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Stefan Grasic is the World Wide Director of research for Buisness24-7 and has considerable experience in the financial and investment niche, but also enjoys writing articles for the general readership. Stefan is an active Crypto, Forex and general investment researcher advising blockchain companies like Blockbird at their start up level.

Stefan began trading in 20010 as a college student. Money was tight, and he didn’t know what he was doing, but he knew that investing was the most secure way to sustainable wealth.
In 2012, Stefan heard about something “big” that Apple was going to release. He tried to purchase a stake in Apple, Inc. but didn’t because the broker he was working with convinced him that Apple was soon going to go bankrupt and that there better places to invest.
Following that advice is one of Stefan’s most painful financial regrets. That broker is now out of business.
After that Stefan decided to start on his own.

In 2014 he established Business24-7 as a news portal for people who would like to start trading forex, binary options CFDs or other commodities. At first he was publishing informational articles about investment opportunities and also sharing insider information. Right now he is focusing on writing platform reviews for beginner and advanced traders.

He keeps fit by mountain biking, surfing, skiing and lots of other adrenaline sports.

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