major issue), you can look for an application best suited to the needs of your business.


Statistics and data on your users is incredibly important for tailoring an effective business strategy. As such, any app that can grant you this information is a must. The top apps in this field are Usabilla, Kissinsights and Ethnio. All of these programs pose non-invasive queries to users of applications and websites, allowing you to gather valuable data about what your users like and dislike about your app, while also granting you additional tools to build and maintain your website.

Each one of these applications is slightly different in how they are employed and can be used so, again, look out for the differences between them when deciding which one you want to use. For example, Usabilla focuses on web building far more than the others.

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Internal Interactivity

Lastly, it’s really important to get your employees talking. The best ideas come out of programs like Yammer, LinkedIn or Skype, which enable productive conversation and ease of access in your business. Fast communication is a godsend in times of busy activity and, due to the multi-platform nature of these apps (you can install them on business or home phones, computers, tablets and so forth), it’s a lot easier to get blanket information out to your employees, regardless of their current location. Too, the apps help your employees and business establish a professional reputation with other like-minded individuals, which make them a great negotiation and recruiting tool. Choosing one of these apps is simply down to the user and business preference; you can focus on one or employ multiple.

There are still so many more applications we can talk about, from WordPress, the Shopify eCommerce platform to NoteLeaf and other calendars. So, do a little research and really focus on what’s right for your SME; you’ll soon wonder how you ever functioned without them.