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Best Stock Brokers in UAE | Award Winners of 2021

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The best stock brokers in the UAE are eToro, IQ Option, Saxo Bank, XM, Pepperstone, and AVATrade. Each of these brokers offers excellent research tools and a wide range of products. eToro is a good choice because of its well-rounded offering. Some UAE traders prefer the simplicity of the Pepperstone platform. Experienced traders will choose the premium trading experience at Saxo Bank. 

This article discusses the best stock market brokers in the UAE. 

Top 6 Stock Brokers For Citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) 

This review uses a Trust Score Ranking system. The brokers mentioned below are the leading stock broker UAE: 

  • eToro – is the leading social trading broker.
  • IQ Option – has a sophisticated platform perfect for beginner traders.
  • Saxo Bank – best for Advanced Traders
  • XM – has the best trading platform with Arabic support and low spreads for UAE citizens.
  • Pepperstone – is the leading stockbroker with professional technical tools.
  • AVAtrade – has the best web trading platform with low spreads.

TOP 6 Stock Broker in Overview: 

01. eToro: The Top Social Trading Broker


eToro is a safe online broker regulated by top-tier financial regulators. It is known for its multi-asset, features-rich trading platform, and advanced social copy trading features. This lets users copy trades and portfolios from other traders. Built in a forum-like way, it allows engagement between peers through a comment section.

eToro offers a range of different tradable assets including stocks, currencies, indices, and commodities, but most are only available as CFDs. Trading spreads are wide; deposits are free. There are conversion and inactivity fees. eToro provides a comprehensive list of technical tools, charts, and newsfeeds. Their customer support is available through email and live chat.

68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

02. IQ Option: Best Stock broker UAE


IQ Option is the best online broker for options trading, known for low spreads, a sophisticated trading platform, free demo account options, and responsive customer support. It is a great platform for traders looking to invest in options on a feature-rich and easy-to-use platform.

The trading experience on their proprietary web, desktop, and mobile platforms is smooth. It is an easy-to-learn-and-navigate platform suitable for professional and beginning traders. Their platform offers a great variety of charting tools that help traders predict future market movements.

 IQ Option is a trustworthy online broker subject to the highest standards of regulation and safety in the industry. It is a CySEC authorized company with a 100% clean history.

03. Saxo Bank: Best For Premium Traders


Founded in 1992, Saxo Bank is a low risk online broker, well-regulated bank by the FCA (UK), FINMA (Switzerland), ASIC, FSC (Australia), and JFSA (Japan). Saxo Bank is the best trading platform for forex and CFD broker known for their intuitive SaxoTraderGO platform, competitive margin rates, and more than 40,000 trading instruments. The overall user experience is great. The opening deposit is USD 10,000 ( GBP 500 for the UK, SGD 500 for Singapore). 

Saxo Bank provides a unique platform and competitive pricing. They combine high-quality in-house research with top-tier third-party providers to offer an outstanding research experience. Their customer service is outstanding. UAE citizens are offered the ability to trade in compliance with Sharia law using an Islamic account. Support is available in the Arabic language by email or directly in the local offices.

04. XM: The Best Trading Platform With Arabic Support


XM.com is the best broker for forex and CFD trading. They offer the best Social Copy Trading opportunities through their full suite of MT4 and MT5 web, desktop, and mobile platforms. XM Forex tools and accounts are suitable for both beginning and experienced traders. They have more than 1.5 million clients in 196 countries.

Their minimum opening fees range from $5 to $100 based on account type. XM Forex supports clients wanting to sample their platform with a Demo account. They provide auto-trading, fast order executions, multiple order types, and no hidden commissions. Their research group Tradepedia offers courses aimed at all levels. XM Forex customer service group is highly rated with e-mail, phone, and live chat 24/5. XM Forex Global Web-trade is regulated by CySEC, ASIC, IFSC and is considered a safe broker for trading forex and CFDs.

05. Pepperstone: Best Technical Tools


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Pepperstone is a reliable Forex and CFD broker, known for its diversity of trading platforms, industry-leading pricing, fast account opening, and great support. Pepperstone users can trade many assets including forex, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, indexes, shares, and commodities. This broker is excellent for traders at all levels, from beginners to advanced. 

Pepperstone offers MetaTrader and cTrader with multiple self-developed add-ons. They do not have a proprietary mobile platform, instead use MT4 and cTrader mobile apps. It has a low minimum deposit, great customer support, an above-average research section, and an award-winning set of educational tools.

06. AVATrade: The Best Web Trading Platform With Low Spreads 


Founded in Dublin in 2006, AvaTrade offers average-to-competitive fee spreads and several tradable currency pairs and CFD’s over stocks. They provide several platforms, each aimed towards traders with different experience and skill levels.

Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge. The minimum deposit is $100. There are fees for inactivity and overnight financing. A dedicated educational and research site offers several free courses, videos, and market analysis.

Customer support is responsive and available through phone, email, and live chat. AvaTrade is regulated in six jurisdictions and available since 2021 in the UAE. They are regarded as a trusted broker with a long operational history.

Frequently Asked Questions  

We review all stock brokers using real accounts and real money. Our analysis uses 105 data points across several categories, including safety, customer service, and research tools. Read about our reviewing techniques in our Methodology section. 

How We Identify A Reliable Stock Broker?  

Account safety and security are essential to any form of trading and a key aspect of our research. All six of the brokers listed in this article have licenses from top-tier authorities. Security, platform reliability, fee transparency, and asset variety are critical points for evaluating broker reliability. 

Safety Risks For UAE Citizens

Trading stocks in the UAE is legal and experienced traders select an online broker licensed by a foreign authority. The ASIC, FCA, and CySEC are the most popular forex trading regulators for UAE citizens. The brokers listed above have top-tier licenses. 

What Is The Financial Regulatory Authority In The UAE?  

Financial regulatory bodies in the UAE are the Dubai Financial Market and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. Both operate under the Securities and Commodities Authority regulations.  

The SCA focuses on investment awareness and transparency. It collaborates with the Dubai Financial Services Authority, which oversees financial activity in the UAE. 

How We Chose The Top International Forex Brokers For UAE Residents?   

We identified the leading stock brokers in the UAE after in-depth research. Our reviews use 105 unique data points including: 

Costs:  The best stock brokers for UAE residents have a transparent fee structure. Some brokers have higher fees than others. Read our in-depth reviews to learn about trading costs. 

Account:  Account types differ from one stock broker to another. UAE brokers have a single account type. Others have several account tiers. Check what type of account you need at your broker by reading our in-depth reviews. 

Withdrawal and deposit:  Traders like withdrawing to be fast and simple. Brokers request a minimum deposit fee. Others won’t require an initial deposit for creating an account. Verify which stock market brokers have the best withdrawing and depositing process for your trading needs in our in-depth reviews. 

Market and products:  Market and product availability vary from one stock broker to another. Read our in-depth reviews to learn about stock market brokers in UAE.

Trading platforms:  Traders like user-friendly platforms. Select a stock broker with a straightforward platform. The brokers included in this review have powerful platforms which are challenging to use for beginner traders. Read our reviews to identify which platform suits your trading needs. 

How to select a stock broker?

Selecting a stock broker is straightforward if you use specific criteria. Our in-depth reviews provide insights into the best stock brokers in the UAE.


Each stock broker follows a specific fee structure. Some online brokers have expensive fees, while others don’t charge much on trades. Inactivity fees should be considered. Most brokerage firms charge a high commission for inactive accounts. Read our in-depth reviews to learn more about online brokers and fees.


A secure stock broker contributes to a premium online trading experience. Top-tier licenses ensure a broker follows the best safety measures. Check our in-depth reviews to read more about brokerage firms and top-tier licenses.

Customer Service

Customer support is important in online trading. Rapid and knowledgeable customer service is more than necessary. Before selecting a stock broker, you should check its customer support channels.


Funding a brokerage account must be simple and transparent. Each stock broker has its own deposit and withdrawal methods. Read our in-depth reviews to learn more about online brokers and funding methods.

How to trade stocks?

Investing in stocks is a popular choice among traders. Investors choose from three major asset categories: stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. These are created to diversify an investor’s trading portfolio. UAE residents should check the asset portfolio available with a broker before starting trading. Our in-depth reviews discuss UAE stock brokers and their offerings.

Which is the stock trading regulation in UAE?

Regulation of securities and financial markets in the UAE might seem confusing. Overall, there are two primary regulatory schemes: the UAE federal law and the scheme issued by the DIFC. The DIFC and the ADGM manage the capital markets for all transactions involving the Central Bank.

The Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority is the primary regulator of the capital markets in the UAE. The SCA regulates a trustworthy stock broker in the UAE.


Which is the best stock broker for beginners?

Our top choice for new investors is Power E*Trade. It is the top choice for beginners, as it offers a user-friendly browser and mobile app platform. It provides access to many learning tools, including paper trading and automated technical analysis.

Which stocks should a beginner buy?

New investors might benefit from investing in blue-chip stocks. These represent shares in well-established companies like Amazon and Apple.

Which is the simplest way to purchase stocks?

To buy stocks, a trader needs to open a brokerage account and fund it. You’ll have to choose a trustworthy stock broker and submit personal information. After your account is approved, you are allowed to start trading.

Do online brokers also provide banking services?

No, online brokers only facilitate the buying and selling process. They do not offer additional financial planning or banking services.

Are online stock brokers safe?

If you opt for a highly regulated stock broker, online trading is safe. Remember that online trading comes with some risks depending on your skills and experience. Read our in-depth review to learn more about choosing a trustworthy stock broker.

Final Verdict  

eToro, IQ Option, Saxo Bank, XM, Pepperstone, and AVATrade are the best stock brokers. Each broker listed above offers professional trading tools and research options. eToro is our top choice because of its well-rounded offering. IQ Option is a close second because of its excellent safety rating. eToro is the best option for social trading. Traders looking for advanced trading tools will prefer AVATrade. Read about their services in our in-depth reviews. 

Our Methodology

We took the time to analyze and compare the top 30 international trading platforms. So, each firm received its review based on 105 distinct variables and more than 50,000 words of research.

Keep in mind that broker involvement was optional. Each broker had the option to provide a detailed profile and offer adequate time for a yearly update meeting. This opportunity came with two possibilities: giving information over the web or live in person.

We checked all the information provided by brokers with a lot of attention to detail. Our purpose was to offer you access to reliable, accurate, and well-researched data. Our validation process comes with less than a 1% error rate per year, as all the reviews we share come with a focus on quality and not quantity.


All trading involves risk. More than 80% of investors lose in spread bet and CFD trading. As these complex instruments allow for the use of leverage, there is a high risk of losing more money than you have deposited. Before attempting to participate in spread bets and CFDs, consider how well you understand them and if you can afford to lose your money.

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