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Plus500 vs TD Ameritrade 2021

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Plus500 and TD Ameritrade are leading brokerage firms in 2021 with excellent trading experiences. Plus500 has a transparent funding process and fee structure. It has licenses from the MAS, FCA, and ASIC. We recommend it for experienced traders because it has limited learning and research tools. 

Broker NamePlus500TD Ameritrade
Year Founded20081975
Tradable AssetsForex, Commodities, Individual shares, ETFs, Options, Cryptocurrencies.Futures, Bond, Fund, Forex, Stock, ETF, Options
Min Deposit$100$0
Min Trade$0Low
PlatformsWeb, MobileiOS and Android
DepositFree of chargeFree for US residents, wire transfer for non US
WithdrawalsFree of chargeFree for US residents, wire transfer for non US

TD Ameritrade is the leading US-based stockbroker with a straightforward trading platform. It offers competitive fees, and it has a presence on a stock exchange. We recommend it for traders of all levels of experience, as it provides useful learning resources and professional tools. 

Both brokerage firms have strengths and weaknesses. This article discusses the differences between Plus500 and TD Ameritrade. 

Top findings from the Plus500 vs. TD Ameritrade review: 

  1. Plus500 is a professional and safe broker with transparent fees. 
  1. TD Ameritrade has top-tier licenses and impressive learning tools. 
  1. Both online brokers offer a virtual trading account to test their offering. 

Plus500 is a good choice for experienced traders as it has limited research and educational materials. We recommend TD Ameritrade for investors of all levels of experience. 

Level of experience  

Beginner traders choose TD Ameritrade instead of Plus500. TD Ameritrade offers educational materials, Paper Trading, and many other reliable learning tools. This broker has beginner-friendly platforms and premium trading tools for traders of all levels of experience. TD Ameritrade is only available to traders based in the USA. 

Plus500 doesn’t offer educational materials. It is an excellent choice for experienced traders, as it has premium platforms. It offers some trading tools, including an economic calendar. Plus500 is a good choice for professional traders. This broker is available to traders throughout the world. 


Plus500 has an initial deposit of €100, while TD Ameritrade doesn’t charge a fee for creating new accounts and it has an active trader discount. Both brokerage firms follow a transparent fee policy. 


Both online brokers offer access to popular forex pairs, including GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and USD/CAD. Plus500 has 50 currency pairs, while TD Ameritrade offers 73 currency pairs. Plus500 has 2033 CFDs, and TD Ameritrade doesn’t offer any. 

Trading platform  

Plus500 offers a proprietary platform, a web platform, and a desktop platform. It has limited research and educational tools. Plus500 has a professional mobile app with standard alerts and watch lists. Its platforms are difficult to learn for beginner traders. 

TD Ameritrade offers an impressive trading experience because of its trading platforms focused on learning tools. It has professional trading tools available on every platform. TD Ameritrade offers a better experience with superior market data and trading ideas. It is a good choice for both beginner and professional traders. 

Banking services  

Banking services are an asset for traders of all levels of experience. Plus500 is present on London’s stock exchange. It offers many funding options, including Skrill, PayPal, bank transfers, and credit/debit. 

TD Ameritrade has a banking history and a presence on the Nasdaq stock exchange. It offers its clients debit/credit and checking accounts. 

Final verdict  

Plus500 and TD Ameritrade are leading online brokers in 2021. Both have advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs and trading experience. We recommend Plus500 for professionals as it has premium platforms and tools. TD Ameritrade is a better choice for US-based beginners, as it has impressive learning and research tools. 


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