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We founded Business24-7.ae in 2016 with a clear vision: to be the leading source of unbiased reviews and insights for online trading platforms in the UAE. Our objective then was the same as today—to offer honest and comprehensive reviews of brokers and exchanges and to create in-depth guides for the global markets.

In pursuing this mission, we’ve conducted thousands of hours of research, collected many data points, and handwritten hundreds of thousands of words to deliver the most accurate and reliable information. Our commitment to thorough research and unbiased reviews is at the heart of everything we do.


Our research, testing, evaluations, and editorial decisions at Business24-7.ae are entirely independent of marketing and affiliate partnerships.

We never let advertising data or marketing information influence our content or editorial decisions. Our content, research, and data teams do not access marketing information.

At Business24-7.ae, we do not recommend a broker or product because we are paid to do so, nor do we highlight specific features to gain or maintain paid partnerships—ever.

If you’d like to know more, we’re always open to explaining how we make money.


Our editorial team consists of experts with decades of industry experience. This diverse group of writers, researchers, data analysts, content strategists, and editors upholds the highest standards of integrity and strictly follows our editorial principles.

We’ve written thousands of articles about online trading platforms and the industry. All our content is handwritten by humans—check out our generative AI policy to understand why we don’t use AI to create content Business24-7.ae.

Our data analysts have built powerful algorithms and maintain extensive, complex databases that store the data collected by our researchers.

We aim to offer the best coverage of the global markets and are passionate about helping our readers make the best financial decisions. We invite you to learn more about us and what drives our commitment to excellence.


At Business24-7.ae, our reviews of the online trading platform industry and online brokerage services are guided by thorough data collection, meticulous research, and in-depth testing methods.

Our data-driven approach stems from our commitment to delivering the most accurate broker reviews in the UAE.

To maintain this accuracy, we regularly audit our data to keep it current. Our ongoing research adds new data points and testing variables to our extensive databases.

Like our sister site, onlinebroker.fr, our rigorous data validation process achieves a very low error rate.

Interested in our process and testing methods? Find out more about how we test.


Business24-7.ae is owned and operated by business24-7.ae LLC and is entirely independent and free from corporate ownership.

Business24-7.ae has been valued by everyday investors and respected by industry leaders in the UAE since 2016. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of users across our sites since its founding, and we look forward to assisting many more as we continue to grow and expand our coverage.

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