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Best Online Trading Courses in UAE 2023 (UPDATED)

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This guide helps users find the best online trading course in the UAE. Online trading courses help traders gain skills, experience, and confidence to make profitable trading decisions and avoid common mistakes. With the growing number of reliable and non-transparent courses available in the UAE, it can be tough to choose the ideal option.

Users can avoid selecting a course with high pricing, a bad reputation, and limited educational materials or strategies by conducting individual and in-depth research and comparison.

This guide assesses 32 online trading courses accepting UAE clients. To help users make an informed decision, they are ranked, reviewed, and compared, considering pricingreputationstrategieseducational material formats, and knowledge level.

Top 5 Online Trading Courses in UAE

  1. Investors Underground – Best Overall Online Trading Course
  2. Warrior Starter by Warrior Trading – Top Course for Beginners
  3. Skillshare – Ideal Advanced Trading Course
  4. TD Ameritrade – Best Course For Stock Trading
  5. Thomas Kralow – Best Day Trading Course

5 Best Online Trading Courses In UAE Reviewed

The 5 best online trading courses in UAE are reviewed in more detail below.

1. Investors Underground – Best Overall Online Trading Course

Investors Underground

Investors Underground is the best overall online trading course in UAE. The course was founded by Nathan Michaud in 2004. It has an easy-to-follow curriculum (lessons follow each other) and takes students through their trading journey from A to Z. The course has a great reputation among students. Online reviews show that many students quit their jobs and started trading as a full-time career after completing the courses.

Course membership allows access to a wide range of educational materials including 1,000 video lessons, pre-market broadcasts, trade recaps, and the Investors Underground Live Trading Floor. The course has a separate section for beginners including  3 different trading courses with over 25 hours of educational content. It also features a comprehensive Trading Encyclopedia explaining the fundamentals of trading stocks and other assets.

The 3 units available inside the Investors Underground trading course are listed below.

  • Textbook Trading – Consists of an 8-hour course aimed at new traders that will guide them from complete beginner to trading by themselves at the end of the course.
  • Tandem Trader – Consists of a 12-hour advanced trading course which includes screenshots of live trades provided with live commentary. 
  • Swing Trader – covers everything Swing Trading-related, taught by a 20-year swing trading veteran. This swing trading course is one of the best trading courses on the market covering the subject.

Investors Underground course costs: $1,897 (one time payment) or  $297/monthly, $697/quarterly, + $1,000 for  additional courses (optional).

The pros and cons of the Investors Underground course are listed in the table below.


  • Great Course Curriculum
  • Good Reviews and Feedback on Trader and Review Sites
  • Personal Assistance by Experienced Mentors
  • Large Community and Active Chat Room


  • Expensive
  • The Trading Course Modules are Sold Separately

2. Warrior Starter by Warrior Trading – Best Trading Course for Beginners

Warrior Trading

Warrior Starter is an online trading course aimed for beginners. The course was founded by  Ross Cameron in 2013. Students have access to an extensive range of trading materials including 18 hours of video material with basics of day trading, Ross’s complete daily low-latency live broadcast, view-only chat room access, and the small-cap trading room.

The Warrior trading courses have 3 packages: Warrior Starter, Warrior Plus and Warrior Pro

Trading course features of the 3 packages are compared in the table below.

PlansWarrior StarterWarrior PlusWarrior Pro
Pricing$598 one-time membership fee$1,498 one-time membership fee$2,398 one-time membership fee
Courses Included1 Course – 18 hours Day Trading: The basics5 Courses – 100+ hours Day Trading: The Basics, Day Trading: Strategies & Scaling, Trader Rehab, Day Trading in an IRA, Algo Scalping10+ courses – 200+ hrsDay Trading: The BasicsDay Trading: Strategies & ScalingTrader RehabDay Trading in an IRAAlgo ScalpingTrading PsychologyLive Trading ArchivesSwing & Options TradingCourses by Warrior Pro Graduates
Chat Room and Live Stream AccessRoss’s Complete Daily Low-Latency BroadcastView-Only Chat Room AccessSmall Cap Trading RoomRoss’s Complete Daily Low-Latency BroadcastFull Chat Room AccessSmall Cap Trading RoomWarrior LoungeRoss’s Complete Daily Low-Latency BroadcastFull Chat Room AccessSmall Cap Trading RoomAll Other Trading RoomsWarrior LoungeMentor Room
Trader SupportEmailEmailLive ChatAvailable with Monthly Tools Subscription(Monday–Friday 8am–4pm ET)EmailLive ChatIncluded with Tool Subscription(Monday–Friday 8am–4pm ET)Live Group MentoringAvailable multiple times per week with Monthly Tools Subscription

The cost of the Warrior Starter course is $598 One-Time Membership Fee. Extra lessons offered inside the course (how to use trading tools, trading addons, how to read charts) may come with additional fees.

The pros and cons of the Warrior Starter trading course are compared in the table below.


  • Access to live trading room, simulator, and stock scanning platform
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Trader Rehab covering trading psychology aspects
  • Over 200 hours of video content


  • Chat, live stream, news, and scanners access costs $197/monthly
  • Trading simulator costs $97/monthly and only works on Windows
  • Subscription-based model, meaning that you lose access when you stop paying monthly fees

3. Skillshare – Best Advanced Trading Course


Skillshare is a website that provides various online trading courses. Advanced traders can choose between different professional grade courses that cover day trading strategies or insights like fundamental and/or technical analysis. Skillshare also has a beginners course covering position opening, risk management and emotion controlling topics. All courses are available as pre-recorded videos that include expert instructions by professional traders.  

Skillshare charges a monthly subscription fee of $14 to access all of the featured courses. 

The pros and cons of Skillshare trading courses are compared in the table below.


  • Very low prices
  • Wide range of online trading courses available
  • Comprehensive, in-depth courses
  • Broad range of course topics


  • No chat rooms or live trading rooms
  • No mentoring or direct coaching
  • No set curriculum

4. TD Ameritrade – Best Course For Stock Trading

TD Ameritrade logo

TD Ameritrade is an american based brokerage firm, founded in 1975. The brokers education section provides basic to advanced trading strategy guides for stock trading. It covers a variety of stock trading topics including fundamental and technical analysis, strategy back-testing, penny stock trading, stock research and risk management. The TD Ameritrade course materials are available in the form of videos, educational articles, live webinars and podcasts.  

TD Ameritrade’s course (education section) is available free of charge. It is even available to users that don’t have an account with the broker.  

The pros and cons of TD Ameritrade’s online trading course are compared in the table below.


  • High-quality educational material
  • Broad selection of educational resources
  • Interactive courses with quizzes and questionnaires


  • No mentoring or direct coaching available
  • No live trade room access
  • No interaction with other students and/or traders

5. Thomas Kralow Day Trading Course – Best Day Trading Course

Thomas Kralow

Thomas Kralow Day Trading Course was founded by Thomas Kralow in 2016. The course was recorded after his founder made over 9 million dollars in profit with day trading. The course uses a holistic education approach covering multiple trading styles, trading strategies and emotion controlling techniques for day trading.

Thomas Kralow day trading course is a 150 day trading program, which requires the students to complete all lessons, homework assignments, and pass a final exam. After completion, students receive a diploma that proves their knowledge level in day trading. 

The 3 versions of Thomas Kralow online trading course are listed below.

  • Basic Course ($123 one time payment) – is aimed at beginners that aren’t ready for the more advanced material and techniques covered in the other two courses. The basic trading program consists of a 21-day program with two chapters, 20 lessons, 19 interactive quizzes, and 7 assignments.
  • Complete Course ($,1280 one time payment) – contains 202 entire lessons, divided into 16 chapters. It features 145 interactive quizzes meant to test the students’ knowledge level. Additionally, the course includes 82 assignments in ‘’homework’’ format. The course finishes with a final exam to test students’ knowledge. 
  • Shortened Course ($1,180 one time payment)  – is a shortened version of the complete course, which skips the basics and gets straight into the more advanced topics. The program has a lower entry price compared to the complete course as it doesn’t include these basics.

All types of courses come with a money back guarantee if the trader does follow the course, but is not successful. Standard packages and 1:1 mentoring available as subscription-based models. 

The pros and cons of Thomas Kralow day trading course are compared in the table below. 


  • Vast Selection of Archived Lessons
  • 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Large and Active Trading Community


  • Costly
  • No Live Trading Room Access
  • 1:1 Mentoring at Additional Monthly Costs

Tips To Help Finding The Right Online Trading Course in UAE?

Criteria that help choose the right online trading course in UAE are listed below. 

  • Knowledge Level – Trading courses are designed for traders with specific knowledge and experience levels. It is important to choose a trading course that fits the clients knowledge and experience level.
  • Reputation – Reputable trading courses increase students chances for successful trading and profit. Trading courses with a credible author, positive community opinions and user reviews should be preferred. 
  • Accessibility – Online trading courses are available in various formats including video, blog guides, live webinars, and podcasts. Personal preferences of the students should be considered when deciding on a course. 
  • Topic Coverage – Trading courses are specialized on certain topics. Courses that match students’ interest areas should be preferred. 
  • UAE Availability – The online trading course must be available to Emiratis or expats living in the UAE.

The Top 5 Online Trading Courses Compared

Key features of the highest rated online trading courses in UAE are compared in the table below.

CourseInvestors UndergroundWarrior StarterSkillshareTD AmeritradeThomas Kralow Day Trading Course
Pricing$1897 one-time payment, $297 monthly, $697 quarterly + $1,000 for additional course material$598 one-time payment$14 monthly subscription feeFree, but signup for an account is required for advanced course access$123 – $1280 one-time payment
Trader LevelBoth beginner and advanced tradersBeginner tradersBeginner TradersBeginner TradersBoth Beginner and Advanced Traders
Materials Available12-hour video course, tutorial guides, and quizzes18-hour video material, live broadcast, chat and trade room accessVideo material, tutorial guides, and quizzesVideo material, tutorial guides, strategy sheets, podcasts, and webinarsVideo course, tutorial guides, quizzes, assignments, and in-depth exam
Main Featuresvideo material and written tutorial guides with access to personal mentorships, a large community, and chat roomFull package containing day trading, swing trading, and scalping courses, trading psychology courses, access to live trading and chat roomsMultiple video trading courses covering all kinds of trading-related topicsTrading courses in multiple formats, ranging from video to webinars, covering all aspects of tradingFull technical, fundamental, and strategy course, including homework assignments and an extensive exam

What Are Online Trading Courses?

Online trading courses are online educational programs that help participants to gain knowledge on trading and investing using different financial instruments. These courses are designed to educate traders in order to increase their chances for successful and profitable trading. They build traders’ confidence by covering basic and advanced topics including basic terminology, step by step trading examples, proven strategies, market research, technical and fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading psychology.

Trading courses are aimed to help traders (beginner, intermediate and advanced) increase their knowledge, confidence and trading skills to avoid common mistakes.

What Will Users Learn With Online Trading Courses?

Knowledge topics that users will gain with online trading courses are listed and explained below. 

  • Basic Trading Terms – Course students learn basic trading terms like going long, going short, the meaning of leverage, margin, exposure, and others. These basic trading terms allow them to enter the market confidently.
  • Market Analysis – Course attendees learn market analysis, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and the usage of charting tools. This knowledge impacts traders chances for profits as it helps to read market trends and price movements.
  • Trading Strategies – Online trading courses cover multiple trading strategies, including swing trading, position trading, day trading, and trend following.
  • Risk Management – Trading courses often contain risk management modules that teach students how to manage risks by using stop-loss orders, position sizing, and investment diversification. This knowledge prevents the trader from losing money.
  • Demo Account Usage & Backtesting – Courses from our list explain how to use demo accounts to test new trading strategies and backtest existing ones. This prevents the trader from losing money on untested strategies.
  • Trading Psychology – Online trading courses cover trading psychology elements that help traders deal with emotions. This knowledge helps traders to avoid panicking in moments of uncertainty and minimizes the risk of losing money. 
  • Live Trading Examples – Most courses have access to live trading rooms and provide live trading examples. They are designed to prepare traders how to act in certain market scenarios in the forms of tests or quizzes.
  • Trading Platforms – All courses cover the setup and usage of the most popular trading platforms and third party integrations including MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader.
  • Trading Performance Analysis – Techniques that analyze trading performance like risk-adjusted returns, risk-reward ratios, and drawdown analysis are included in most online trading courses for experienced traders. In some cases, trading performance analysis is part of beginner trader courses as well.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Online Trading Courses?

The pros of online trading courses are listed below.

  • Structured Learning – Trading courses offer students a structured approach to learning how to trade. They cover the basic fundamentals and then slowly move to the more intricate aspects of online trading over time.
  • Expert Guidance – Trading courses come in packages that offer education and support from experts. In other words, experts provide valuable insights and knowledge, based on their own hands-on experience with trading the financial markets and offer support on the first steps.
  • Hands-on Experience – Online trading courses offer students the possibility to gain hands-on experience within simulated trading environments that mirror real market conditions. This helps students to apply the knowledge learned in the online trading course in practice. 
  • Networking Opportunities – Trading courses often provide great networking opportunities for students to engage with other traders. This helps them build confidence, learn from their peers, and gain valuable insights from their experiences.
  • Personalized Feedback – Most trading courses provide their students with personalized feedback, based on trading strategies and overall performance. This can help students identify weak areas in their online trading and improve their overall trading skills.

The cons of using online trading courses are listed below.

  • Costs – Online trading courses can be costly. For this reason, they might not be suitable for everyone, especially those on tighter budgets.
  • Time Commitment – Trading courses often entail hours of educational material. For this reason, the time commitment can be significant and put off aspirant traders that don’t have time for this.
  • Limited Scope – Trading courses often focus on a specific asset class, type of trading, or market. For this reason, an online trading course might not suit a trader’s or investor’s personal trading or investment goals.

Which Online Trading Courses are Available in Arabic Language?

The best online trading courses available in Arabic language are Trading Academy, Udemy, IG Academy, and Skillshare.


The variety of online courses in UAE offering different educational programs and resources make it hard to find the ideal choice for individual needs. Comparing and evaluating the services of different providers requires time and knowledge.

This guide does the hard work by evaluating top courses for different types of traders. The results of our analysis and comparison of the best online trading courses in UAE are wrapped up in the table below.

#1Investors Underground4,9/5OverallOfficial website
#2Warrior Starter by Warrior Trading4,9/5BeginnersOfficial website
#3Skillshare4,8/5AdvancedOfficial website
#4TD Ameritrade4,5/5Stock tradingOfficial website
#5Thomas Kralow4,4/5Day TradingOfficial website


Does online trading courses help you making profit?

Online trading courses help educate traders regarding trading strategies, investment budgets, asset selection, and safety to increase profitability.

Are online trading courses available in Arabic language?

Most of the trading courses from our list are available in English language, but some of them are also available in Arabic.

Which is the best trading course for complete beginners?

The best online trading course for beginners is Warrior Starter by Warrior Trading.

Which is the best trading course for advanced traders?

Based on the findings from our research, Skillshare is the best online trading course for advanced traders.


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