Best CFD Trading Platform UAE 2022

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Our list of the best CFD trading platforms UAE 2022 uses data from over 100 online brokers and compares them in 8 different categories to find the best brokers. The review methodology includes fees, tradable assets, trading platforms, regulations, customer support, research tools, and Islamic account availability. 

We use 100 variables and compare 3500 data points to bring you the best CFD trading platforms UAE 2022: 

5 Best CFD Trading Platforms in UAE 2022

#1AVAtradeFast trade execution4.8 / 5Best for CFDs overallOfficial website
#2Interactive BrokersCompetitive trading fees4.9 / 5Best For Day TradersOfficial website
#3eToroSocial/copy trading options for CFDs4.9 / 5Best for BeginnersOfficial website
#4Capital.comExcellent Research and Educational4.7 / 5Best for Mobile TradingOfficial website
#5Saxo BankOver 19k different CFDs available4.9 / 5Best For professional TradersOfficial website

TOP CFD Platforms in Overview:

01. Ava Trade – Best for CFDs overall


AVAtrade is a well trusted global online broker for forex and CFD trading. Their multi-asset trading platform and mobile trading app enable traders to access 1365+ tradable symbols overall, including 1200+ CFD’s, major currency pairs with low forex spreads and premium options.

Beside their proprietary platform AVAtradeGo and MetaTrader, AVAtrade has great selection of copy trading solutions including ZuluTrade, DupliTrade and AVAsocial.

Account opening is fast, deposits and withdrawals are free of charge. The minimum deposit is $100. 

Choose AVAtrade if you are a beginner or semi advanced forex trader, looking to trade major forex currency pairs, options or CFDs as stocks, cryptos, indices or commodities with premium services.


  • MT4 and MT5 platform available for CFD trading
  • Copy trading options for CFD trading
  • Competitive trading Fees on CFDs
  • Fast trade execution


  • Less CFDs trading instruments available than other brokers (less than 200

Key features:

  • Access to 1250 CFDs and 44 forex options
  • Excellent copy trading features
  • Advanced mobile trading app (AvaOptions)
  • Industry average pricing
  • Perfect for casual and advanced traders
  • Access to the full meta trader suite

02. Interactive Brokers – Best For Day Traders


Interactive Brokers is a highly trusted global broker with a well-rounded offer of tradable markets, great educational content and sophisticated order type configuration. It is a high trusted and well capitalize company with an industry leading trading platform, a competitive fee structure and great global market access. Their low entry level and the Global Trader platform, which is intuitive and easy to use trading station, make this broker s great choice for beginners and advanced forex traders.

Professional and seasoned traders will appreciate the great selection of advanced trading tools and order type configurations available on their proprietary Trader Workstation desktop platform (TWS).


  • Competitive trading fees and great trading conditions on CFD trading instruments
  • Good choice of different CFDs (8k)
  • Industry-leading trade execution 
  • Professional trading platform with useful features for CFD trading


  • MT4 not available

Key features:

  • Margin loan rates on stocks of 1.3%
  • Access to 135+ global markets
  • Advanced order types, tools and features
  • Access to frictional shares
  • Lowest commissions in the industry

03. eToro – Best for Beginners


eToro is a reputable global brand and industry leading broker for copy trading. Their robust and cutting edge copy trading platform and social trading features allow users to copy trades and portfolios from professional traders and investors.

As a CFD multi asset broker, eToro allows users to trade on over 3075 different symbols including stocks, forex, cryptos, indices and commodities. Trading spreads are wide, deposits are free and account minimum is low. There are conversion and inactivity fees. eToro provides a comprehensive list of technical tools, charts, and newsfeeds. Their customer support is available through email and live chat in Arabic and English.

eToro is a well established market maker broker with a clean history record, regulated by top tier regulators.

78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


  • Social/copy trading options for CFDs
  • Low CFD trading fees
  • Easy to use trading platform for CFD trading


  • Trading platform for CFDs lacks advanced features

Key features:

  • Sophisticated social-copy trading features
  • Multiple different payment options
  • Crypto exchange and brokerage services on the same dashboard
  • Super fast registration and KYC on-boarding process
  • Zero commission stock trading
  • Great ease of use level

04. – Best for Mobile Trading

capital-com-rating is a top choice for traders looking for a discount broker with great educational content and resources, advanced research tools and a premium trading interface. They offer a wide range of tradable assets including CFDs on cryptos, stocks, indices, commodities and forex pairs.

Founded in 2016, is an international fintech company which has group of entities authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (“ASIC”), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“CySEC”), and the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles (“FSA”). It does not operate a bank and is not publicly traded.

Choose if you are looking for a great mobile trading experience, professional web trading interface, day trading features. Beginner traders will like the low minimum deposit ($20), industry leading commission structure, and award winning education section.


  • MT4 and TradingView trading platforms are available
  • Excellent Research and Educational tools for CFD trading
  • Wide choice of CFD trading instruments (around 4k)


  • Index CFD fees higher than other brokers

Key features:

  • Access to 6.000 tradable symbols and 477 cryptocurrency CFDs
  • High quality research and educational content
  • Patented AI trade bias system
  • $20 minimum deposit
  • No inactivity fees

05. Saxo Bank – Best For professional Traders


Saxo Bank is a reputable global brand known for its complete overall offer and exclusive conditions for high volume traders and investors. Users can enjoy cutting edge trading technology paired with a premium interface and great trade execution on mobile and desktop. The Saxo Bank trading platform offers a feature rich trading experience, easy to use interface, competitive margin rates, and trading on over 40,000 financial instruments. This makes them an industry leader in trading assets coverage as an ECN broker.

If you can afford the minimum deposit of $10.000, this is the go to broker for traders and investors at all levels. They combine high-quality in-house research with top-tier third-party providers and a diverse portfolio of investment options.

Investors who are looking to trade in accordance with Sharia Law can open an islamic account. Saxo Bank also offers high quality customer service in Arabic and English language via phone, email or in person at their local office with guaranteed satisfying answers.


  • Over 19k different CFDs available
  • Professional trading platforms (including TradingView) with additional tools for CFDs
  • Competitive trading fees for CFDs


  • High minimum deposit ($2k)

Key features:

  • 40.000 tradable symbols available (crypto derivatives, forex options, and futures)
  • Advanced account protection and order types
  • Fast execution of trades
  • $2.000 minimum deposit
  • “Best in class” educational resources
  • Great ease of use level combined with advanced features

How Do We Find Best CFD Trading Platform in UAE?

We find the best CFD trading platforms UAE 2022 by comparing 100 brokers across 8 different categories including fees, available assets, trading platforms, customer support, regulations, banking options, account types, mobile apps, and Islamic account availability. 

  • Available assets – Traders need access to as many different asset classes as possible, so we compare the tradable assets at every broker.
  • Trading platforms – We compare the available trading platforms between brokers and check their MT4, MT5, and cTrader compatibility so you can trade with the platform you want. 
  • Mobile apps – Brokers offer mobile trading apps so you can trade on the go. We compare the user interface and operating compatibility of brokers’ trading apps.
  • Islamic account availability – Muslim traders need to trade according to Sharia law, so we look for Islamic swap-free account availability.
BrokerCFD markets
Ava Trade158
Interactive Brokers8050
Saxo Bank19100

What Assets Can You Trade With CFD Brokers in UAE?

CFD brokers in UAE let you trade CFDs on stocks, forex pairs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Brokers place your trades at the exchange. There are Direct Market Access brokers and Market Maker brokers.

Direct Market Access brokers let you place CFD trades on the market for yourself. Buyers and sellers match orders, completing a trade. The broker earns a commission for matching orders.

Market makers create the CFD market where buyers and sellers agree on prices set by the market maker. Prices with market makers are higher for retail traders, but market makers execute trades fast, and there is always liquidity. 

  • Stocks are the most traded asset class with CFD brokers, but when you trade stocks or equities with CFD brokers, you aren’t trading the underlying stocks, you trade a contract for the price of the stock. Brokers offer fractional share trading, so you don’t need to trade stocks at the full market price. 
  • Forex pairs are currency pairs that track the value of one currency against another. Traders classify forex pairs as major, minor, or exotic. The EUR/USD and USD/JPY are major pairs, and EUR/GBP is a minor pair. The AUD/NOK an exotic pair, which has low market liquidity. The first currency listed is the base currency and the second currency trades against the base currency. 
  • Commodities are raw materials and agricultural products trading on the markets, such as crude oil, beef, grains and gold. Trading CFDs on commodities means you speculate on their price movements and don’t trade on the commodity exchange. 
  • Indices are CFDs that track the performance of an entire market or sector. Investing in indices means portfolio gains exposure to a certain sector, or market, like the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, or the NASDAQ 100. 
  • Cryptocurrencies are digital assets secured by cryptography on a blockchain. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano are examples of popular cryptocurrencies.

CFD Trading Explained

CFD is the abbreviation for Contract For Difference. CFD trading allows speculation on financial products like forex pairs, commodities, indices, and shares, without owning the underlying assets. 

Traders speculate on the price of assets with CFDs, and when a trader closes the CFD position, they gain or lose the difference between the original price and the closing price. 

CFD Trading Short Selling

With CFD  short selling (going short), a trader opens a CFD position that will profit whenever the underlying asset decreases in price. Traders short assets with CFDs because they aren’t regulated by the exchange where the underlying assets trade.

CFD Trading Long Positions

When a trader thinks the price of an asset will increase in price, they open a long position (going long), to profit if the price of the underlying asset rises. 

CFDs Compared to Other Financial Products

CFDs are similar to futures and options but CFDs have no expiration date and can be traded either with or without leverage. The minimum contract size for CFDs is smaller than futures or options.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CFD Trading

  • Pros: CFD trading offers investors exposure to many assets that trade with leverage, like stocks, bonds, commodities, and more. Short positions are simple to open with CFDs, and trading with leverage increases the possible level of risk. 
  • Cons: CFDs don’t give traders ownership over the assets traded, and if the broker goes bankrupt, deposited funds are only covered by investor protection schemes in the nation where the broker operates. 

CFD Regulations and Security in UAE

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) regulates brokers offering CFD trading in UAE, and it is overseen by the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE). The DFSA enforces compliance with market regulations and ensures that true Islamic swap-free accounts obeying Sharia laws are available. 

According to our research, between 74% and 89% of all retail traders lose money when trading CFDs. There is a conflict between traders and brokers that the DFSA creates regulations to limit. 

The DFSA has created the following regulations: 

  • Limited leverage – Retail traders have access to a maximum of 30:1 leverage and limits professional traders at 500:1 leverage.
  • Margin close-out –  If an account falls below 50% of the required margin, the broker closes out all positions.
  • Negative balance protection – Traders cannot lose more money than they deposit.
  • Marketing restrictions – Brokers must disclose what percentage of their clients lose money and cannot promote CFDs as a get-rich-quick scheme. 

Choose publicly listed brokers that hold banking licenses because listed brokers receive regular audits and are transparent. Banks require brokers to have strict capital requirements and be as open as possible to the public. 

Tax on CFD Trading in UAE

Traders don’t have to pay personal income tax or capital gains taxes in UAE but tax broker fees with a value-added tax of 5%. If you live outside of the United Arab Emirates other tax rules and rates apply so ask your tax professional for more information. 

Best CFD Trading Platforms in UAE – Our Verdict

According to our research AvaTrade is the best CFD trading platform in UAE in 2022.


Is it legal to trade CFDs in UAE?

Yes, CFD trading in UAE is legal if you trade with a DFSA-regulated broker which enforces: limited leverage, margin close-out, negative balance protection, and marketing restriction rules. 

Is CFD trading in UAE Halal?

Brokers operating in the UAE offer Islamic swap-free accounts compliant with Sharia law. Compliant brokers can’t charge interest (riba) on overnight positions and you can’t trade companies that produce alcohol, tobacco or other goods labeled as Haram. 

How do CFD brokers make money?

CFD brokers make money with the commissions and fees they charge clients, and through order flow.

What is the best CFD trading platform in UAE?

The best CFD brokers in the United Arab Emirates are compatible with MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader, which are the best CFD trading platforms for both desktop and mobile trading.


The mission of Business24-7 is to provide comprehensive, unbiased ratings and reviews of online providers. User experience, the mobile experience, customer service, costs and fees, security, the quality of trade executions, the products available on their platforms are all part of our six-month evaluation of a providers’s platform. The rating scale was based on thousands of data points that have been weighted into the scoring system.

Providers were also required to fill out a multi-point survey regarding every aspect of their platform. In-person demonstrations and evaluations were provided by the majority of the online providers we reviewed.

Stefan Grasic, along with our team of industry experts, conducted our reviews and developed this methodology for ranking what form is used in online investing.

Business24-7 maintains high editorial standards and provides the best advice and recommendations. The products and companies that we review may compensate us when you click on the links on this website. Click below to find out more about our review process and methodology.


All trading involves risk. More than 80% of investors lose in spread bet and CFD trading. As these complex instruments allow for the use of leverage, there is a high risk of losing more money than you have deposited. Before attempting to participate in spread bets and CFDs, consider how well you understand them and if you can afford to lose your money.

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