How We Make Money

At, our company mission is to provide in-depth, unbiased reviews of international online trading platforms and exchanges and create world-class content about the global trading industry.

We make editorial decisions independently and impartially, basing our broker evaluations on a data-driven and objective approach.

We never accept payment to improve a broker’s ratings or rankings. Our assessments are derived from thousands of hours of thorough research, careful data collection, and detailed analysis.

We update our content to ensure we provide the most accurate information to our readers, basing changes on our research and testing methodologies. Learn more about our testing process here.

Our opinions can not be purchased. So how do we monetize the website?

We earn revenue through two sources: clearly labeled advertising on some of our pages, and affiliate relationships with financial service providers.

Our partners may compensate us for referrals via affiliate links, but they can’t pay us to change a review, modify an opinion, or boost a score.

Our editorial team functions independently from our advertising teams and does not have access to marketing materials that could sway editorial decisions.

Our Editorial Principles

We believe in being straightforward and honest. If we love a service or company, we’ll tell you. If we think a company or service has room for improvement—or should be avoided entirely—we’ll let you know. If using a broker or service provider poses a risk to your money, we’ll say so.

Here are things we will never do to make money:

  • Never change our opinion of a product or service or alter our evaluation process to secure or maintain an affiliate partnership.
  • Never highlight or conceal a specific product or service to gain or keep an affiliate relationship.
  • Never adjust our data-driven algorithms (like Trust Score) to favor an affiliate partner.
  • Never share marketing or advertising information with our researchers or editorial team.

Your trust in us and the industry’s trust in our objectivity is crucial to our mission. As a transparent business, we’re committed to all stakeholders, including our readers, employees, and the community, upholding high standards of social and environmental responsibility and public transparency.

To maintain this commitment, we want to be transparent about our partners. Here’s a list of our current partners.

Advertiser Disclosure

Disclosure: supports investors worldwide by dedicating over 1,000 hours annually to testing and researching online brokers. Our revenue comes from paid advertising by our partners. While partners may pay to have their offers featured, like exclusive deals, they can’t pay to change our recommendations, advice, ratings, or other site content. Additionally, our content and research teams do not participate in advertising planning and are not allowed access to advertising campaign data.

Our Partners

At, we partner with various financial service providers to offer our in-depth research, data, and content to everyone without paywalls.

As a transparency-first organization, we believe you should know about these partners. Our company is built on a commitment to 100% unbiased reviews and ratings. You can learn more about our journey and our testing process.

Transparency with our readers is crucial to our mission and overall success. We encourage you to learn more about our team of writers, researchers, content strategists, data analysts, and editors.

Below, you’ll find a list of our current partners. We may receive compensation if you use our affiliate links to open an account with one of these financial service providers or visit their website.

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