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What Is Business24-7?

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Business24-7 is website reviewing, comparing and evaluating online brokers, exchanges and trading platforms available in the United Arab Emirates. Business24-7 was founded to help traders and investors finding the ideal platform for their needs by providing independent reviews, comparisons, recommended lists, tips and articles.

What Is The Purpose of Business24-7?

Purpose of Business 24-7 emerged after experiencing struggles to find and compare the growing number of brokers and exchanges in the UAE, as well as noticing nontransparent and scam offers.

Business24-7 was founded to guide users safely through the process of choosing the most suitable trading and investing service in UAE for their financial goals. By personally testing, comparing and evaluating online brokers and exchanges in the UAE based on fundamental criteria, Business24-7 shares important information that potential traders should know about and be aware of when choosing a platform. Following tips, articles and recommended choices, Business24-7 supports users to avoiding selecting scam offers, feeling safe in the process, and  increasing chances for financial success.

How to Use Business24-7?

To support users finding an online broker and crypto exchange in UAE with the optimal trading platform to save, trade or invest, Business24-7 offers a range of tools including a comparison tool, selectors tool, in-depth reviews, educational articles and list of recommended choices. Users are encouraged to make informed financial decisions and feel safe in the platforms selection process by getting access to comparisons, evaluated lists of top choices, educational articles, tips and in-depth reviews.

Are The Data Provided By Business24-7 Accurate?

Business24-7 collects and re-evaluates all relevant broker and exchange data on the first day of every month. This means that all of the information and evaluations are up to date.  All of the data are sources from brokers official websites.

What Is The Methodology Used by Business24-7?


Business24-7 assess all online brokers, exchanges and trading platforms available in the UAE and weights their overall performance across criteria that potential investors should consider to select the optimal option. The criteria are explained in detail in the review methodology and include fees, platforms & tools, assets, deposits & withdrawals, regulation, research & education, customer support and islamic account availability.

Trading platform/ Trading experience


Deposits and withdrawals

Safety and security

Product range

Research & Education

Customer service

Shariah-compliant trading

What Kind Of Services Does Business24-7 Provides to Its Users?

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Services provided by Business24-7 to help potential investors make the best choice are listed below.

  • Unbiased reviews of online brokers and crypto exchanges available in the UAE
  • Recommended lists of trading platforms in UAE based on various criteria such as: knowledge level, asset class, trading strategy, language, nationality, religion, type of broker, regulation and activity
  • Recommended lists of online brokers in the UAE based on various criteria such as: knowledge level, type of broker, trading strategy, trading style, nationality, religion, activity, regulation
  • Recommended lists of crypto exchanges in the UAE based on various criteria such as: fees, liquidity, regulation, safety, proof of reserves, trading platforms & tools, availability of coins, availability of crypto 2.0 products (NTFs, staking, margin trading), deposits & withdrawals and customer support.
  • A selector tool (broker selector and exchange selector) that helps users choosing the right platforms for their personal needs based on selected criteria.
  • A comparison tool that allows users to compare brokers, exchanges and platforms side by side to make the best decision.
  • An investment guide for the UAE covering all investment options for UAE national, expatriates and international investors.
  • Education section for beginners and advanced to help users make the right financial decisions.

Broker Reviews

Detailed reviews of 177 online brokers and platforms available in the UAE

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Exchange Reviews

Detailed reviews of 102 crypto exchanges and platforms available in the UAE

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Selector Tool

Helps users choosing the right platforms for their needs based on selected criteria

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Comparison Tool

Helps users to compare and choose online brokers and exchanges with the optimal platforms for their needs.

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Comprehensive List of Best Choices

Selection of best online brokers, exchanges and trading platforms in UAE for different types of assets, trading goals trader personalities and more

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Education Section

Helps in user education to make more informed financial decisions


Investment Guide

Helps investors to choose the ideal investment type and platform in UAE

How Does Business24-7 Makes Money?

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Integrity is central to our mission, which is why Business24-7 is completely transparent on how they make money. Business24-7 is free for everyone and was founded with the idea to help traders and investors increase chances for financial success. As the business model requires to suggest and redirect users to investment companies, Business24-7 may get compensated by companies mentioned on their website for advertising their services.

What Are The Ethics Followed by Business24-7 

Business24-7 is independent. Analysis, reviews and recommendations published by Business24-7 are completely unbiased and impartial. Aside from the obvious ethical considerations, Business24-7 refuse to let their impartiality be compromised by any brokers trying to have an impact on our rating. Although the business model requires users to be redirected to their partners, Business24-7 increased their independency by diversifying income to other sources.

Did Business24-7 Received Any Awards?

In 2020 Business24-7 was nominated as the best broker review website in the UAE by the Global Brands Magazine Awards.

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When Was Business24-7 Founded?

Founding Information of

Business24-7 was founded in 2007 by Arab Media Group. In 2010 Business24-7  became an online publication focusing on reviews, comparisons and evaluations of online brokers, crypto exchanges and trading platforms available in the United Arab Emirates.

Who is the CEO of Business24-7?

The CEO of Business24-7 is Giles Thomas.

Who are the Team Members of Business24-7 ?

Business24-7 consists of 6 people working in the financial research, analysis and content writing departments.

Where Can You Find Us?

Dubai Office

Jumeriah Lake Towers
Al Thanyah 5, Dubai 48800
United Arab Emirates



Slovenian Office

Kamniska ulica 41,
1000 Ljubljana



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