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Best Forex Signals Providers in UAE 2023 (JUNE UPDATE)

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This guide helps to compare and find the best forex signals providers in UAE. Trading signals are popular tools among UAE forex traders and investors to find lucrative market opportunities without constantly monitoring the markets. By signaling trade entry and exit points, users increase their chances for profitable trading. However, with 39 signal providers in UAE offering different services and conditions, selecting the ideal option for individual needs is challenging.

To help traders make the optimal choice, the services of available providers in UAE have been assessed considering: fees, types of signals, real-time alerts, platform compatibility, timeframes, and reputation.

This guide compares 39 providers for users to compare and select the ideal provider for their needs. To help them make an informed decision, a list of the best forex signals providers in UAE is shared below, followed by in-depth reviews and comparisons.

Best Forex Signal Provider in UAE

  1. Learn2Trade
  2. 100pip Builder
  3. Daily Forex Signals

Top Forex Signals Providers in UAE Reviewed

The top forex signals providers in UAE are reviewed below including pros and cons.

1. Learn2Trade 

Learn2Trade offers the best overall platform for trading signals. It has an excellent reputation and specializes in cryptos and forex trading signals. Learn2Trade offers a Telegram group where it shares all its signals. This group has around 17,000 members. 

This signal platform offers three free signals each week. It has access to stop-loss and take-profit levels. Learn2Trade is a good choice for beginner forex traders as it provides excellent learning tools. The downside is that it isn’t fully automated. Traders need to act on each signal. 

2. 100pip Builder 

100pip builder is the best trading signal platform for access to MT4 tools. It is a top choice for traders who want to trade passively. It has a fully-automated forex signal service with a forex expert advisor. 

This platform uses a trading bot to send your signals to a third-party platform. The 100pip Builder signals trade automatically for you with a chosen MT4 broker. It has a one-time fee of $97, and it is simple to install and use. We recommend it for passive or inexperienced forex traders. 

3. Daily Forex Signals 

Daily Forex Signals is a secure platform with forex trading services. It sends forex trading suggestions in a Telegram Group. It has around 3,000 members, and it stands out as a reliable forex signal provider. Daily Forex Signals has four account tiers. The standard account costs £29.99 per month, while a 3-month package costs £74.99. 

This platform offers forex signals based on technical analysis. It has an average success rate, and it claims to have made more than 27,000 pips. It is a good fit for experienced forex traders. Daily Forex Signals doesn’t offer learning tools. 

4. has an excellent reputation as a top forex signal provider. It offers an industry-leading forex platform with an intuitive interface. has many learning and research tools. It encourages traders to learn technical analysis for a better understanding of forex trading. 

This platform has a free trading signals trial to test its services. Its signal rooms are available 24/7 and cover all time zones. The downside is that it is expensive and has a monthly cost of $97. We recommend for traders at all levels. 

How To Find The Ideal Forex Signals Provider and Broker in UAE?

Criteria for selecting the ideal forex signals provider in UAE are listed below.

  • Past Performance.  Signal providers with a track record of high success rates need to be preferred. Do not fall for the claims states on providers websites, but make sure to check their insight and success rates stated by other users.
  • Broker and Platform Compatibility. The signals provider of choice should support your preferred forex broker and platform. Don’t fall for the providers suggested broker listing as they tend to be subjective and impartial.
  • Start With Free Signal Providers. For those new to trading with signals it is recommendable to start off with a free provider. Those provide great opportunities to get use to trade with signals and still allow the users to switch to a paid provider if required.
  • Reputation. To find a reputable provider users need to consider the feedback of previous users, the number of overall users and social media responses. Try to avoid providers with free or low pricing stating unrealistic success rates as they tend to be scams.
  • How Signals Are Generated. Signal providers use different ways to generate signals including fundamental, sentimental, technical and price analysis, news trading and AI and machine learning. Services with that use a variety of methods to generate signals need to be prefered.
  • Time Frames. Signal providers use different ways and time frames for sharing trading signals. Users trading strategy and trading style (day trading, scalping, short-selling, position trading) need to be considered to choose the ideal provider.

Top Forex Signals Providers Compared

Key features of the highest rated forex signal providers in UAE are compared in the table below.

SIGNAL PROVIDERSSuccess ratePriceCopy TradingSignals DailyTrading StyleTrading roomTrading EducationTrustpilot scoreForex Peace Army ScoreMyFXBook
100pip Builder56%21-77/month GBPNoVariesSwingNoNo4,84,5Yes
Forex.Signals.comMore empahsis is put on the education – user selects signals20-50/month EURNoManyDaily, Swing, ProprietaryYesYes4,54,4No
Learn2Trade76%21.5-50/month GBPYesUp to 5Daily, Swing, AlgorithmicNoNo4,1N/ANo
Daily Forex SignalsN/AFreeNoVariesSwingNoNo3N/ANo

What Are Forex Signals? 

Forex signals are valuable trading suggestions that tell traders what orders to place. A signal provider has a team of in-house trading experts who research trading trends. When the team identifies an opportunity, they will send a forex signal. This signal tells a trader everything he needs to know to act on the forex signal. 

When you receive a forex signal, you have to use your forex trading account and place the orders. Forex signals diminish trading risks and increase potential revenue gains. But we don’t recommend this for new traders. You need to know when and how to use the information from a trading signal. Read our in-depth forex trading reviews for insights on trading strategies and safety. 

How To Trade With Learn2Trade? 

To trade forex with Learn2Trade, you have to register with the provider. Learn2Trade has different plans, depending on your needs and experience. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to trade with Learn2Trade. 

Step 1: Register With Learn2Trade 
The first step is to create an account with Learn2Trade. Choose a plan and pay the fee to move to the next step. 

Step 2: Join Learn2Trade Telegram Group 
Download and install the Telegram app to access the Learn2Trade group. Join this premium forex signal channel and enable notifications. 

Step 3: Use The Forex Demo Account 
After joining the Learn2Trade Telegram Group, you should use a forex demo account. We recommend using eToro, as it has a reliable virtual trading account. Use the trading suggestions to virtual trade forex at eToro. 

Step 4: Start Forex Trading 
The next step is to start forex trading with a live platform. The virtual trading account offers insights into price fluctuations and market conditions. Use those to learn how to forex trade live. 


It requires time and effort to explore and evaluate signal providers’ services in the UAE to find the ideal option. Users must compare and review relevant information to make the optimal choice for their needs.

This guide does the hard work for you, comparing and evaluating the top choices for different types of traders and trading strategies. The results of our analysis of the best forex signal providers in UAE are summed up in the table below.

#1Learn2Trade4,8/5Official website
#2100pip Builder4,7/5Official website
#3Daily Forex Signals4,5/5Official website
#4Forex.Signals.com4,2/5Official website


How Do You Access Forex Signals?

To access forex signals, you need to select a forex signal provider. Subscribe to one of its plans, and join the Telegram Group. You’ll receive notifications each time there is a powerful forex signal available.

How To Use Forex Signals?

After you receive a forex trading signal, traders use it with a forex broker. They place the suggested trade on a secure platform. Read our in-depth platform reviews to learn more about forex trading.

Which Is The Best Alternative To The Learn2Trade Platform?

The best alternative to the Learn2Trade platform is eToro. eToro is a top social trading brokerage firm with excellent forex services. It offers copy trading services to automate your trades. It has a competitive fee structure with no hidden fees. We recommend it for all forex traders. Our in-depth platform reviews offer insights into eToro’s services.

Is It Safe To Use Forex Signals?

Yes, it is safe to use forex signals. But you need to use the services of a secure forex trading platform. We recommend choosing a provider with a money-back guarantee and a transparent fee policy. Our in-depth forex reviews offer details about forex trading safety.

Which Are The Advantages Of Forex Signals?

The main advantages of forex signals are market exposure and passive strategies. Forex trading signals offer powerful insights into market price fluctuations. These represent a top choice for passive trading strategies. Forex signals are excellent for traders at all levels.

Which Are The Drawbacks Of Forex Signals?

Trading comes with risks, so forex signals also have drawbacks. Trading strategies may have negative results depending on live forex market conditions. Forex signals might be challenging for new traders as it may be challenging to check the success rates of bots and signals.

Are Licenses Important For Forex Brokers?

Yes, licenses are essential for forex brokers. These are key aspects to consider when choosing a forex broker. Top-tier licenses for forex platforms are FCA and SEC. Read our in-depth forex reviews to discover more about forex brokers and licenses.

How Much Money Do I Need To Start Forex Trading?

The answer to this question varies based on your trading experience. Forex brokerage firms have many fees and commissions. Most brokers have a minimum deposit requirement for forex trading. Verify our in-depth reviews for insights on deposits, fees, and trades.

How Do I Select A Forex Trading Account?

You should select a forex trading account based on your skills and experience. Start with a virtual trading account if you’re a new trader. Demo trading offers valuable insights into forex trading. It helps traders understand how forex trading and forex signals might perform in live market conditions.


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