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This guide helps you find the best forex trading course in the UAE. It lists the top 5 courses considering pricing, mentors, strategies, educational material formats, and knowledge level.

This guide assesses 35 online forex trading courses available to UAE users. To help users make an informed decision, we have ranked them based on: overall, best subscription-based, best trading tools, and best free trading course. 

Top 5 Forex Trading Courses in UAE

  1. OneonOne Forex Training – Best Forex Trading Course Overall
  2. Pro Traders Club – Best Subscription-based Forex Trading Course
  3. 2nd Skies Forex – Best For Proprietary Trading Tools
  4. Elite FX Academy – Best For Proprietary Indicators
  5. FX Academy – Best Free Forex Trading Course

Best Forex Trading Courses for UAE Users Reviewed

This section breaks down the top 5 forex trading courses for UAE users, including their pros, cons, and key features.

1. OneonOne Forex Training: Best Forex Trading Course Overall

OneonOne Forex Training

OneOnOne Forex Training is a forex trading course founded by Hettie Nel ( a Forex Peace Army-vetted professional forex trader). She provides personal one on one online training, especially aimed at forex beginners.

OneOnOne Forex Training has 3 courses: the Platinum Package, the FX Mastery Package, and the Living in the Fast Lane Package. The prices range from $880 to $2200. 

The courses contain 6 to 14 hours of training (depending on the chosen package). They also include hands-on training sessions. Additionally, Hettie provides three months of free one on one support.

OneOnOne Forex Training does not require prior experience or trading knowledge. It teaches attendants how to scalp and how to apply various day trading, swing trading, and long-term forex strategies.

OneonOne Forex Training Key Facts:

  • Multiple Packages Available – UAE users can choose from the Platinum FX Mastery and Living in the Fast Lane packages.
  • Easy to Learn Trading Strategies – The courses contain scalping, day trading, swing trading, and long-term strategies.
  • Free (Limited Period) Support – All students receive up to 3 months of free one on one support.

2. Pro Traders Club: Best Subscription-based Forex Trading Course


Pro Traders Club is a subscription-based forex trading course founded by Chris Lori. It teaches the importance of trading psychology.

The Pro Traders Club course offers access to video recordings on market reviews, technical and fundamental teaching sessions, live trades and risk model development.

The Pro Traders Club users get access to 18 months of searchable archived teachings, cryptocurrency analysis, a supplementary training session, and a community chat room. Members can interact with the mentor with real-time examples. 

The goal of the course is to help clients to develop into full-fledged traders.

Pro Traders Club Key Facts: 

  • Subscription-based Pricing Model – the course is entirely subscription-based
  • Free Access Available – Users can create an account and have access to free video tutorials.
  • Live Webinars and Market Reviews – Paid members have access to live webinars and market reviews three times a week. 

3. 2nd Skies Forex: Best Proprietary Trading Tools


2nd Skies is a forex education company founded by Chris Capre. He has worked at FXCM, Wall Street, and JNF Fund till 2004. 

2nd Skies provides investing courses and ongoing mentorship for stock trading, options trading, and forex trading. The courses covers a variety of strategies including day trading, swing trading and advanced trading tools (risk of ruin and position size calculators, custom Ichimoku indicators, and economic calendars) 

2nd Skies has two courses: The regular course and the Advanced Traders Mindset course.

The regular course is aimed for beginners and average traders.

The advanced course focuses on advanced techniques including: how to build a mindset to take on any obstacle, how to develop real confidence while trading, and how to cultivate success in their trading lives. 

2nd Skies Forex Key Facts: 

  • Complete Hands-on Forex Trading Course – forex trading from A to Z with 30+ video lessons, day and swing trading strategies, and Chris Capre’s own trade recommendations. 
  • Advanced Traders Mindset and Ichimoku Courses – for advanced traders
  • Comprehensive Trading Strategies – day trading and swing trading strategies in the 2nd Skies Forex Trader Masterclass course.

4. Elite FX Academy: Best  For Proprietary Indicators


Elite FX Academy is a forex trading course founded by Luka Lah, Martin Mohar & Andrijano Vujasin. The course  mentors have over 26 years of experience in forex trading. They have helped over 100 traders to pass funding account challenges by proprietary trading firms. The course aims at beginner traders who want to pass prop firm trading challenges to get a funded account. 

The Elite FX Academy course works based on one on one mentoring. Users learn to use  trading strategies with exact entries, exits, and stops. 

Apart from access to the trading course, buyers receive 4 in 1 custom indicators, access to the live trading room, and a live trading account with $550,000 in virtual money.

The Elite FX Academy course requires users to resolve a quizz after each lesson. This is great for those new to forex and trading in general. 

Elite FX Academy Key Facts: 

  • Elite Trading Strategy – The trading course teaches a specific trading strategy that can be applied to all timeframes.
  • Specific Custom Indicator – Students receive access to an elite 4 in 1 custom indicator.
  • Trading Room Access – Elite Trading Room, where Martin Mohar, Luka Lah, and Andrijano Vujasin share forex setups with high-profit potential. 
  • 1 on 1 Mentoring – All students have access to 1 on 1 mentoring by one of Elite FX Academy’s trading mentors.

5. FX Academy: Best Free Forex Trading Course


FX Academy is a trading education system, founded by Huzefa Hamid. It teaches users to trade forex in an interactive environment at their own pace. 

FX Academy shares knowledge through videos, questionnaires, quizzes and strategy simulation (how professional forex traders open, close, and manage trades).

FX Academy Key Facts:

  • Interactive Learning Environment access to an interactive learning environment where they can watch videos, take quizzes, and fill in questionnaires. 
  • No Costs at All – The course is free of charge.
  • Scalping and Long-Term Trading Strategies – Access to short-term scalping and long-term trading strategies.
  • Strategy Simulation – Strategy simulation of how to open, close, and manage trades in an environment that mirrors real market conditions.

How to Choose The Right Forex Trading Course for UAE Users?

To help you find the best forex trading courses in UAE, we have analysed and compared 10 online trading courses in 4 different categories. 

Categories used to analyze and compare forex trading courses in UAE are listed below.

  • Extensive coverage of forex trading, forex trading strategies and tools for forex trading.
  • Decent amount of positive reviews and ratings from the community
  • Availability of educational materials in different formats
  • Availability to UAE residents

What Is a Forex Trading Course?

A forex trading course is an educational program that teaches people how to trade the foreign exchange market. Forex trading courses are aimed  to enhance the knowledge, skills, and strategies of students to help them successfully trade forex. 

What Will You Learn In Forex Trading Courses?

The most common things users learn from forex trading courses are listed below.

  • Forex Trading Basics – These include a brief introduction to forex, a forex market overview, and different available forex trading techniques. 
  • Fundamental Analysis – Analysing economic and political events that can affect currency prices and their relationships with other currencies.
  • Technical Analysis – Reading charts and using technical indicators, patterns, and drawing tools to identify profitable trading opportunities.
  • Trading Psychology – Covers topics like risk management, emotional control, and trading discipline. 
  • Trading Platforms – How to use different trading platforms like MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader – from placing trades to specific platform features. 

Pros and Cons Of Forex Trading Courses

The pros and cons of forex trading courses are listed below.


  • Knowledge – courses provide students with the knowledge and skills required to become successful forex traders.
  • Structure – courses provide a structured approach to understanding forex trading, including clear objectives and curriculum plans. 
  • Hands-on Experience – courses provide students with practical experience regarding trading software and strategies. 
  • Mentorship – courses are taught by experienced traders and mentors that provide their students with valuable knowledge and insights.
  • Support – courses often offer support from mentors or even other students in the form of community forums, Discord servers, and group seminars.


  • Cost – Some courses can cost a lot of money and may not justify their price.
  • Quality – Not all forex trading courses are of high quality. 
  • Overwhelming – Several trading courses can be overwhelming. In some cases, difficult-to-understand technical jargon is used. 
  • Time-consuming – Some courses take a lot of time to complete. 
  • No Guarantees – Forex trading courses don’t guarantee forex trading success or profitability. 

Are Forex Courses Effective?

Forex trading courses can provide new traders with the knowledge and skills required to become successful forex trader. The effectiveness of these courses depends on factors like the quality of the course, the expertise of the mentor(s), the learning methods used, and the student’s dedication to learning the inner workings of the forex markets.

What Are The Best Forex Trading Courses in Arabic Language?

The best forex trading courses in the Arabic language are Trading Academy, Udemy, IG Academy, and Forex Academy.


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