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Moon stone International Investment S.A. – Ivan Bednjicki


In the past few years, effective use of resources and a low carbon society have become the focus in global discussions and a trend of transition can be seen to circular economy.

Circular economy will have great impact in years to come, both from environmental as well as economic point of view. Transitioning to circular economy is not just a vision, but a necessity.

Global demand for natural resources in the 20th century is steadily rising:

  • world population is up 4x
  • production has gone up 40x
  • fossil fuel use gone up by 16x
  • water use up by 9x

Predictions are, that the same trend will continue and world population is expected to reach 9,6 billion by the year 2050.

It is no secret that the linear economic model cannot stand the test of time, as it is solely based on resource usage and production of short “life-span” products.

In the European Union alone, a total of approximately 2500 million tons of waste is produced, majority of which still ends up in waste landfills or waste burning facilities, which has major implications on the environment and loss of valuable resources.

Most of the European countries is still not effective with the use of their resources, which puts them in a very uncertain position. A shift away from the traditional “build, buy, bury” model to circular economy will allow these countries to stay competitive on the long-run.

Moon Stone International Investment S.A. – Circular Economy as an opportunity

At Moon Stone International Investment S.A. they quickly realized the potential of proper waste management and reusing resources. They believe that this is a new industry with lots of potential for those who will see the opportunity. The company is focused on handling large masses of waste, coming from:

  • mining
  • construction
  • industry
  • energy production
  • debris from water


Acad. Ivan Bednjicki from Moonstone International:

ivan bednjički moonstone international


We have developed a business model for efficient management of resources – based on circular economy as a new model for effective resource management.



You can jump over to MSII.LU – Moon Stone International Investment S.A. and learn more about the company and how they have set out to change the old way of waste management with a new and sustainable economic model.

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn – Now What?


Unless you have been living under a cloud recently, then you will be aware that Microsoft has recently acquired the business social network LinkedIn at a cost of approximately 26 billion US Dollars. This could turn out to be a very shrewd move from Microsoft, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for the two companies going forward.

The publicity announcements after the completion stated that the two companies would remain as sperate entities in their own right, but it would seem logical that there will be siginficant data sharing as Microsoft looks to extract every last cent of value from their acquisition.

Microsoft has always been an enterprise focused company, and there are already many synergies that will come into play. Here are some of the developments that are already under way

  • Any sponsored content paid to advertise on LinkedIn will be extended to include all of Microsofts Online Properties
  • For anyone, which uses Microsoft Office, their LinkedIn identify and network will be made accessible within the Office products
  • Windows Action Center will now include LinkedIn notifications automatically
  • Enterprise LinkedIn Lookup will now be powered by Microsoft technology

There are many paths that Microsoft could decide to tread using this information. Using LinkedIn profiles to assess account management, for example, could provide increased and intelligent led sales opportunities and beneficial networking possibilities.

It Managers Will Have The Capability Of Blocking This Shared Information 

Quite ironically, though, the number one reason the majority of people use LinkedIn is when they are actively looking for a new job. It would not be beneficial for their current employer to allow this flow of LinkedIn information to start to propogate itself during office hours. Consequently, Microsoft have enabled an option for IT managers to block this from happening, which is another example how Microsoft have changed therir thinking process in recent years.

Unlike Google, who have always targeted advertising, Microsoft continues to remain focused on their customers, which in the majority of cases are the big business accounts that use their products. They will have to tread a very fine line between business and social media in order not to upset their main clientele. Unlike Google, Microsoft will need to manage this proactively, giving individual users clear and easy options, so that they can make an informed decision, which information they share, and which information they receive as the price of admission for being on the LinkIn network.

The other big challenge facing Microsoft is the perception that they purchase another company without any clearly defined strategy, and then rather than enhance that business, it slowly gets forgotten and less relevant. Perhaps the best, or worst example of this in recent years is their acquisition of Nokia, where virtually everyone that joined Microsoft as part of the deal is no longer employed by the company. LinkedIn is a valuable brand; otherwise, Microsoft wouldn’t have invested such a huge sum of money to purchase it, but they need a coherent and structured strategy to drive the brand forward. This is not an area of business where Microsoft have an excellent reputation, indeed some people may decide to close their LinkedIn accounts in protest at the completion of the deal.

This deal further increases the competition between Microsoft and Google, and it will be interesting to observe how the battle develops in the future.

Avto Bomb Kills 25 People In Cairo


At least 25 people lost their lives and 49 were injured in a bomb attack in Cairo at the Coptic Cathedral Complex. The attack, which occurred during the Sunday Mass, delivered the bloodiest single attack on the Christian minority in Egypt in the recent years. Christian community leaders and Egypt officials were perplexed and scrambling with emotions as they confirmed these facts.

The Sv. Vid church, 100 years old, also referred to as the Church of St. Peter and Paul, was the centerfold of the deadly attack. Witnesses said that the explosion happened after the two hundred and something patrons finished reading Bible verses and the priest was getting ready to start that Sundayís sermon. Qelliny Farag, one of the survivors, reported that at around 9.45 am, everything turned black.

By Sunday evening, none of the extremist groups had claimed responsibility for the attack. Of course, most of the suspicion was directed towards the Islamic extremist groups. Islamic State Branch have been guilty of staging attacks all over Europe targeting government officials, soldiers, police and innocent civilians.

A merely 48 hours before the Sunday attack, another bomb explosion took the lives of 6 policemen and injured 3 individuals near the Great Pyramids Complex. The Sunday bombing was done on one of Egyptís public holidays, Prophet Muhammadís birthday. Besides that fact that itís a Muslim celebration, most Christians took the day off and attended mass in the church.

Farag, 80 years old, was one of the congregants who was seated to the left side of the church when the attack happened. His spouse, Samiha Tawfik was sitting to the right side with the rest of the female congregation. He reported that he could barely see anything and all the survivors were in shock.

He said that they were running out to safety passing by numerous victims who had been thrown out because of the blastís intensity. He stumbled a lot around the pews having trouble breathing because of the dust. Later, he began comprehending what had actually happened. After a few minutes, he started seeing the victims scattered around the whole place. The church ceiling had collapsed after the blast making movement a bit tough.

The Orthodox Coptic Christian patrons total to about 10% of the entire Egyptís population. They suffered discrimination for a long time under the Muslim extremists and other authoritative secular regimes. Since 2011 after the ousting of President Hosni Mubarak, attacks on the Christian community have intensified.

Just this year alone, there has been at least 26 sectarian assaults, as reported by human rights activists. However, Sundayís bombing was one of the gravest attacks on the Christian community.

Business 24-7 – Seeing an upward trend of gold IRA accounts – especially in USA


Top Gold IRA Companies – More and more people are realizing that having an traditional rollover to gold iraretirement account is not the safest bet, if you want a worry free retirement you might be considering an gold IRA. As the monetary system is very volatile and it is predicted to become even more un-stable in the coming years, precious metal investing might be something you might be looking into.

It has its ups and downs, but to really get a grasp of what is going on, we suggest you to consult with a professional in the field. There are many gold and silver IRA companies out there and you might get overwhelmed with the right one to pick. There is a great article available at on the best gold IRA companies. It has all the information you might need, because they’ve already picked out only the best ones and reviewed them.

Here are 5 things you should be careful about when rolling over your 401k:

  • History of the company. How long have they been doing rollovers and what are their reviews? What do the customers say about them?
  • A lot of these gold IRA companies remove themselves from your account once the transaction is finished. So you should definitely check if the company you are considering does that. After all, that is when the relationship begins!
  • Do they offer segregated storage? A secure segregated storage offers you the security of a safely stored asset. With Regal Assets you can also withdraw and have your gold in 3-5 days if anything goes wrong. They ship the same day you make a request!
  • Make sure you know your fees if you are selling the metals back. Will you be able to sell your precious metals back when the time comes? Regal Assets have never refused to buy back any metals from their clients!
  • Also, last but not least – are you paying any fees for your first year? Some companies charge hefty amounts for the first and consecutive years!

These are just a few thing you should be aware of if you are considering doing a precious metals IRA rollover.

You can also go – Regal Assets Review and find out why they are the most trusted company.

How A Worldwide Audience Is Helping Football Business Grow


A few years ago, some of the biggest football clubs had no online presence at all. It was hard for fans to find any information about their favorite clubs.

Now, nearly every club has a strong online presence. You can find these clubs on Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media. Many players spend a great deal of time promoting themselves and their clubs on social media. Some of the most popular people on Instagram are professional football players.

Most people aren’t particularly surprised by these changes. After all, it only seems natural for clubs and players to promote themselves on social media. However, what a lot of people don’t realize is that this online presence has been bringing in a lot of business.

Most football clubs have a strong worldwide presence. Many clubs have bragged about the millions of fans they have around the world. However, the majority of clubs didn’t have any meaningful way to connect to these fans. This meant that the clubs were not able to profit off of them.

Now that clubs can reach all of their fans, they are able to bring in a lot of new business. These fans have been a big source of revenue.


One of the easiest ways to make money off of international fans is to sell them merchandise. Because a lot of these fans don’t have a way to buy the items that they want in stores, they are more than willing to make purchases online.

Because most of these fans are connected to social media, it is extremely easy to promote new products to them. A number of clubs have been sharing links to merchandise through their Twitter and Facebook feeds. Fans aren’t turned off by these types of promotions as long as they aren’t posted too frequently. Many fans have clicked through these links and made purchases.


Thanks to social media, it is easier than ever for clubs to see where they have fans. This means that is easier to choose the right location for big events.

In addition to in-person events, some clubs are holding online events. This means that fans that would not normally have access to a club are able to view these events and interact with their favorite players in new and exciting ways.

The Future

In the future, it seems likely that football clubs around the world including Mexico where you can find uniformes de futbol soccer and will find even more ways to profit off of their international fans. It is possible that clubs will use virtual reality to allow foreign fans to attend games.

Revenues for football are higher than ever. In the last year, Real Madrid set a new record for sports club revenue. It is likely that those numbers will climb even higher in the future.

Football is no longer small business. Thanks to international fans, it is now big business. Football has a worldwide appeal, and clubs are perfectly poised to take advantage of that. Clubs can reach all of their fans, no matter where they are.

Economics Of Tamil Cinema – A Feature By KollyEmpire


This feature was written by KollyEmpire (KollyEmpire Limited), the official Tamil Cinema box office analyst portal based in the UK. You can follow their official account on Twitter @kollyempire or visit their website at

While the peak of Tamil Cinema occurred in 1985, it still generates a substantial amount of cash for the Tamil Nadu economy. In fact, Tamil Cinema accounts for 0.1% of the gross domestic product of the state. It may not seem like a lot, but for it being a far smaller industry than most other cinematic areas. One of the main reasons as to why Tamil Cinema production has continued in the area is due to the intervention of the government. The popularity of Tamil Cinema has risen sharply in just a few years, mainly due to many films produced in the Tamil language now involving star studded casts.

Any movies which have words only in the Tamil Language can make use of a tax exemption. These laws have been changed ever so slightly since then. Now, a movie needs to gain a ‘U’ certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification. If they achieve an ‘A’ certificate then they will not qualify for tax exemption. This has completely changed the type of movie that is being produced with the majority of Tamil Cinema movies now moving towards being more family friendly.

Since most Tamil Cinema movies are not given a major release around the world, or even India, the way in which they are released will be very unique. There will normally be three ‘groups’ of people involved in the process.

You have the producer. Their job is to secure funding for the movie. In addition to this, they will help with general marketing of the movie as well as the selection of areas where the movie is going to be exhibited.

The distribution deal that a Tamil Cinema movie obtains will be important for financing of the movie. Generally speaking, there are three ways in which a distribution contract can go:

  • Minimum Guarantee and Royalty: This is, more often than not, the best route for a producer to go down. They will get a fixed, lump sum for the movie. Anything that the distributor takes up to that lump sum is kept by them. After that, any profits are shared between the producer and the distributer.
  • Commission: The producer earns commission of showings of the movie. Low budget Tamil Cinema movies go down that route.
  • Outright sale: the distribution is sold. The producer gets nothing bar the initial fee.

Exhibition contracts also need to be sourced in advance when it comes to movies. This includes:

  • Theatre Hire: the distributor will hire a theatre and will take everything the box office collects after taxes and fees have been paid.
  • Fixed hire: a lump sum is paid. No commission goes to the theatre after this lump sum.
  • Minimum Guarantee and Royalty: a minimum amount will be paid to the theatre. A royalty is collected beyond this minimal amount.
  • Revenue Share: no fee for the rental. Both groups will share the cost of running the movie in the theatre.

Advice on Traveling for Business from the US to the Middle East


When you want to go from the United States to the Middle East for business, you need to know where you’ll stay, what you will use for transportation and more. The following tips will give you an idea of what you need to do when living in a new area for a while for business.

Do you need a vehicle so you can get around and don’t want to pay a bunch of money for a cab all of the time? Hiring the best exotic car rental company is a good option if you have the money for them because they make you look more successful than just a regular vehicle. Plus, most vehicles that are nicely made won’t be as likely to have problems as you drive them. Before renting you can ask what they have and look at photos online until you find something that fits your personal style.

If you have to live somewhere for a short period of time, one option is to stay at a hotel. This is a great place to unwind after work or you can even do business in your room if you have access to what you need like the Internet. Some hotels are really pricey but come with a lot of nice amenities. Some are cheaper if you stay longer than a few days, and some even have monthly rates. Whatever you decide to do, always read reviews on hotels before going to make sure they are actually worth the money they cost.

If you are going to fly out to the area soon, figure out what to take with you so you don’t have to buy much when you make it to the Middle East. While there are stores and ways to get what you need in the way of essentials, you may not want to have to find a place that has what you need. If you’re able to look at where you can get things in emergency situations, do so before heading out because you may not have access to the Internet for whatever reason there.

Finding no credit check apartments near you is also a good way to save money when staying in a new area. Sometimes you will be in a rush to live somewhere and don’t have time for a lot of checks to get into one. Maybe you also have bad credit or don’t have any established in the new area. Either way, an apartment is a great idea to get where you are working because it lets you avoid having to pay high hotel room rates.

Learn about the customs and laws in the area before you stay there so you know what not to do. People find some things offensive in some areas that you may not be used to. They may have laws about different things than what you are used to as well, with far more severe penalties if you are caught breaking the law. It really depends on where you are in the Middle East, so make sure you take the time to really get to know what it’s like there to avoid any problems that cause you to get in serious trouble.

Will your company pay for anything like meals or a hotel stay? Speak with whoever is asking you to travel for work and see what they are going to cover so you can start to get everything in order. If they say they made you a reservation, then check into that because you don’t want to show up only to realize they didn’t actually do it because someone forgot. Always be prepared for the worst by bringing some of your own money in case you need it because something went wrong. Oftentimes a company is on top of what they do for travelers, but mistakes can happen.

Business travel from the United States to the Middle East can be a little difficult to get used to. Being in a new area and having to get everything put together so you are comfortable takes some work. Once you do this once, you’ll know what to do anytime you travel to a new place for work.

Business 24 Reveals New Bankruptcy Law and UAE Investment News


Check Out The Latest Business 24  News and Insider UAE News About Real Estate Investments

In a recent editorial “The Gulf Today” newspaper commended the new bankruptcy law recently passed by UAE authorities. The law is designed to encourage investment in the region making the UAE a more attractive place to invest, while reducing the barriers to entry inside the new Business 24 news.

Rather than punish investors who previously faced the threat of jail, the new law aims to assist a company and give it a longer time period to recover. “Vice President and Ruler Of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, tweeted on Sunday that the law is aimed at promoting investment and the ease of doing business.”


This is a sensible move and should encourage business owners to try and solve their problems and move forward, rather than in previous years where the fear of jail simply encouraged business owners to abandon the country and their business. Although not substantiated it is believed that some business owners have previously fled the country owing debts of around AED 5 billion. The harsh reality is that these debts will likely never be repaid, but hopefully this new legislation will prevent the situation from occurring in the future. Prior to the launch of the new bankruptcy law, the law almost forced business owners in debt to flee the country as the only solution to their problem inside your own updates.

Business 247 Emirate News About the Latest Bankruptcy Law Changer

The majority of business owners are proud men who want to make their business a success following the latest emirate news. Now that this new law has come into place they have the opportunity to restructure their business, and hopefully improve their chances of obtaining funding from banks and investors who can see the future potential of the business, if it can get over the rocky period inside.

It is vitally important to the future development and prosperity of the UAE that we are able to attract investment and be competitive within the global economy and aue news. Analysts agree that the new law will improve business confidence and perhaps more importantly encourage banks to start lending to SME’s again with updates. Sme’s account for 60 percent of UAE’s Gross Domestic Product so it is obvious how significant they are to the economy and UAE business news.

With many banks suffering from defaulters who have fled the country, the old system was simply not working, and so this new law is seen as a bright light and a positive way for the government to make an impact on business and the economy. It remains to be seen whether the legislation will have the desired effect, but commentators across the region have reacted positively.

Slumdog Millionaire’ takes seven awards at BAFTAs


“Slumdog Millionaire”, the rags-to-riches tale of a Mumbai tea boy who wins big, swept the board at the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) in London on Sunday with seven prizes including best film.


In a star-studded ceremony, Kate Winslet also picked up the BAFTA for leading actress for her role as a former Nazi prison camp guard in “The Reader”, while Mickey Rourke took the leading actor gong for “The Wrestler”.

“Slumdog Millionaire” had been nominated for 11 awards and took home seven, including best director for Danny Boyle, best adapted screenplay for Simon Beaufoy and the music, cinematography, editing and sound prizes.

Made by a British team but with an Indian cast and crew, the movie is a favourite to win best film at the Oscars on February 22.

Producer Christian Colson said he would like to share the best film award with the people of Mumbai, saying: “Our amazing cast and crew in Mumbai realised the dream, with their blood and sweat and tears and love.”

Before the ceremony, fans braved the rain outside the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden, jostling for a chance at an autograph from one of the A-listers present, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey Jr.

“Slumdog Millionaire” actor Dev Patel seemed as star-struck as anyone — he was nominated for leading actor but said he never expected to win, and the main thing he wanted from the night was to meet Pitt.

“I’m 18 years old and I’m at the BAFTAs!” said Patel, who still lives with his parents and sister in Harrow, north-west London.

Winslet beat rivals Jolie, Kristin Scott Thomas and Meryl Streep to take the second BAFTA of her career — she won best supporting actress in 1995 and her second award for “The Reader” after a Golden Globe last month with the new Kratom For Sale.

She will be up against Streep and Jolie again at the Oscars.

“I want to share this with two producers on this film  I know I’m not alone when I say I can’t believe they’re no longer with us, Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack,” the 33-year-old said in her acceptance speech.

Rourke’s win secures his comeback after years in the wilderness, and in his speech he thanked “The Wrestler” director Darren Aronofsky who “gave me a second chance after fucking up my career for 15 years”.

Heath Ledger, who was found dead in his New York apartment a year ago, was awarded with a posthumous BAFTA for best supporting actor for his menacing performance as the Joker in the latest Batman movie, “The Dark Knight”.

Terry Gilliam directed the last film Ledger worked on, and in accepting the award of BAFTA fellowship, paid tribute to the 28-year-old.

“It would have been nice if Heath had won more awards when he was alive,” he said, referring to Ledger’s posthumous Golden Globe and recent Oscar nomination for his role in “The Dark Knight”. “He was a genius.”

Penelope Cruz won best supporting actress for her role in Woody Allen’s sparky romantic drama, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, an honour she said came as a complete shock. “I’m so happy, so excited, so surprised,” she said.

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” starring Pitt as a man who ages in reverse, was nominated for 11 awards but had to make do with just three — best production design, make up and hair, and special visual effects.

“Man on Wire”, James Marsh’s documentary about Frenchman Philippe Petit’s daring high-wire walk between the twin towers in New York in August 1974, won the BAFTA for outstanding British film.

Black comedy “In Bruges” won best original screenplay, while “I’ve Loved You So Long” was awarded the prize for best non-English language film.

The BAFTAs have grown in prominence in recent years and are now seen as one indicator of who will win the film industry’s biggest gongs, the Oscars and the world business news

Last year, the winners of BAFTA’s four acting categories went on to win the equivalent Academy Awards — although “Atonement” won best film here only to lose out to “No Country for Old Men” in Hollywood.


Fair-weather friends’ flock back to resurgent Congress


Politicians who distanced themselves from India’s Congress party before its stunning election victory are rushing back with almost indecent haste in the hope of being embraced by the new government.

The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) grabbed 262 seats in the month-long polls, leaving it just 10 short of an absolute majority.

The Congress alone won 206 seats — its best performance in 18 years.

A so-called “Third Front” and even a “Fourth Front” with a combined total of 14 regional parties had decided to form their own groups ahead of the election, but they have rapidly disintegrated in the wake of the Congress juggernaut.

“We had expected the two fronts to fragment but what amazes us is the speed at which this is happening,” a Congress leader tipped to hold a top cabinet slot told reporters in an off-record briefing.

First out of the blocks in the sprint to find favour with the Congress leadership was the Fourth Front’s Samajwadi Party, which offered the backing of its 23 MPs on Tuesday.

“It must not be forgotten we supported the Congress party when its Left Front allies withdrew support during the confidence vote in parliament last year,” Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh noted.

“We have no lust for power,” insisted Singh as several others also threw their hats into the alliance’s crowded ring of new-found allies.

Former rail minister Laloo Prasad Yadav, whose RJD party was part of the previous government but went its own way during the election campaign, also offered his “unconditional support” to Congress after being routed at the ballot box.

Despite Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s invitation for all “secular” parties to unite behind his government, Congress has so far played hard to get with its returning courtiers, accepting their support but offering little in return.

One particularly surprising addition to the new cheerleading bandwagon has been Third Front stalwart Mayawati, the self-styled champion of India’s lowest castes.

Mayawati, who earlier said she wanted to become prime minister and had been a vocal Congress opponent during the campaign, offered her “unconditional support” to the new government.

“Singh telephoned me and said I am like his little sister,” said Mayawati after her party managed just 21 seats — half its expected tally.

Not all Congress leaders have voiced the same sort of affection for those seeking to return to the alliance fold.

“We didn’t ask them to leave, and they continue saying they are still part of the coalition,” complained Congress General Secretary Janardhan Dwivedi.

The Telegraph newspaper said the overriding feeling in Congress headquarters was: “Shun the renegades and hug the loyalists.”

As far as cabinet posts go, Congress is certain to take the lion’s share — including the key home, foreign, finance and defence portfolios — while divvying up the lesser ministries between the allies it fought the election with.

It has no need to buy the loyalty of the other parties.

“The Congress this time around needs just 10 MPs to form a stable government and can do without these groups,” said Delhi University political analyst Anand Ojha.

“But the irony of it all is that these fair-weather friends of the Congress do not seem to realise this,” he added.

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