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In a recent editorial “The Gulf Today” newspaper commended the new bankruptcy law recently passed by UAE authorities. The law is designed to encourage investment in the region making the UAE a more attractive place to invest, while reducing the barriers to entry inside the new Business 24 news. Check out eCom success academy review –

Rather than punish investors who previously faced the threat of jail, the new law aims to assist a company and give it a longer time period to recover. “Vice President and Ruler Of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, tweeted on Sunday that the law is aimed at promoting investment and the ease of doing business.”


This is a sensible move and should encourage business owners to try and solve their problems and move forward, rather than in previous years where the fear of jail simply encouraged business owners to abandon the country and their business. Although not substantiated it is believed that some business owners have previously fled the country owing debts of around AED 5 billion. The harsh reality is that these debts will likely never be repaid, but hopefully this new legislation will prevent the situation from occurring in the future. Prior to the launch of the new bankruptcy law, the law almost forced business owners in debt to flee the country as the only solution to their problem inside your own updates.

Business 247 Emirate News About the Latest Bankruptcy Law Changer

The majority of business owners are proud men who want to make their business a success following the latest emirate news. Now that this new law has come into place they have the opportunity to restructure their business, and hopefully improve their chances of obtaining funding from banks and investors who can see the future potential of the business, if it can get over the rocky period inside.

It is vitally important to the future development and prosperity of the UAE that we are able to attract investment and be competitive within the global economy and aue news. Analysts agree that the new law will improve business confidence and perhaps more importantly encourage banks to start lending to SME’s again with updates. Sme’s account for 60 percent of UAE’s Gross Domestic Product so it is obvious how significant they are to the economy and UAE news.

UAE Investment in Kratom Powder

The law has been a long time in the making, it was first mooted in 2009, so has taken over seven years to come to fruition. The hope is that it will provide a much needed positive injection into the local economy, enabling and encouraging small business to flourish rather than the previous model of punishing business owners that ran into trouble, sometimes through no fault of their own with the new Kratom Powder made of Mitragyna Speciosa.

With many banks suffering from defaulters who have fled the country, the old system was simply not working, and so this new law is seen as a bright light and a positive way for the government to make an impact on business and the economy. It remains to be seen whether the legislation will have the desired effect, but commentators across the region have reacted positively with Kratom For Sale.

Selling on Read about the infinity code


If you are a wholesaler selling on amazon or just a private label seller on using their FBA program, you must have noticed some drastic changes they’ve made.

Because there were  a lot of Chinese sellers coming onto amazon and infringing copyrighted material, amazon decided to put a stop to it and update their policies and make changes to how their overall algorithm works.

Before, people were “scamming” their system and tried to gain top rankings by using shady techniques.

Anyway, if you would like to learn more about how the “new” system works, you should check out the infinity code training by Ryan & Daniel – more at

Business 24-7 – Seeing an upward trend of gold IRA accounts – especially in USA


Top Gold IRA Companies – More and more people are realizing that having an traditional rollover to gold iraretirement account is not the safest bet, if you want a worry free retirement you might be considering an gold IRA. As the monetary system is very volatile and it is predicted to become even more un-stable in the coming years, precious metal investing might be something you might be looking into.

It has its ups and downs, but to really get a grasp of what is going on, we suggest you to consult with a professional in the field. There are many gold and silver IRA companies out there and you might get overwhelmed with the right one to pick. There is a great article available at on the best gold IRA companies. It has all the information you might need, because they’ve already picked out only the best ones and reviewed them.

Here are 5 things you should be careful about when rolling over your 401k:

  • History of the company. How long have they been doing rollovers and what are their reviews? What do the customers say about them?
  • A lot of these gold IRA companies remove themselves from your account once the transaction is finished. So you should definitely check if the company you are considering does that. After all, that is when the relationship begins!
  • Do they offer segregated storage? A secure segregated storage offers you the security of a safely stored asset. With Regal Assets you can also withdraw and have your gold in 3-5 days if anything goes wrong. They ship the same day you make a request!
  • Make sure you know your fees if you are selling the metals back. Will you be able to sell your precious metals back when the time comes? Regal Assets have never refused to buy back any metals from their clients!
  • Also, last but not least – are you paying any fees for your first year? Some companies charge hefty amounts for the first and consecutive years!

These are just a few thing you should be aware of if you are considering doing a precious metals IRA rollover.

You can also go to – Regal Assets Review and find out why they are the most trusted company.

Business Opportunity – Building Fan Pages


Ever wondered why people are building out all those fan pages you see on facebook and take the time to moderate and post new content on a hourly basis?

The reason behind this is that they are building out huge fan bases of people who are passionate about a specific niche. Once they have the fan base they either:

  • promote niche specific products
  • sell “ad space” or sponsored post

Now it is not all that simple. To build out a profitable fan page “brand” you need a system that works and has been proven to work over and over again. One of the best mentors for building out a fan page business is Anthony Morrison.

He is actually releasing a all in one course in april 2017 where he will teach his students his exact strategy on how he has been able to build out 6-figure (even 7-figure) businesses with his fan page domination strategy. He uses specific strategies to build out these massive businesses and for the first time he will release it to the public.


Business 24/7 – a steady rise in the business coach sector


Over the last few years there has been a steady rise in the online business coaching sector. The majority of coaches are either personal or business coaches. We just got word from Christian Mickelsen – who has been a business coach for years, that he is relaunching his online training in 2017.

After 4 years of offering his free sessions that sell training system and numerous successful students, he decided to open the doors for new registrants in 2017.

What exactly is his “free sessions that sell” system?

In a nutshell, it is a VERY comprehensive digitally based training, where Christian will teach his students how to acquire high paying clients through a few free sessions that ultimately lead to an high ticket sell.

He has perfected this system through his years of being a coach and now you will be able to learn the ins and outs of his strategy.

If you are an up and coming coach, we definitely suggest that you check out his training course as it is filled with “golden nuggets” that can have a huge impact on your coaching business.

100k Factory Revolution eCommerce Hub Review


Economic Zones World And Dubai Customs Announce New 100k Factory Revolution E-Commerce Hub

A new smart retail hub named “100k factory revolution” has been launched by Economic Zones World (EZW) in collaboration with Dubai Customs. The new hub will be the world’s first platform built from the ground up for the needs of smart retail.

Spurred by a desire to cater to the needs of the burgeoning e-commerce economy, this initiative is designed to connect markets on the local, national, and international levels. Economic Zones World is taking several steps to centralize its role in the world’s e-economy, and the launch of this new hub is one of its most important. Dubai Customs is involved in order to further its mission to facilitate international trade for parties all over the world. Get more information about 100k factory revolution –


Together, EZW and Dubai Customs are building an all-inclusive ecosystem that will make it easier for every player in online commerce to collaborate regardless of their geographic location. Precise, secure, and fast transactions initiated by customers on demand will be the hub’s key business. The hub’s physical facilities are going to be housed in TechnoPark.

Economic Zones World’s chief executive officer, Salma Ali Saif Bin Hareb made the announcement along with Ahmed Butti Ahmed, Dubai Customs’ director general. (Butti also serves the Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation as executive director.) The audience was composed of early customers for the hub’s services and founding partners.

According to Salma Hareb, EZW has always been an innovator in the commercial sector. The organization is dedicated to helping other businesses cultivate a global reach. EZW’s new e-commerce hub (and the initiative leading to it) will fit nicely into the company’s long history of technologically-advanced products, services, and infrastructure. Salma Hareb was optimistic about leading a paradigm shift in e-commerce and helping participating partners transition smoothly from local to national and international trade.

This project will be a source for integrated solutions to its customers’ e-commerce challenges. Ahmed Butti noted that Dubai Customs was a fully-committed partner to fostering more regional e-commerce activity with 100k factory revolution hub review. Dubai Customs is a leader in technological progress; it was the first governmental body in the Emirate to become “fully intelligent.” Today Dubai Customs serves customers from every corner of the globe, at every hour of the day. Find more information here: – 100k revolution factory 


eCom Success Academy Dropshipping Facts  Exposed – The Pro’s And The Con’s

If you spend anytime on the internet exploring new business opportunities, you will be exposed to the dropshipping business model very quickly. Obviously, as with any business opportunity, those trying to convince you of its merits will be keen to highlight the positives, of which there are quite a few. H
owever, it is also important to note that as ecom-success-academy-dropshippingwith any potential business venture, there will also be negatives and in the aim of this article to highlight both arguments, to enable you to make an informed decision.

The Positives of the eCom Success Academy  Dropshipping Model

There are a number of benefits that this model of business offers to the online entrepreneur

  1. Reduced Costs For Stock Inventory – One of the biggest expenses any small or even medium sized business faces, is the amount of money that is tied up in stock. If a wrong decision is made, and a certain product doesn’t sell as expected, then there is a lot of financial exposure. The beauty of Dropshipping is that as the vendor you never have to acquire the stock, you simply order it as you sell it, so the intial and ongoing stock costs are minimal. If a product doesn’t sell, you simply remove it from your store and test something else.
  2. Ease Of Operation – All of the big problems when starting a business are effectively removed, no stock, no storage, no staffing concerns, no inventory tracking.
  3. Virtually No Cost Of Doing Business – Compared to a regular bricks and mortar business the dropshpping model can be run on a literal shoestring, from anywhere in the world. Provided you have a website, internet access, and a laptop, you are good to go. Check the whole review here: – discount and review


The Negatives of the Dropshipping Model

In the excitement and enthusiasm of starting a new business, many people forget to examine the negative aspects of any model, so here are the things you should also consider

  1. Low Margins – For the very reasons mentioned above, and consequently the reason why you are considering getting into the business, the barriers to entry are very low. While this is beneficial to you, it also applies to everyone else in your situation, meaning that margins are continually squeezed. You will need to sell in serious quantities to ensure that you make a worthwhile profit.
  2. You Are Not In Control Of Stock Levels – The eCom success academy dropshipping model means that you can never be in total control of the stock, nor for that matter know how much stock is actually When delivery fails due to your supplier being out of stock, it is your company that the customers will be upset with, not the supplier.
  3. Shipping Problems – When a customer places an order for one or more products from your store, there is no guarantee that all of those products will be despatched by the same supplier. It wouldn’t be a wise decision to charge your customer individual shiping charges, so you may well have to cover this unexpected expense, which will further cut into your profit margins.
  4. Errors or Damaged Products – Every company will make mistakes, delivering the wrong product, or a damaged item. As the vendor of that product, you have no choice but to rectify the issue if only to salvage your reputation. This may seem unfair and frustrating, but it is one of the consequences of the dropshipping model exposed by eCommerce success academy. Find more here:

The eCom Success Academy dropshipping model can bring huge benefits to any business, but you need to consider everything properly before committing to this, as the negative aspects are the ones that will hurt you and your business.

How A Worldwide Audience Is Helping Football Business Grow


A few years ago, some of the biggest football clubs had no online presence at all. It was hard for fans to find any information about their favorite clubs.

Now, nearly every club has a strong online presence. You can find these clubs on Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media. Many players spend a great deal of time promoting themselves and their clubs on social media. Some of the most popular people on Instagram are professional football players.

Most people aren’t particularly surprised by these changes. After all, it only seems natural for clubs and players to promote themselves on social media. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that this online presence has been bringing in a lot of business.

Most football clubs have a strong worldwide presence. Many clubs have bragged about the millions of fans they have around the world. However, the majority of clubs didn’t have any meaningful way to connect to these fans. This meant that the clubs were not able to profit off of them.

Now that clubs can reach all of their fans, they are able to bring in a lot of new business. These fans have been a big source of revenue.


One of the easiest ways to make money off of international fans is to sell them merchandise. Because a lot of these fans don’t have a way to buy the items that they want in stores, they are more than willing to make purchases online.

Because most of these fans are connected to social media, it is extremely easy to promote new products to them. A number of clubs have been sharing links to merchandise through their Twitter and Facebook feeds. Fans aren’t turned off by these types of promotions as long as they aren’t posted too frequently. Many fans have clicked through these links and made purchases.


Thanks to social media, it is easier than ever for clubs to see where they have fans. This means that is easier to choose the right location for big events.

In addition to in-person events, some clubs are holding online events. This means that fans that would not normally have access to a club are able to view these events and interact with their favorite players in new and exciting ways.

The Future

In the future, it seems likely that football clubs around the world including Mexico where you can find uniformes de futbol soccer and will find even more ways to profit off of their international fans. It is possible that clubs will use virtual reality to allow foreign fans to attend games.

Revenues for football are higher than ever. In the last year, Real Madrid set a new record for sports club revenue. It is likely that those numbers will climb even higher in the future.

Football is no longer small business. Thanks to international fans, it is now big business. Football has a worldwide appeal, and clubs are perfectly poised to take advantage of that. Clubs can reach all of their fans, no matter where they are.

Economics Of Tamil Cinema – A Feature By KollyEmpire


This feature was written by KollyEmpire (KollyEmpire Limited), the official Tamil Cinema box office analyst portal based in the UK. You can follow their official account on Twitter @kollyempire or visit their website at

While the peak of Tamil Cinema occurred in 1985, it still generates a substantial amount of cash for the Tamil Nadu economy. In fact, Tamil Cinema accounts for 0.1% of the gross domestic product of the state. It may not seem like a lot, but for it being a far smaller industry than most other cinematic areas. One of the main reasons as to why Tamil Cinema production has continued in the area is due to the intervention of the government. The popularity of Tamil Cinema has risen sharply in just a few years, mainly due to many films produced in the Tamil language now involving star studded casts.

Any movies which have words only in the Tamil Language can make use of a tax exemption. These laws have been changed ever so slightly since then. Now, a movie needs to gain a ‘U’ certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification. If they achieve an ‘A’ certificate then they will not qualify for tax exemption. This has completely changed the type of movie that is being produced with the majority of Tamil Cinema movies now moving towards being more family friendly.

Since most Tamil Cinema movies are not given a major release around the world, or even India, the way in which they are released will be very unique. There will normally be three ‘groups’ of people involved in the process.

You have the producer. Their job is to secure funding for the movie. In addition to this, they will help with general marketing of the movie as well as the selection of areas where the movie is going to be exhibited.

The distribution deal that a Tamil Cinema movie obtains will be important for financing of the movie. Generally speaking, there are three ways in which a distribution contract can go:

  • Minimum Guarantee and Royalty: This is, more often than not, the best route for a producer to go down. They will get a fixed, lump sum for the movie. Anything that the distributor takes up to that lump sum is kept by them. After that, any profits are shared between the producer and the distributer.
  • Commission: The producer earns commission of showings of the movie. Low budget Tamil Cinema movies go down that route.
  • Outright sale: the distribution is sold. The producer gets nothing bar the initial fee.

Exhibition contracts also need to be sourced in advance when it comes to movies. This includes:

  • Theatre Hire: the distributor will hire a theatre and will take everything the box office collects after taxes and fees have been paid.
  • Fixed hire: a lump sum is paid. No commission goes to the theatre after this lump sum.
  • Minimum Guarantee and Royalty: a minimum amount will be paid to the theatre. A royalty is collected beyond this minimal amount.
  • Revenue Share: no fee for the rental. Both groups will share the cost of running the movie in the theatre.

Advice on Traveling for Business from the US to the Middle East


When you want to go from the United States to the Middle East for business, you need to know where you’ll stay, what you will use for transportation and more. The following tips will give you an idea of what you need to do when living in a new area for a while for business.

Do you need a vehicle so you can get around and don’t want to pay a bunch of money for a cab all of the time? Hiring the best exotic car rental company is a good option if you have the money for them because they make you look more successful than just a regular vehicle. Plus, most vehicles that are nicely made won’t be as likely to have problems as you drive them. Before renting you can ask what they have and look at photos online until you find something that fits your personal style.

If you have to live somewhere for a short period of time, one option is to stay at a hotel. This is a great place to unwind after work or you can even do business in your room if you have access to what you need like the Internet. Some hotels are really pricey but come with a lot of nice amenities. Some are cheaper if you stay longer than a few days, and some even have monthly rates. Whatever you decide to do, always read reviews on hotels before going to make sure they are actually worth the money they cost.

If you are going to fly out to the area soon, figure out what to take with you so you don’t have to buy much when you make it to the Middle East. While there are stores and ways to get what you need in the way of essentials, you may not want to have to find a place that has what you need. If you’re able to look at where you can get things in emergency situations, do so before heading out because you may not have access to the Internet for whatever reason there.

Finding no credit check apartments near you is also a good way to save money when staying in a new area. Sometimes you will be in a rush to live somewhere and don’t have time for a lot of checks to get into one. Maybe you also have bad credit or don’t have any established in the new area. Either way, an apartment is a great idea to get where you are working because it lets you avoid having to pay high hotel room rates.

Learn about the customs and laws in the area before you stay there so you know what not to do. People find some things offensive in some areas that you may not be used to. They may have laws about different things than what you are used to as well, with far more severe penalties if you are caught breaking the law. It really depends on where you are in the Middle East, so make sure you take the time to really get to know what it’s like there to avoid any problems that cause you to get in serious trouble.

Will your company pay for anything like meals or a hotel stay? Speak with whoever is asking you to travel for work and see what they are going to cover so you can start to get everything in order. If they say they made you a reservation, then check into that because you don’t want to show up only to realize they didn’t actually do it because someone forgot. Always be prepared for the worst by bringing some of your own money in case you need it because something went wrong. Oftentimes a company is on top of what they do for travelers, but mistakes can happen.

Business travel from the United States to the Middle East can be a little difficult to get used to. Being in a new area and having to get everything put together so you are comfortable takes some work. Once you do this once, you’ll know what to do anytime you travel to a new place for work.

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