Titan Trade Review 2021 – SCAM ALLERT!

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Titan Trade is a controversial broker that is part of the GN Capital Limited group. This offshore company operates in the Marshall Islands, a region notorious for almost no government oversight. This broker is not safe, and we do not recommend opening a trading account with them. 

If you believe Titan Trade has scammed you, please reach out to our knowledgeable staff using our contact form or this email: [email protected] 

This article discusses the evidence supporting our recommendation to avoid Titan Trade. 

Is Titan Trade A Legit Broker? 

We reviewed Titan Trade with real accounts and money. Our findings depend on more than 105 criteria, including safety and top-tier licenses. 

GN Capital Limited is an offshore company in the Marshall Islands which owns Titan Trade. The Marshall Islands has almost no requirements or regulations. It does not regulate forex trading, which is why online brokers based here aren’t trustworthy. 

Titan Trade advertises itself as a leading global forex and CFD broker. However, this company is not regulated, and the company targets low-income individuals with advertising that supports the highest risk investments. 

The CNNMV, a Spanish regulator, issued an official warning in 2017 to avoid Titan Trade. A year earlier, Titan Trade was red-flagged by CONSOB, an Italian regulator. The French regulator Ontario Securities Commission, the Australian regulator ASIC (Australia), and the USA regulator CFTC (US Commodity Futures Trading Commission) issued similar warnings against Titan Trade. 

Final Verdict – SCAM WARNING!

Titan Trade isn’t a secure or legit broker and was shut down one month ago. We don’t recommend opening a trading account at a brokerage firm with no top-tier licenses and does not comply with a set of rules. Traders should always choose an online broker with a good reputation and top-tier licenses. 

We look forward to hearing your personal opinion about Titan Trade in the comments. If this online broker scammed you, contact us today with your details. Our knowledgeable team will help you follow the correct steps to sort out this situation. 

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Braden Chase is an investor, trading specialist, and former research specialist for Forex.com who helps aspiring investors develop the confidence and habits they need to make an income from the market. Braden has served as a registered commodity futures representative for domestic and internationally-regulated brokerages and has also spoken & moderated numerous forex and finance industry panels across the globe.