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Best Cryptocurrency Trading Courses in UAE 2023 (Updated)

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This guide helps users to find the best cryptocurrency trading course in UAE. It lists the top 5 online trading courses available to UAE clients considering the following criteria: pricing, reputation, knowledge gain, educational material formats, and students’ experience level

All of the listed trading courses are designed to help traders gain knowledge, confidence and their overall chances for profitable trading with cryptocurrencies in UAE.

This guide assesses 30 trading courses accepting UAE clients. To help users make an informed decision, they are ranked as best for: overall, free course, advanced, beginners and best trading tools, and technical analysis. 

Top 5 Crypto Trading Courses in UAE

  1. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course (by Udemy) – Best Overall Cryptocurrency Trading Course
  2. Binance Academy – Best Free Crypto Course
  3. Udemy – Best Advanced Crypto Trading Course 
  4. Blockchain Council (Certified Cryptocurrency Trader) – Best Crypoto Beginners Course
  5. Piggibacks – Best For Technical Analysis Course

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Courses in UAE Reviewed

The top 5 cryptocurrency trading courses in UAE are reviewed below.

1. Udemy Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course – Best Overall Trading Course in UAE

Udemy Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course

The Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course was launched in 2023 by Wealthy Education. It is one of the featured crypto courses available on the Udemy platform (a website listing  courses and tutorials on different topics). The course has over 20,000 students and a high user rating of 4,3/5,0 across 4,582 reviews. The creator of the course (Wealthy Education) has a great reputation in the community.

The price of The Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course is $119 (one time payment).

Educational topics covered in the Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course are listed below.

  • The Insider’s Cryptocurrency Trading System with proven trading strategies, real-world examples, and cheat sheets.
  • How to trade cryptocurrencies, broken down into bite-sized steps.
  • How to set up a cryptocurrency wallet and protect it from hackers.
  • How to conduct fundamental analysis and research cryptocurrencies one wants to invest in.
  • How to start cryptocurrency trading with $100 (360 AED). 
  • How to protect one’s cryptocurrency portfolio during market crashes.
  • How to read candlestick charts and conduct technical analysis.
  • How to use technical indicators like EMAs to spot trends and reversals.
  • How to use MACD and other indicators to spot trends and reversals.
  • How to set up a hot list of interesting cryptocurrencies to follow.
  • How to use support and resistance to trade cryptocurrencies profitably.
  • How to use advanced risk management systems to reduce risks and protect portfolios.

2. Binance Academy – Best Free Crypto Course

Binance Academy

Binance Academy is a free crypto online trading course launched in 2008. The course is accessible to all registered users of the Binance platform. Binance Academy provides users with an accessible education panel that covers crucial fundamentals and advanced topics, including blockchain technology and cyber security. Binance Academy also allows students to earn cryptocurrencies for completing various course modules.

Educational topics covered in the Binance Academy course are listed below.

  • Explanation of cryptocurrency terms and jargon including Hashing, Mining, FUD, and HODL
  • Explanation of main blockchain technology fundamentals (mining, encryption, smart contracts, and quadratic voting)
  • Trading strategies and economic perspectives on crypto and blockchain
  • Dollar-cost-averaging, Bitcoin’s store of value theory, and hundreds of other topics
  • Security aspects (cryptocurrency scams, schemes, and safeguarding crypto)
  • Advanced cryptocurrency strategies (staking, yield farming,liquidity mining, leverage)

3. The Advanced Crypto Trading Course (Udemy) – Best Advanced Course

The Advanced Crypto Trading Course (Udemy)

The Advanced Crypto Trading Course was published by Mohsen Hassan and the Bloom team. It provides students with practical and advanced cryptocurrency day trading and swing trading strategies. 

The course costs $119,99 (one time payment) and allows students live time access to all materials. It consists of 39 lessons (6 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, and 1 downloadable strategy sheet). It educates students on various advanced aspects of cryptocurrency trading, helping them to increase their chances for profitable trading.

Educational topics covered in the Best Advanced Crypto Trading Course are listed below.

  • Crypto trading strategies for direct implementation
  • Short selling and how to execute shorting within a cryptocurrency trading strategy.
  • Advanced risk management and money management techniques.
  • How to conduct historical performance analysis on major cryptocurrencies.
  • How to set up and run a triangular arbitrage strategy.
  • How to execute a market neutral momentum strategy.
  • How to read the order book and orderflow charts.
  • How to conduct technical analysis.
  • How to analyse and optimize trading performance.
  • How to run a market making strategy.
  • How to run a market neutral mean reversion (pair trading) strategy.

4. Blockchain Council – Certified Cryptocurrency Trader – Best For Beginners

Blockchain Council

The Blockchain Council Certified Cryptocurrency Trader course is aimed for beginner traders and investors explaining the fundamental concepts of cryptocurrency trading. The course promises to educate students to trade the cryptocurrency markets confidently and safely. 

The Blockchain Council Certified Cryptocurrency Trader course costs $179 (one time payment). Students get lifetime access to the course and its community. The course contains 6 hours of video material and 3 educational articles. 

Educational topics covered in the Blockchain Council – Certified Cryptocurrency Trader course are listed below.

  • How public and private blockchains work.
  • What are ICOs, how to invest in them, and what defines the price of a cryptocurrency.
  • How to conduct cryptocurrency analysis.
  • What cryptocurrency mining is and how to mine cryptocurrencies.
  • The differences between the cryptocurrency and stock markets.
  • How psychology plays its role in cryptocurrency trading.
  • How to use crypto hardware wallets and exchanges.
  • How to conduct technical and fundamental analysis in crypto trading.
  • How to trade crypto derivatives, options, and futures.
  • How crypto margin trading works and how to earn interest with margin lending.
  • How Binance and Bitget work
  • How to fill in crypto gains on taxes.
  • How to avoid common crypto scams

5. Piggibacks – Best For Technical Analysis


The Piggibacks Cryptocurrency Trading Course was founded by Kundai Dzawo. The course has over 22,500 students from over 20 countries. It helps students to become confident traders and increases their overall chances for profit. The courses consist of over 50 training videos which include basic and advanced cryptocurrency trading concepts, analysis, and trading know-how. 

The Piggibacks Cryptocurrency Trading Course costs $297 (one-time payment). The course promises to help traders gain the following trading abilities: trading the cryptocurrency markets confidently, using risk management tools and features, and preventing common mistakes to lose money. 

Educational topics covered in the Piggibacks Cryptocurrency Trading Course are listed below.

  • How to use TradingView in combination with cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and KuCoin.
  • How to read candlestick charts and recognise patterns.
  • How to create a profitable breakout trading strategy.
  • How to easily draw support and resistance lines on charts and use multiple timeframes effectively.
  • How to trade using technical indicators like the MACD, moving averages, and RSI.

The Top 5 Crypto Trading Courses Compared

CourseCryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course Binance AcademyUdemyBlockchain CouncilPiggybacks
Pricing$199 one-time paymentFree$199 one-time payment$179 one-time payment$297 one-timepayment
Trader LevelBeginner TraderBeginner TraderAdvanced TraderBeginner TraderAdvanced Trader
Materials AvailableVideosVideos, articles, terminology explanationsVideos, articles, strategy sheetVideos, articlesVideos, articles
Main FeaturesComplete how-to tutorial videos spanning multiple cryptocurrency trading topicsVideo and blog tutorials on everything cryptocurrency trading related, including security, trading, and passive income methodsIn-depth cryptocurrency trading course covering risk management, technical and fundamental analysis, and various trading strategiesBeginners guide to cryptocurrency trading, blockchain technology, and the usage of digital assets in generalComplete course on cryptocurrency trading, including tutorials on how to draw lines, spot trends, and apply various trading strategies

Tips To Help Choosing The Right Crypto Trading Course In UAE

Tips that help choosing the right crypto trading course in UAE are listed below. 

  • Knowledge Level – Each trading course is designed for traders with specific knowledge and experience level. It is important to choose a trading course that fits the clients knowledge and experience level.
  • Reputation – Reputable courses increase students chances for successful trading. The reputation of crypto trading courses is defined by the credibility of the author, community opinions and user reviews. Trading courses with better user reviews and feedback should be preferred. 
  • Personal Preferences – Trading courses cover different topics. Courses that match students’ interest areas should be preferred. 
  • Accessibility – Online cryptocurrency trading courses are available in multiple formats, such as video, written tutorials, webinars, and podcasts. Courses with the favored format should be preferred.  

What Are Crypto Trading Courses?

Trading courses are educational programs that help individuals to learn trading and investing with cryptocurrencies. These courses are designed to educate traders in order to increase their chances for profitable trading with cryptocurrencies. They cover a wide range of crypto related topics including basic terminology, step by step trading examples, proven strategies, coin research, technical analysis, risk management, and trading psychology.

How Trading Courses Help To Make Money Regardless Of The Current Market Situation?

Inexperienced traders and investors only invest in times when cryptocurrencies are trading at low prices (‘’crypto winters’’) and profit potential is high. However, they are missing out on profitable trading opportunities in time of market growth. Trading courses help traders to identify charting patterns and spot profitable trading opportunities regardless of the current market conditions.  

How Does Cryptocurrency Trading Courses Increase Chances of Making Money?

Characteristics of cryptocurrency trading courses that increase chances for profitable trading with cryptocurrencies are listed below.

  • Explaining Basic Terms: Most cryptocurrency trading courses contain glossaries that include basic terms and ‘’slang’’ used in cryptocurrency trading. Understanding the main terminology increases trader’s confidence and chances for successful trading. 
  • Market Analysis Instructions: Crypto courses explain the fundamentals of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and the usage of charting tools to understand market trends and price movements. This can greatly increase profitability.
  • Coverage Of Main Trading Strategies: Courses explain main trading strategies such as swing trading, day trading, scalping, position trading, and trend following. This allows a better education of the traders and increases their trading confidence.
  • Explaining Risk and Money Management: Courses explain how to use the main risk management tools and techniques such as stop-loss orders, position sizing, and portfolio diversification. This decreases the risk of losing money on common mistakes.
  • Explaining Crypto Trading Tools: Courses explain the usage of buy/sell orders, advanced trading tools, how to use Tradeview, MT4, how to trade using mACD, moving averages, and RSI.
  • Explaining Strategy Backtesting: Most courses explain how to apply trading strategy backtesting on demo accounts or real live accounts by using trade analysis software.
  • Portfolio Building Explanation and Examples: Courses cover how to grow and diversify a solid cryptocurrency portfolio that focuses on long-term success. Diversification and risk management play key roles in successful trading strategies.
  • Providing Real World Trading Examples: Courses include real (live) trading examples to help students learn exactly how the cryptocurrency markets move and what to expect in certain scenarios. 
  • Explaining Trading Psychology: Most courses cover psychological training required for successful cryptocurrency trading, including dealing with emotions, and having discipline and patience.


This guide assesses 30 crypto trading courses available in UAE and compares them across 5 categories. The top crypto courses in UAE are: Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course (by Udemy), Binance Academy, Best Advanced Crypto Trading Course (by Udemy), Blockchain Council (Certified Cryptocurrency Trader), and Piggybacks.

All of the listed courses in this guide are designed to educated traders to increase overall chances for profitable trading with cryptocurrencies. The differ based on the covered topics, knowledge level and educational approach.


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