Political Uncertainty Is Helping Dubai’s Booming Private Jet Business

Dubai’s recent focus on attracting tourism is starting to show real collateral, especially within the affluent sector, where rich businessmen and royalty are more concerned about pleasure than business cost.


Private Jet Charter, a company responsible for providing over 50,000 different aircraft per year has stated that their growth and demand in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular is vastly outpacing other regions in the area inside and business 24.

In their opinion there are a number of factors behind this rapid growth

  • Significant Growth In The Local Economy
  • Growing Political Unrest In Other Competing Areas
  • The Emergence Of Dubai As A Holiday Destination

Hugh Courtenay the Chief Executive and Founder of Private Jet Charter said “Dubai is well positioned to see a rise in visitors and private jet business due to disturbances in other parts of the region. The strong performance of the private jet business in Dubai has outpaced the growth in other parts of the Middle East due to the emirate’s consolidation as a key holiday destination”

There is no doubt that tourism has suffered in certain regions of the middle east, and with over 25 million trips taken in the area last year, any holiday destination that is perceived as desirable and safe is ideally placed to benefit from concerned holiday makers looking for an alternative destination from UAE business 24 news.

It is estimated that Dubai could even manage to attract five million of those holiday makers, which would see a huge boost to the local economy. The vast majority of these holiday makers are wealthy and influential people with a high net worth, who are the ideal customer for Courtenay and his private business jet charter company.

These customers are happy to pay for the flexibility and convenience of a private jet, and are easily able to absorb the added cost. Dubai is emerging as one of the number one holiday destinations in the world, especially for the much sought after affluent business customer.

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