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Best Forex Trading Mentors in UAE 2023 (June UPDATED)

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This guide helps users to find the best forex trading mentors in the UAE. Trading mentors help to educate traders to increase their chances for financial success. With the variety of trading mentors in UAE offering different services, it can be difficult to select the ideal provider for students educational goals and preferences.

By researching and evaluating different services available online, users can avoid choosing a mentor with a high pricing structure, bad reputation, limited materials or wrong format.

This guide assesses 40 forex trading mentors and educators in UAE. To help users find the ideal service for their needs, the best forex trading mentors in UAE are listed, reviewed and compared considering pricing, reputation, educational approach, format, and knowledge level.

Top 5 Forex Trading Mentors in UAE

  1. Chris Lori (Pro Traders Club) – Best Forex Mentor Overall
  2. Andrew Mitchem (Forex Trading Coach) – Best Mentor With Free Course
  3. Vladimir Ribakov (Home Trader Club) – Best Community Mentor
  4. Elite FX Academy Team – Best For Trading Strategy 
  5. Marc Walton (Forex Mentor Pro) – Best For Free Trial

Best Forex Trading Mentors in UAE Reviewed

The best forex trading mentors in UAE are reviewed in more detail below.

1. Chris Lori (Pro Traders Club) – Best Forex Mentor Overall

Pro Traders Club

Chris Lori has been studying the foreign exchange market since 2000. He has been a CTA since 2005, managing funds for private clients. Chris Lori offers forex mentorship through his trading course (Pro Traders Club). The mentorship program is only available with the course. It is based on real time examples and one-on-one coaching following the course progress.  

Pro Traders Club’s monthly subscription costs $99. The education sections included in the course are listed below.

  • 3x Weekly video recordings of market reviews, technical and fundamental teaching sessions, live trading, risk model development, and more.
  • 18 Months of searchable archived teachings. (Subscribers for 6 months and longer will receive access to 7 years of archived teachings).
  • Cryptocurrency analysis.
  • The supplementary training section of base concepts.
  • Indices, oil, gold, inter-market related assets and yield spreads.
  • Access to the Trader Chat Room

Chri’s Lori (Pro Traders Club) Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of Chri’s Lori mentorship are listed in the table below.


  • Personal mentorship is available in all courses
  • Emphasizes the importance of trading psychology
  • Mentorship is based on real-time trading examples
  • The main goal is to develop to the student as a self-directed trader


  • Does not teach a strict trading strategy

Key features

  • Mentorship is only available together with the course subscription
  • Courses with mentorship and subscription-based Trader’s Club access (webinars with the mentor)
  • Basic version of the course is available for free
  • 3 Live webinars and market reviews weekly

2. Andrew Mitchem (Forex Trading Coach) – Best Mentor With Free Course

Forex Trading Coach

Andrew Mitchem has been a forex trading coach for 13 years and has trained over 3,700 people so far. He is the author of Forex Training Masterclass and provides 1-on-1 coaching sessions and online training.

Features offered through Andrew Mitchem’s mentorship are listed below.

  • A 2 hours free forex trading course covering all the basics of forex trading
  • Personal email support
  • Unique custom-built trading software
  • The student-only live trading room with weekly live webinars
  • Access to the forum

Apart from the free Forex Training Masterclass, students get access to a free forex ebook, free forex trading podcasts, and the TFTC Patter Trader cheat sheet.

The price of Andrew Mitchem’s trading course is $2,497.00 (USD).

Andrew Mitchem (Forex Trading Coach) Pros and Cons.

The pros and cons of Andrew Mitchem’s mentorship program are compared in the table below.


  • Lots of useful training materials are offered free of charge
  • Trading strategy can be bought separately
  • Easy-to-follow trading strategy
  • Access to weekly live trading room


  • Compared to other trading courses, this is the most expensive one

Key features

  • Free training materials provided
  • Online course access and one-to-one mentorship from Andrew himself
  • Proprietary trading strategy

3. Vladimir Ribakov (Home Trader Club) – Best Community Mentor

Home Trader Club

Vladimir Ribakov is a 37-year-old professional forex trader with 16 years of trading experience. Vladimir has worked as a dealer in a broker house and as a trading room manager.

His Home Trader Club is a community-driven project that aims to educate home-based forex traders in generating a consistent revenue stream. Vladimir’s mentorship is offered with his course.

Membership costs $37 (monthly payments) or $370(one yearly payment).

Features offered through Vladimir Ribakov’s mentorship program are listed below. 

  • Markets trend snapshot
  • Real-time trading ideas
  • HTC members Telegram group & channels
  • Vladimir’s community trading channel
  • Direct access and communication with Vladimir
  • Comprehensive media zone
  • Educational videos for beginners and advanced traders
  • Full course for beginners
  • Full access to The Trading Journal
  • Live podcasts
  • Weekly educational videos
  • Live webinars
  • VIP price action course
  • Free swing point trading strategy
  • Free tools, indicators and ebooks
  • Interesting work opportunity offers
  • Special discounts for broker and charting software

Vladimir Ribakov (Home Trader Club) Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of Vladimir Ribakov’s mentorship program are compared in the table below.


  • Daily market insights and trade ideas with detailed explanation
  • In-depth educational materials
  • Different approach for beginners and intermediate traders
  • Trading within community and career opportunities


  • Trading record is not verified

Key features

  • Available in both monthly and annual subscription format
  • Course available for beginners and intermediate traders
  • Access to live trading room with a mentor
  • Access to an extensive toolkit of proprietary trading tools

4. Elite FX Academy Team – Best For Trading Strategy


The Elite FX Academy team is a team of forex professionals with over 15 years of experience. The team has guided over 100 traders to become funded by proprietary trading firms. They have a verified track record in place and provide 1-on-1 mentoring, elite training sessions, and live trading examples. 

The Elite FX Academy mentorship program is available with its course. Their Elite Trading Course trains an elite strategy usable on all timeframes and forex, crypto, and stocks. Additionally, students are offered to join the Elite Trading Room, the Elite Indicator, enrol in 1 on 1 mentoring, and prepare for funded account challenges.

The Elite Trading Course costs $2,100 (a one-time payment) and nets students a diploma as soon as they graduate.

Features offered in the Elite Trading Course are listed below.  

  • Elite strategy with 81% accuracy
  • Exact entries, exits, and targets
  • Quiz after every educational section
  • A wide variety of videos and .pdf material
  • Buyers/sellers territories guide
  • In-depth technical analysis studies
  • Forex, crypto, stocks, and gold courses
  • Forex correlation matrix lessons
  • Forex volatility lessons

The Basic & Advanced Course is more suitable for beginner and intermediate traders and contains the following:

  • Tutorials on how to trade Support & Resistance 
  • Tutorials on how to trade trends, ranges, and channels
  • How to set up and navigate MetaTrader 4
  • How leverage trading works
  • How to apply proper risk management
  • Trader assessment to determine what type of trading suits the student best
  • How to set up a solid trading plan
  • How to read charts and understand market flow
  • How to conduct both technical and fundamental analysis

Elite FX Academy Team Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of Elite FX Academy Team mentorship program are compared in the table below.


  • Mentorship is included in the trading course
  • The course is designed for both beginner and advanced traders
  • The course can be used as a preparation for prop firm trading
  • The trading strategy is clearly defined with exact entries, exits, and stops


  • Mentorship is only available in one of the packages

Key features

  • The trading course teaches a specific forex trading strategy that can be applied on all timeframes.
  • The Elite FX Academy Team provides a specific custom indicator for trading.
  • Access to live trading room
  • Preparation for prop firm trading

5. Marc Walton (Forex Mentor Pro) – Best For Free Trial

Forex Mentor Pro

Marc Walton is a retired full-time forex trader. He was a professional forex trader for over 20 years. After giving away trading tips and advice on Twitter, he decided to develop the forex mentor program ( ForexMentorPro). As of now, Marc has trained over 10,000 people with his trading course.

ForexMentorPro has 3 packages: the monthly regular membership, the annual membership, and the Lifetime membership (Best Value package, which includes one-to-one training).

ForexMentorPro costs $69 (per month), $297 (per year), or $497 (one time payment).

Features available through the ForexMentorPro mentorship program are listed below.

  • Full video training courses
  • Beginner to intermediate level educational material
  • 3 powerful trading systems
  • Daily mentor trading plans
  • All software and indicators
  • Access to members-only forum
  • Weekly live training sessions
  • Help & support
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Risk-free trial

Marc Walton’s Forex Mentor Pro Pros and Cons


  • Fully verified track record
  • Available as both subscription-based and one-time purchase
  • Advanced private coaching available
  • Systematic approach to every trader


  • Provides different levels of mentorship for different packages

Key features

  • Mentorship is offered as a monthly, annual, or lifetime package with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Wide range of video trading courses
  • Weekly live trading sessions

How To Select The Ideal Forex Mentor in UAE?

Criteria that need to be considered to select the ideal forex trading mentor in UAE are listed below.

  • Pricing (payment plans, subscriptions, payable addons)
  • Availability of 1:1 coaching
  • Educator reputation (feedback of students)
  • Format of educational materials (videos, books, group calls, live training)
  • Traders knowledge level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

The Top 5 Forex Trading Mentors and Educators Compared

The main features of the top 5 forex trading mentors in UAE are compared in the table below.

MentorChris Lori (Pro Traders Club)Andrew Mitchem (Forex Trading Coach)Vladimir Rybakov (Home Trader Club)Elite FX Academy TeamMarc Walton (Forex Mentor Pro)
Monthly Subscription$99N/A$37N/A$69
Annual Subscription$1,199N/A$370N/A$297
Lifetime PackageN/A$2,497N/A$490$497
Traders Community
Trading StrategyPrice ActionDay TradingProprietaryProprietary Elite Strategy3 Different Strategies
Proprietary Trading Tools

What Are Forex Trading Mentors?

Forex trading mentors are experienced forex traders that help educate students through guidance, advice, and support. Mentorship helps traders to gain valuable insights and expand their trading knowledge to increase chances for profit. 

How Trading Mentorship Increases Chances Of Profitable Forex Trading?

Forex trading mentorship helps traders to improve trading strategies, market movements and emotional burdens while trading. Forex mentors help students to gain confidence and avoid costly mistakes. This increases chances for profitable trading with forex. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using a Forex Trading Mentor?

The advantages of using a forex trading mentor are listed below.

  • Effectiveness – Forex trading mentors help students to gain insights and knowledge at a more rapid pace. They help students to avoid common mistakes which increases their overall profitability.
  • Support – Forex trading mentors provide emotional and practical support in the form of active coaching and trading evaluation. This helps traders to reach their financial goals and increases the chances of profit.
  • Accountability – Forex trading mentors assist students in following their trading plan. This is great for beginner traders who tend to deviate from their trading plan and make impulsive trading decisions. 
  • Experience Knowledge – Forex trading mentors have vast knowledge and experience that was paid with heavy losses. Knowledge and experience by mentors help students to avoid losing money on the same mistakes.


It requires time and effort to compare the wide range of services offered by forex trading mentors in UAE. Essential information need to be researched and analyzed for users to make the optimal decision for their needs.

This guide does the hassle for you by reviewing and comparing 40 forex trading mentors considering different goals and preferences. The result of our analysis of the best forex trading mentors in UAE are listed in the table below.

#1Chris Lori (Pro Traders Club)4,9/5Overall
#2Andrew Mitchem (Forex Trading Coach)4,1/5Free Course
#3Vladimir Ribakov (Home Trader Club) 4,5/5Community Mentoring
#4Elite FX Academy Team4,1/5Trading Strategy 
#5Marc Walton (Forex Mentor Pro)4,2/5Free Trial


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