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Here at Business24-7, we want to make it easy to find an online broker with the right trading platform for your needs. Reliable and unbiased data serve as the basis for all our content. To help us in our task, we have decades of experience in fund management and investments to call upon. Along with valuable feedback from our users, we harness this knowledge and expertise to make Business24-7 the GCC leading broker comparison resource.

Our broker assessments are broken down into the categories that are most important to our readers. It makes sense to meet our readers’ expectations and demands, which is why we have ranked the importance of each feature to them when deciding on which broker to use. Our 4-strong team of analysts then applied the findings of their combined years of research to give a final weighting for each. Please see the table below for more details.

General – Criteria 17
Product Portfolio – Criteria 17
Deposit & Withdrawal – Criteria 10
Research & Education– Criteria 7

Trading platform & Trading Tools– Criteria 26
Fees – Criteria 13
Customer Support – Criteria 8
Mobile Trading– Criteria 5

Total Criteria – 103

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