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IQ Option Review – Experience Revealed From a Traders Perspective

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  • Profit up to 95% on binary options and up to 900% on digital options.
  • Intuitive trading platform with apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Maximize profits and minimize losses with risk management features.
  • Over 250+ assets to trade including ETFs, Crypto, Stocks, CFDs, and Forex.
  • Free demo account with $10,000 in virtual funds to practice with.
Broker Name IQ Option
Year Founded: 2013
Trading Assets: ETFs, Digital Options, Binary Options, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Commodities, Stocks
Minimum Deposit: $10
Minimum Trade: $1
Payouts: 95% Max
Trade Platform: Sophisticated In House Build Trading Platform
Trading Apps: iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS
Countries Not Accepted: United States, Japan, Israel, Turkey, Belgium, Russian Federation, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain.
Deposit Methods: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Maestro, Skrill, WebMoney, Cash U, Neteller, and Moneybookers
Withdrawals: Processed Within 1 Business Day.

In a nutshell 

IQ Option is EU regulated online broker with 7 million users, founded in 2013. It offers binary options and CFDs.

The IQ Option platform is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The sign-up takes 1 minute, and interface is very easy to navigate.

The spreads and fees are competitive. Deposits are free as well as most withdrawal methods. Minimum deposit is $10.

IQ option also features a large library of different educational materials. In our opinion, they are better than most of the competition’s.

One of the biggest disadvantages of IQ Option is its relatively low number of financial instruments, especially CFDs on stocks and commodities.

Overall, we do recommend IQ Option as a reliable and trustworthy online broker.



  • Trading spreads
  • Bank withdrawal with $31
  • Account inactivity fee of up to €10/month
  • Verification Account Closure Fee
  • Exchange fees


  • Deposit fees
  • Withdrawals through payment service providers
  • Commission on trading
  • Platform usage

Insights and Platform Review – Is IQ Option a Scam?

IQ Option is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with millions of users. It’s not a scam.

IQ Option is one of the largest and well-known online brokers. It’s praised for its low barrier-to-entry, easy-to-use website, quick withdrawals and a versatile set of financial assets that are available to trade.

These assets include Contract for Difference (CFDs) on stocks, cryptocurrencies, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), forex, and a range of binary and digital options. We explain how they work in detail further down the article.

Fast growth

They initially started as a binary broker, but later expanded to other assets. The growth has been admirable so far. The number of accounts has grown to more than 7 million as of today. It welcomes traders from the majority of countries – but not all. Users from the United States, Japan, Israel and some other countries are unfortunately excluded.

Their trading spreads are relatively competitive. Deposits are free with a minimum deposit of $10 which is especially friendly to first-time traders. Withdrawal costs vary depending on the method used. Withdrawals through payment service providers are free. Bank transfers, on the other hand, come attached with a $31 fee.

Regulated company

IQ Option was founded in 2013 by IQ Option Europe Ltd. The company is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This is a good thing obviously: the regulator ensures that companies such as IQ Option are in compliance with the laws and regulations of the both Republic of Cyprus and the European Union.

This sort of licence is a good indicator that the company is not a scam or fraudulent. However, trading itself is risky; 87% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with IQ Option. This is a relatively high percentage; another online broker Plus500, for instance, reports a 76,4% rate for the same asset.

What Can You Trade With IQ Option?

Besides options, IQ Option users are also able to trade CFDs – currencies are very well covered, but number of stocks, available to trade, is under-average.


  • Binary and digital options
  • CFDs trading with popular stocks
  • Competitive number of currency pairs


  • Under-average number of CFDs on stocks

The platform allows to choose from a variety of financial assets. Along with the binary options, you can trade with Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on stocks, Forex, commodities, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Cryptocurrencies.

For many inexperienced traders, CFDs and binary options are a bit harder to understand. So, let’s explain them more in detail here:

  • CFDs are financial derivatives which allow investors to bet on the price of an asset without ever owning it. You can speculate whether the price will go down (short) or up (long). If you’re right, you profit, if not, you lose. CFD types available on the IQ Option trading platform include CFDs on stocks, Forex, indices, CFDs on commodities and cryptocurrencies, ETFs.
  • Binary options trading involves deciding whether the price of the underlying asset is going to increase or decrease. If you choose Call option: you get profit if the closing price is higher than opening price. If you choose Put option: you get profit if the closing price is lower than the opening price.

Let’s now look at all the trading possibilities available on IQ Option:

  • CFDs on Stocks – IQ Option offers CFDs trading on stocks from more than 171 different companies, some of them being listed on NASDAQ or NYSE, such as eBay, Slack and Amazon.
  • CFDs on ETFs – ETF trading works by tracking commodities, indices, and baskets of various assets. ETFs are in many ways similar to mutual funds; however, they are listed on exchanges and ETF shares trade throughout the day just like ordinary stock. IQ Options lists 24 ETFs available to be traded.
  • CFDs on Cryptocurrencies – You can choose from 12 of the biggest cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash and Omisego.
  • Forex – Foreign exchange is one of the most popular trading markets. IQ Option offers around 50 forex currency trading pairs. The most popular currency pairs are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/NZD, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY.
  • Binary options: Binary options involve deciding whether the price of the underlying asset is going to increase or decrease. Binary and Digital Options are only available to Professional Clients.
  • Digital options: Some people find digital options as more convenient. You can only lose as much as you have invested, and the best part is that you can exit the market if you feel that the losses are too much.  Trade position expiry time is between 1 to 5 minutes. Digital options are the best for individuals in non-regulated states where they cannot access FX trades.
  • FX Options: Forex Options are mostly suited for European traders. Most traders opt to combine them with the digital option to get better returns. FX options have an expiry time of up to one hour, and you have a choice to exit the trade to minimize losses or lock profits before its maturity.

In comparison to other online brokers, IQ Option performs well with the currency pairs and cryptocurrency, but overall it offers considerably fewer financial instruments. The reason why is that IQ Option lags with CFDs on stocks and commodities. Here is a breakdown:

# of CFDs Plus500 eToro IQ Option
Currency pairs 50 47 49
Crypto (individual coins) 12 16 12
Total CDFs offered 2033 1980 260

Signing Up With IQ options

Sign-up process takes only 1 minute.


  • Fast sign-up
  • Sign-up with Google and Facebook account


  • None

The easiest way to sign up with this broker is through Facebook, Google, or by using your email address. After you fill in your username and password, you can start using your demo account with $10,000 right away. It takes one minute to complete the registration.

You can, on the other hand, transfer funds into your real account and start trading right away. You will be notified when you create both – the demo and the real account.



The minumum deposit on the platform is $10. Deposits are free.


  • No deposit fees
  • Minimum $10 deposit
  • No verification for lower amounts


  • PayPal deposits not supported

At IQ Option, there is a minimum deposit of 10$. You can select your deposit form and transfer the money without having to pay any deposit fees.

For deposits up to $2000, verification is not needed. In case of larger amounts, IQ Option will demand some proof that you’re a real person. This involves submitting your I.D., bank statement or a bill for utility services. The verification process depends on your residency.

The good news is that IQ Option offers a wide range of deposit methods. You can use debit or credit cards (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa) or decide to use other payment processors such as Skrill, WebMoney, Cash U, Moneybookers, and Neteller. At the time of writing, it is not possible to transfer funds via PayPal.

You can also send your funds to this platform through Wire Transfer which usually takes longer – 3 to 5 days. Additional bank fees may apply using this method.

The minimal deposit amount is $10 which is very friendly for beginner traders.


Withdrawals are mostly free –  bank transfer, on the other hand, has a fee attached.


  • Minimum withdrawal $2


  • $31 withdrawal fee on bank transfers

Your withdrawal method will depend on the deposit method.

If you make a deposit from a card, you will be able to withdraw your initial deposit amount back to the card. To be precise, you will be able to withdraw the total amount of your deposits over the last 90 days to your card. Everything that exceeds this amount (your profit) has to be withdrawn to an e-wallet (Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney) or via bank transfer which will incur a $31 fee.

If you use an e-wallet to deposit, you will only be able to withdraw to the same e-wallet account. In order to withdraw funds, make a withdrawal request on the withdrawal page.

Withdrawal requests are processed by IQ Option within 24 business hours. If you withdraw to a bank card, a payment system and your bank require additional time to process this transaction.

This platform has a relatively low minimum withdrawal amount — it starts from $2.

Note that if you want to withdraw your funds, you’ll have to first verify your profile. See the “Deposits On IQ Option” for more information on that.

Trading Features

The trading interface is one of the highlights – it’s easy-to-use with a lot of technical tools at disposal.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Great mobile app
  • A large number of technical analysis indicators and tools
  • Demo account with the same functions


  • Glitchy at times

Trading with this broker is easy and intuitive. The trading charts are in the centre with buy and sell boxes on the right-hand side. Your total trading balance is located at the top along with any assets you are currently trading.

IQ Options has its own proprietary trading platform that is very nicely designed. Navigating around the platform is straightforward and is overall an enjoying experience.

It is very easy to find all the tools and features, everything makes sense. The IQ Option platform has also many useful charting tools which are a necessity for successful trading.

Also note that IQ Option has a trade maximum for both real money and demo account. You can make an investment up to $20,000 in a single trade.


You can use the drop-down on the upper left to pick your trading instrument. Here you’ll find the Binary Options, Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Commodities, Indices, and ETFs. From each of the asset, you can find your specific instruments through a search bar.

Trading on IQ Options is possible directly from the online interface. On the right side of the graph, you will see the buy and sell buttons. Just fill out the amount of the asset you want to trade and confirm your order.

There are also the standard links to chats, trading history, and the customer support service. If you have any issues, you can always start a conversation with the support team. The resources section is another useful feature, offering all the training and education material you might need. There are many short educational videos on offer, so you can watch the training material without needing to leave your trading account.

The demo account has the same functionalities as the standard one, allowing you to improve your skill and get familiar with their platform, using the $10,000 of virtual money available on the demo trading account. As we said before, even if you lose that virtual money, you can replenish it, so you always have something to practice with.


Mobile Trading App

You can also trade on their mobile application. The mobile setup is pretty similar to the web interface. On the right side of the cart, you have your buy and sell options. You can also change the investment, leverage, and price and before making a trade.


Technical Research Tools

To be able to trade as efficiently as possible, the platform offers many different charting tools. Those are essential for any serious trader as they let you make an informed decision on the market. Based on those tools you can develop your strategy and better understand what’s going on in the market.


The most commonly used charts on the IQ Option platform are candle charts. They show a time period, with colors presenting the amount of volatility and the price movement between the beginning and the end of each period.

Hollow candles are similar, but instead of showing different colors, the positive price movements are full, and negative movements are presented with a hollow candle.

The platform also lets you use area charts that show the price in a line, with shading showing the volatility. Line charts are similar but without the shaded area.

Bars cover your chosen time period, similar to candle charts. They show the prices at the beginning and end of a certain period, with vertical lines. The horizontal lines are there to show the prices at open and close positions.


The indicators on the IQ Option platform are used to discover trends and find trades with good profit potential. They have 13 different indicators you can access through the charting interface.

You can use each indicator independently or you can go for a combination of them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones:

Moving Averages (MAs) show you the average trading trends in your specified time periods. They are often used with other indicators and include Simple Moving Averages, Weighted Moving Averages, Smooth Simple Moving Averages, and Exponential Moving Averages.

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicates where moving averages diverge or converge. It lets you compare the relation between Exponential Moving Averages.

The Parabolic SAR is similar to moving averages. The main difference is its position that is changing with the price and corresponds to higher acceleration. You can observe it in groups or dots.

The Awesome Oscillator shows a visualization of two SMAs. One is fast and the other slow. This indicator helps you observe trend development.

Bollinger Bands are basically trend indicators that present a dynamic range of the price movement.

Volume Indicators indicate the amount of the traded asset during a given period of time, showing the intensity of the trading action on the market.

The Alligator Indicator lets you asses market movements. It shows you the movement direction and lets you filter out the Side Bands. This is a cross-functional trend that allows you to discover an emerging trend.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) shows the strength of the current trend and possible reversal points. It compares the price growth with the overall price reduction. It is shown by a curve.

The Stoch or Stochastic Oscillator indicators let you know the current price position, comparing it to the extreme highs and lows in a certain time frame. It is shown as the percentage, letting you figure out any potential reversal points.

The Average True Range (ATR) indicates the volatility of the asset over a certain time period. It also shows the change rate of quotes.

The Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) presents a trend’s strength prior to the price movement. It can also show a potential change in volatility.

A fractal includes at least five Japanese candle sticks, indicating the local maxima and minima of price curves and possible market reversal points.

Commodity Channel Index (CCI) shows you the speed of the price movements. It helps you discover the upcoming market reversals and is helpful when assessing the strength of a trend.

Extra Features on IQ Option Platform

If you like to trade on your smartphone, you’ll be pleased: IQ Option app works great!


  • Well-designed mobile app
  • Fun trading competition


  • Occasional bugs with the mobile app (especially with the verification)

IQ option offers some additional features that many traders will welcome as efficient and useful. The company claims to be especially focused on improving the user experience. Additional features indeed offer a more comfortable trading experience.

Mobile Trading Features and App

The IQ Options app is clean, with an intuitive graphical interface. It also includes most of the indicators and charting tools, available on the standard platform.

You can enable push notifications that allows you to be always up to date with the trading action. You can also set the alerts on specific price points. This way you will receive an instant notification once your designated point is reached.

The IQ Option trading app works on tablets and smartphones, accessible both for Android and Apple iOS.

Organised Trading Competition

IQ Option organizes different trading competitions. The Binary Option tournaments, for instance, are a good way to test your skills and try to earn some extra money by winning the prizes.

The trading competitions usually last for around 30 minutes. In the beginning, you’ll get $10,000 in virtual funds. The rules are simple: the trader with the most money at the end wins the prize.

The prize is either fixed or relative to the number of tournament participants. The winner receives up to 100x the entry fee. If you lose all of your tournament funds, you can always participate in other tournaments.

IQ Option Education and Training

Educational content is one of the best in the industry which is especially helpful for the beginners.


  • Detailed educational material
  • Accessible via different formats


  • Certain FAQ segments are not exhaustive

The IQ Options platform offers a lot of useful information and educational material for both beginners and experienced traders. This includes educational trading videos, webinars, trading strategies and tutorials. The educational library is one of the best in the industry.

IQ Option also offers access to e-books. Their FAQ section is detailed in covering most of the relevant questions.

The IQ Option Affiliate Program

As an affiliate can receive up to 50 percent of the broker’s profit.


  • Payment twice per month
  • Easy onboarding


  • Decrease of the revenue share from 70% to 50%

The IQ Options platform also has its own affiliate program. If you want to earn some extra money, you can bring in new people and receive a reward if they trade on the platform.

You only need to share your affiliate link, and anyone who clicks and creates an account will be associated with your user ID.

As an affiliate of IQ Option can receive up to 50 percent of the broker’s profit which is a decrease from a previous 70 percent revenue share. The company claims that the monthly affiliate earnings reached 3 million dollars in 2020.

The IQ Options affiliate earnings are paid twice per month and you can’t have a negative affiliate balance with IQ Option. There is cross-platform support, and you have mobile and web versions of the affiliate program. They also provide you with analytics, so you can track your affiliate income.

Below you’ll see the affiliate’s monthly earnings in the last few years. The growth corresponds with the overall growth of the platform.


Hodly Wallet – What Is it and How You Can Use It?

Hodly is an easy-to-use crypto wallet created by IQ Options. It features all the functions you would expect from a cryptocurrency wallet buying and selling the coins and browsing through different information such as market cap, trading volume for the last 24 hours, the current price, and the one-day percentage change. Hodly supports all the biggest cryptos out there, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.

Customer Support

IQ Option lets users contact the support team by email, contact form or their chat. They claim to respond to every query within five minutes while aiming to resolve any pending issues in 24 minutes on average.

If you require more personalised customer service, you can upgrade to a VIP account, and you will receive your own personal manager. Nothing beats fast responses when it comes to determining the quality of customer services, and this definitely a plus for them.

The IQ Option customer support is available in several languages, again showing the company’s international focus. You are good to go if you understand one of the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, German, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Urdi or Swedish. Note here, that the telephone support is available only in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

IQ Options Awards Overview

Awards are a good sign that a company is reliable. And IQ Option has quite a lot of them.

From its inception, IQ Option has received a number of awards that prove the broker’s credibility.

Here are some of the more notable ones:

  • Award of Excellence from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts in 2017
  • Rising Star grant for “The intelligent trading application for binary options” from the Mobile Star Awards in 2016
  • Best Technology Application by the Web Marketing Association in 2016
  • Fastest Growing Binary Option Brand by Global Brands Magazine in 2014

IQ Option Jurisdictions, Languages, and Countries

IQ Option is regulated by official authorities. It’s accessible to most of the countries, but not all. U.S. residents, for instance, won’t be able to use the platform.


  • Over 7 million users
  • Regulated in the EU
  • Translated in 17 languages
  • Investor’s protection up to 20,000 euros (for EU users)


  • none

IQ Option claims to have more than 7 million registered users as of 2020 which is a 150% increase from 2016. These users perform – on average – around 21,500 transactions daily.

Meanwhile, the monthly trading volume at IQ Option increased from one million dollars in 2014 to 53 million dollars in 2020.

Their website is presently accessible in 17 languages, practically allowing traders from most of the countries to use the platform.


To bolster its image as a reliable broker, traders will be pleased to know that IQOption is a regulated broker under the jurisdiction of the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the name of holding company IQ Option Europe.

As a regulated broker under CySEC, this means that IQ Option is also a MiFID compliant broker. Another benefit for clients of being regulated by CySEC is the fact that IQOption is also a member of the Investors Compensation Scheme. Under this scheme, each of IQ Option’s clients’ funds is protected up to a maximum amount of 20,000 euros.

But for traders that are outside the EEA, their accounts are managed by a separate sister company called IQ Option Ltd which doesn’t fall under the authority and rules of the EU.

IQ Option USA

Unfortunately, IQ Option isn’t accessible to traders in the United States. The U.S has stricter limitations and guidelines which means American users can’t use the platform. Other countries which has similar restrictions include Australia, USA, Belgium, Canada, Iran, Israel, Japan, Latvia, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Russia, Sudan, Syria and Turkey.

Is IQ Option a Scam?

Positive reviews vastly outnumber the negative opinions.

While looking at the IQ Option platform we went through some that claimed IQ Options is a scam. One of the reasoning behind the claims was the fact that they disabled somebody’s account meaning they couldn’t withdraw their balance. There were quite a few unsatisfied people who claim that they’ve lost their money trading on the platform.

When we put the complaints in the perspective, they were vastly outnumbered by the positive reviews and opinions, meaning that only a small minority had some sort of a problem with the service.

IQ Option is a highly regulated broker and one of the most trusted companies in the industry. Their highly sophisticated trading platform is among the best in the industry and we highly recommend IQ Option to traders of all experience levels – beginner to advanced.

Is IQ Option Safe?

There hasn’t been any public reports that the platform has been hacked.

IQ option is considered a safe online broker provider. Besides good business practices, such as keeping investor’s fund in separate accounts, the platform also includes some other more technical security measures.

The platform has full SSL encryption. The communication is encrypted to meet AES 256 Bit encryption measures. They have implemented strong steps to encrypt the web traffic between the trader’s computer system and their servers to ensure that their clients’ personal and financial details are secured.

Until now, there hasn’t been any public reports that the platform has been hacked or compromised in any other way.

IQ Option Final Verdict

We recommend IQ Option, but be careful – trading with options or CFDs is risky!

To sum it up,  IQ Option is a great solution for beginner as well as advanced traders who are looking to trade a variety of different financial instruments and assets such as forex, stocks, ETF’s, binary options, cryptocurrencies, and other commodities on a highly sophisticated and yet easy to use platform.

From a trader’s perspective we found the IQ Option trading platform one of the biggest pro factors. It doesn’t only offer a high variety of trading tools and analytics packages but also a personalised and easy to use trading dashboard.

The customer support at IQ Option is not the best in the industry, but still among the most responsive. Our questions were all answered on time and our queries were settled in a reasonable time span.

We also need to take into consideration that IQ Option has recently had a huge number of new customers signing up with them what was causing dome delays is account verification and depositing.

What we did not like that much is their two-level customer service system. To have consistent access to your personal account manager, you have to have a VIP account which requires a deposit of $3,000 or more, which is over the budget for most people.

At last, IQ Option isn’t accessible to the residents of nations, for example, the United States, Canada, and Japan. However, they still accept users from more than 176 nations and give complete support for every one of its clients.

Their users can be sure to interact with an intuitive platform that gives access to an abundance of assets and exchanging alternatives.

IQ Option User Reviews and Trading Experience

We want to hear your personal story and trading experience with this broker. If you want to share your thoughts and your personal trading experience with the wider trading world than feel free to post your comment below.

Please make sure your comments are non promotional and don’t include any inappropriate links or other promotional materials. Comments with abusive, vulgar, offensive, or harassing language, and comments which can be understand as a personal attacks of any kind will be deleted as well.

“CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.”


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Providers were also required to fill out a multi-point survey regarding every aspect of their platform. In-person demonstrations and evaluations were provided by the majority of the online providers we reviewed.

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All trading involves risk. More than 80% of investors lose in spread bet and CFD trading. As these complex instruments allow for the use of leverage, there is a high risk of losing more money than you have deposited. Before attempting to participate in spread bets and CFDs, consider how well you understand them and if you can afford to lose your money.


  1. Hey,

    do you know if IQ Option also allows Islamic accounts and if the answer is yes, are there any special restrictions for Islamic users?

    Thank you,


    • Hey Andre,

      yes IQ option does allow islamic accounts and there are no special restrictions or whatsoever you would need to know about before signing up with them. They also have support in Arabic language.

      Let me know if you need anything else..

  2. I read so many reviews saying that that they take really long to process your withdrawals or that sometimes they even don’t process them. What is your experience with this?

    • Hey Tisai,

      I actually did not had any problems when I was withdrawing my money, but I have not used them for the last 6 months..

    • I have also read that people had problems getting their money out of IQ Option. I had not problems at the time I was trading with them. Anyways, my advice before you start trading with binary options is that you try it out on a demo account and try different techniques before going with real money. You can thank me later 😉


    • Hey Bruce,

      I don’t know actually why they do not allow to register US citizens. Basically option trading is allowed in the US, but they have for sure the most strict regulations which makes it quite complex for both – traders and brokers. The process to become a licensed brokers approved by the SEC is quite strict and expensive – this could be the main reason why IQ Option does not allow US accounts.

      Hope that helps in any way..

    • Hey Trevor, it really depends on what you are planing to trade and what your knowledge level is. If you are more into option trading and you are more of a beginner, than IQ Option is a good fit – the platform is really simple to use and makes it easy to learn the first moves and settings. I personally started with an demo account which I am not quite sure if it uses the same indicators as the real account, but it definitely helps you to get started. If you want to trade other assets I would maybe check out some other platforms as well (Plus500 for CFD, eToro for copy trading etc)

      Hope that helps in any way..

  3. Do you know if IQ is using Paypal? I have read a forum thread that this option should be available a while ago. Tnx for the info

    • I have just checked with the officials from IQ Option and they confirmed that Paypal is not yet available to Withdraw money on their platform. Their programmers are working to get this features available soon. Will keep you updated as soon this is available..

  4. Good day sir,my question is for those of us who are from Nigeria,can we make a deposit in our own naira currency equivalent to dollars and as well make a withdrawal in our own currency?Thanks.

  5. Hi,
    I am a new trader of this market, I started using IQ option over experience is okay, But the overnight charges are applied every day for commodity stocks. The same brokerage applied from other brokers also ?? If not please give the broker name. I want to keep the commodity stock for a long time but I couldn’t do it. All my money will go if I keep my stock for a long time. Please help me

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