What Are The Bestselling eCommerce Products Of 2017

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Product Inspiration: Viral Items That Stole the Show in 2017

If you’re thinking of launching your own eCommerce business in UAE and you need to find an incredible item to sell to get you started, then it makes sense to look back at some of the products that dominated in recent years. Checking out trending products is a great way for companies to get ahead on market evolutions, and potentially boost short-term sales in their industry.

Here are just some of the viral items that stole the show in 2017, to help you plan your strategy for 2018.

1.    Casting Kits

Casting kits were all the rage in 2018, thanks to Edinburgh Casting Studio’s earth-shattering campaign on Facebook. Even now, we’re still seeing great viral videos on social media that indicate how much people love the opportunity to cast their very own personalized objects. With the wedding season on the way in Summer, now could be a great time to start stocking up on romantic kits for your customers.

2.    Smile Veneers and Ear Wax Remover Tools

If your niche is in the beauty sector, then there’s a good chance you know all about the power and popularity of smile veneers. The removable smile veneers, give you the look of perfect teeth that you will be proud smile about. The product is made of comfortable and long resistant polypropylene – you just need to put them in hot water and press them onto your existant teeth and you are ready to go. If you need more information you can read more about perfect smile veneers by diyhappy.com


The ear wax remover tools help you to clean your earwax in a fast and effective way. There are hundreds of different variations of that product for kids and adults etc. You will find more and a list of the best ear wax remover tools on diyhappy.com


3.    Ear Irrigator Tools

One of the best selling tools of 2019 will definitely include a tools for ear wax removing. Which one will it be at the end we cant tell for sure but you will not miss it when you start selling ear irrigators. Google trends are showing a big jump in the summer months and doesn’t seem to be a one hit wonder. You can get more information about ear irrigator tool on diyhappy.com

4.    Beard Oil

Beards have been the height of fashion for men over the last couple of years, with accessories like combs, glitters, and even baubles earning the attention of customers around the world. If you’re looking for something with viral potential that’s sure to keep your bearded audience happy, then you can’t go wrong with beard oil. To make your advertisements even more effective, make sure that you focus on a specific segment of the market – particularly bearded men!

5.    Matte Lipstick

Beauty trends have been everywhere lately, and matte lipstick is one of the main products that jumped into the limelight during 2016 and continued to maintain it’s popularity all the way through 2017. Today, there are still plenty of makeup companies out there selling new and improved Matte lipstick formulas, so if you want to get ahead of the crowd, make sure that you stock up on matte shades. Remember, providing a tutorial on how to use these new lipstick shades could be the ultimate way to earn attention for your new best-selling product.

6.    The Body Shaper

Body shapers weren’t just popular in 2016, they were also leading the way in 2015, 2017, and they’re even maintaining their virality today! Women everywhere are constantly on the search for products that help them to show off the best version of themselves. Body shapers are perfect for getting rid of those extra lumps and bumps that can make a woman feel self-conscious in a tight dress or skirt. All you need to do to enhance your selling opportunities is demonstrate to your audience just how effective your body shaping garments can be!

7.    Gadgets and Toys

Fidget spinners went viral in a BIG way during 2017, with almost every company and eCommerce brand selling their own version. While trends around fidget spinners are beginning to die off, everyone’s on the lookout for the next big gadget toy. Keep an eye out for anything addictive that might keep young (and older) minds occupied with bright colors, and engaging features.

One of the best selling products besides fidget spinners of 2017 are portable basketball hoops and golf clubs.

Basketball hoops are a new plug and play toy – all you need to do is find an appropriate spot on your driveways and you are all set to go. If you need more information you can find a list of the best selling portable basketball hoops by americansportsdata


Golfing became one of the most played amateur sports in 2017 and golf clubs became on of most selling sport equipment. There are huge differences between golf clubs and golf equipment. You will find more information about and a list of the best golf clubs for 2017-2018 by americansportsdata.


8.    Magnetic Phone Chargers

Finally, it doesn’t take a sales expert to tell you just how powerful the smartphone market can be. Almost everyone seems to have a smartphone in today’s digitally-connected world, and any accessory that makes your mobile device easier to use is sure to get the attention of customers. Magnetic phone chargers started to make waves in the last couple of years, and these innovative accessories could burst into the spotlight during 2018, so it’s worth keeping an eye out.

Selling Your New Viral Products

The truth is that anything can go viral – all you need to do as an eCommerce expert is keep your eye on the current trends. Remember, industries like beauty, technology, and fashion are always going to be big players in the social media world. If you dont know how and where to start selling your products you should check out our Shopify UAE overview to get some usefull information.

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