Braden Chase

Braden Chase is a writer and strategist with ten years of experience in the high-powered world of international business and trading. A former university English teacher, he has clawed his way from poverty to sustainable wealth and uses his successes to guide new investors down a conscientious path toward financial success.

Braden began trading in 2005 as a college student. Money was tight, and he didn't know what he was doing, but he knew that investing was the most secure way to sustainable wealth.

In 2007, Braden heard about something “big” that Apple was going to release. He tried to purchase a stake in Apple, Inc. but didn't because the broker he was working with convinced him that Apple was soon going to go bankrupt and that there better places to invest.

Following that advice is one of Braden's most painful financial regrets. That broker is now out of business. After repeatedly taking heavy losses and almost giving up, Braden realized that he needed a strategy or he was going to go bankrupt.

He started studying financial markets, asset allocation, day trading, emotional intelligence, accounting, and psychology to maximize his ability to profit from investing.

More importantly, however, he started modeling some of the greatest investors alive today; people like Carl Icann, Ray Dalio, Dr. David Babbel, Sir Richard Branson, Jack Bogle, and Warren Buffet.

That decision, to model the strategies of the most successful investors instead of “going it alone,” has helped Braden to secure a lifestyle where he can focus on business strategy (his skill), writing (his tool), and giving back to others (his mission).