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Business24-7 is striving to provide comprehensive, unbiased ratings, and reviews of online brokers.

Here at Business24-7, our team of reviewers provide investing and finance education in the UAE, along with reviews, ratings, and comparisons of various financial products such as brokerage accounts and crypto exchanges.

We are fortunate to have decades of experience in fund management and investments at our disposal – and we want to pass on this wisdom and expertise to you. Bitter experience has taught us that it is often impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff in our industry. We have also been fooled in the past by not comparing fee schedules properly or getting a proper understanding of T&Cs. That is why we are so determined to ensure that visitors to Business24-7 are saved from this fate.



Our mission is to provide comprehensive, unbiased ratings, and reviews of online brokers, crypto exchanges and trading platforms. User experience, the mobile experience, customer service, costs and fees, security, the quality of trade executions, and the products available on their platforms all form part of our six-month evaluation of a broker’s platform. As you can see, our testing process is meticulous and extensive. This means opening live accounts with each broker, and then trading and investing anonymously. Regular updates are carried out too, which ensures that our ratings are as accurate as possible.

Brokerages are also required to fill out a multi-point survey regarding every aspect of their platform. In-person demonstrations and evaluations are provided by the majority of the online brokers we review. Beside the extensive testing we also determine a trust score for each broker based on the elements of tryst they provide.


Integrity is central to our mission, which is why we are completely open about how we make money we need to continue serving our readers. Every time one of our readers opens a broker account through us, we receive a finder’s fee from the broker. Aside from the obvious ethical considerations, we refuse to let our impartiality be compromised by any brokers trying to buy referrals from us because that would eventually discredit us in the long run.

Therefore, we would ask you to ensure that if you do find the right broker for you, that you sign up to them through Business24-7. That way we can receive the funding required for us to continue helping traders make the right decision about where to invest.


Meet Our Team

Management Team

Meet the founder and management leader of the business24-7 investment and trading news website.

Stefan Grasic


Stefan Grasic (Dipl.-Jur) is the Global Director of Research for Buisness24-7 and has considerable experience in the financial and investment niche, but also enjoys writing articles for the general readership. Stefan is an active stocks, CFD, crypto, and general investment researcher, advising blockchain companies at the start up level. Stefan is an adrenaline junkie and keeps fit by doing sports such as mountain biking, surfing, and skiing to name but a few.

Writer Team

All Business24-7 articles are based on well researched and proven data and written by financial experts. Our writers strive to write the content as objective as possible to make you – the reader decide which side of the argument fits you the best.


Maks Levstek

Financial analytic

Maks Levstek is a law and business school graduate, freelance writer, and investment, blockchain and forex trading enthusiast. He currently works for the Slovenian Ministry of Finance and writes about general investment and business-related topics



Braden Chase

Writer and Journalist

Braden is an experienced investor who helps aspiring investors develop the confidence and habits they need to make a reliable income. A business strategist at heart, he methodically guides new investors toward sustainable wealth, reduced financial stress, and improved quality of life


Oliver Muldoon

Senior researcher

With a background in law, finance, and communications, Oliver has been a digital asset evangelist since 2016. He currently writes reports and articles for high-net-worth individuals, specializing in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, forex, IoT, and other 4IR topics.

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